Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting
Child Jesus

  1. The candidate must have been a Brownie for at least one year; she must be in the third grade.  The girl MUST be present at an official ceremony to receive the award.   The candidate must obtain signature of teach or pastor attesting to attendance at religious instruction regularly and must have made her First Communion.    All requirements are to be completed.  Each candidate should keep a journal or folder to record her activities as she progresses through the program.
  2. Write an essay of 50 words on “Why I Like Being a Brownie” or “How the Brownies help me to be a better member of my parish”.
  3. The Life of Jesus:
    1. Tell or write the story and draw a picture of the birth of Jesus.  What feast day celebrates this day?
    2. Tell of write the story and draw a picture of the resurrection of Jesus.  What feast of the Church celebrates this day?
    3. Tell or write about another story of Jesus and draw a picture to illustrate it.
  4. The Sacrament of Baptism:
    1. When a baby is baptized, where does it usually take place?  Who usually performs the baptism?  What is the meaning of the water that is used?  What is the meaning of the white garment?  What is the meaning of the lighted candle?  Why are the godparents important to the babe?  Do the rest of the people who know and love the baby – the parents, brothers and sisters, relatives, friends, and other people in the parish – have anything to do for the baby after he/she is baptized?  Why is it a good idea to have a party or some kind of celebration after the baptism?  After completing this activity, try to attend a baptism.
  5. The Mass:
    1. Tell the story of the first Mass.  Who celebrated it?  What day of the Church year celebrates the first Mass?  Did you know that this is also the day Jesus made His apostles priests and gave them the power to say Mass?
    2. When we receive Holy Communion at Mass, Jesus is present with us.  What must we do if His presence is to make us grow in holiness every day?
  6. Prayer:
    1. What is praying?  Name and recite three prayers you know by heart.  Is there any other way to pray besides saying memorized prayers?  How?
    2. What kind of prayer do we say mealtime?  Make up such a prayer.  What kind of prayer do we say when we are sorry?  Make up such a prayer.
    3. What kind of prayer do we pray when we want to thank God for something, or when we are glad about something?  Make up such a prayer.
    4. Go outdoors and find something lovely that God has made that you may never have noticed before – something tiny, hidden, out of sight, or so ordinary that you just don’t pay much attention to it.  Make up a prayer about it.
    5. When we go to Church together, we say prayers that are set down in special words.  Why do you think we say special words when we are all together?

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