Deacons of the Diocese of Albany
Deacons:  Aspirant Forms

This page provides links to those forms and reports that are used by Aspirants and Aspirant Formators during the Aspirant period.  They are all in MS Word.  After copying the form or report, open MS Word and paste the form.  Each may then be completed, edited, saved and printed on your computer. 

Aspirant & Formator Covenant

Refer to Section 2 of the Aspirant Handbook.

This covenant form should be custom prepared for each Aspirant prior to the first (September) Aspirant session and signed by both Aspirants and the Aspirant Formators.  Aspirants and Formators should then bring the signed covenant to every Aspirancy session.

Church Visit Report

During your Aspirancy Period, beginning in July and continuing through June, each month, Aspirants are required to attend Mass or another liturgical function at three (3) locations where a deacon assists or presides.  The purpose of these visits is to help you to observe: the diversity in liturgical styles; the implementation of rubrics by priests and deacons; the effectiveness of the homily; the types of music ministries; the liturgical practices; the participation by other liturgical ministers and the congregation; and, any other aspects of the liturgy you found to be effective.  The purpose of this requirement is to help you to grapple with the diversity of our diocese by observing our various liturgical practices.  Concentrate on the positive effects of the liturgy you experienced or observed among the faithful in attendance. A brief report (no more than a paragraph or two) should be forwarded by e-mail to the Administrative Assistant for the Office of Diaconate Formation identifying the parish, the priest and/or deacon, the date and time.

A brief report must be submitted for each visit by e-mail to the Aspirant Formators and the Office of Initial Diaconate Formation  This form may be used for each visit, completed and attached to the e-mail.