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Religious Emblems Counselors

Who Can Be a Councelor?

Anyone who hears a call to serve in Scouting as youth ministry may become a Religious Emblems Counselor with the approval of his or her parish pastor. Some of these persons may be a parent of a new Scout, a religious education instructor, a vowed instructor, a vowed instructor, a vowed religious or an interested adult who can be trained to be an Emblems Counselor. If they are able to positively affect youth directly or indirectly, they can have the opportunity to see if they are up to the task

Want to be a Catholic Emblems Counselor?

The Albany Diocese Catholic Committee on Scouting is looking for more Religious Emblems Counselors for the Ad Altare Dei and Pope Pius XXII Boy Scout awards and Cub Scout Religious Emblems Coordinators.

Please contact us if you have more questions or would like to participate in training.

Deacon Peter Quinn

PO Box 448
New Lebanon NY 12125

Phone: (518) 794-0544
Email: scouting@rcda.org

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