Campus Ministry
Ms. Catherine Reid, Diocesan Director
State University at Albany, Chapel House                                                                   

Contact Information:
Chapel House/UAlbany, 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY  12222.
Telephone: (518) 489-8573 (X22), E-mail:  or

Campus Ministry is the official presence of the Church on each College/University Campus. There are many dimensions to this ministry. The faith community consists of the students, faculty and staff on each campus. Evangelization is the key focus for the gathering and education of the college community. Interaction between the Campus Culture and Higher Education is the basis for the Catholic Community to communicate the Gospel Principles to the faith community.

The goals set forth in the pastoral letter "Empowered by the Spirit" are:

  1. Formation of the faith community
  2. Appropriating the faith
  3. Educating for Justice
  4. Forming the Christian conscience
  5. Facilitating Personal Development
  6. Developing Leaders for the future

Each campus sets up the strategy according to its environment:
Some such strategies may be:

  1. Worship, retreats, prayer groups and pastoral councils
  2. RCIA, scripture groups, classes, Renew 2000
  3. Volunteer groups, special study groups, service experiences
  4. Pastoral counseling, mini-courses, small group discussions
  5. Social activities, interpersonal workshops, working with counseling centers
  6. Providing skill development, opportunities for leadership, peer ministry