Deacons of the Diocese of Albany
Deacons:  Third Year Candidate Page

During the final period leading up to ordination, Candidates that are in their third year (and their wives if they are married) must prepare certain documents that are required by Canon Law and described in the National Director for the Life of Permanent Deacons (DMLPD)

November – Formation Meeting

Theology of Ministry:  During your November meeting, your Formators will explain a theological paper that you must submit during the December meeting which is an important part of the scrutinizes that take place before you are considered for admission into the Order of Deacons.  The link will provide you with instructions for creating a draft of your personal Theology of Ministry.  Before the December meeting, share your clearly marked DRAFT with your Formators via e-mail, with a copy to  After it is finalized, remove the word “draft” and submit via e-mail to your Formators via e-mail, with a copy to

December - Formation Meeting

The following documents must be created, signed and submitted at the December Formation meeting:

  1. Petition for Ordination:  A Candidate must petition the Bishop of Albany to be admitted to the Order of Deacons (cf. DMLPD 233, end note 29).  The petition must be in letter form, hand written and in the Candidate’s own words.  The format may be found in the link.
  2. Consent for Ordination:  The wife of a Candidate must give her written consent for her Husband’s Ordination.  It must in letter form, hand written and be in her own words (cf. DMLPD 233, end note 29).  The format may be found in the link.

Once the Bishop accepts your petition for Ordination, you are known as an Ordinand and the following documents must be completed as indicated before you are admitted into the Order of Deacon.

May – Friday Before Ordination

At the final two day retreat before ordination, the Ordinand must complete the following documents.  A sample may be found through the link provided:

  1. An Oath of Fidelity:  This is a simple and short hand written declaration of the Ordinand’s willingness to serve the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany and the Bishop and his successors.

  2. Declaration of Freedom before Major Orders:  This declaration must be in the candidate’s own handwriting and must follow the exact format and wording in the link (cf. DMLPD 236).

  3. Profession of Faith and Oath Against Modernism:  This is a pre-printed form and is self-explanatory (cf. DMLPD 236).

  4. Obligation to Sacred Celibacy:  Unmarried Ordinands must make a personal declaration regarding the obligation to sacred celibacy, completed using his own words and handwriting (cf. DMLPD 236).