Human Resources and Safe Environment
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Joyce Tarantino, Esq
Director of Human Resources and Safe Environment

Joan Mineau
Benefits Coordinator

Erina Dacey
Administrative Assistant

Brian Evers

Associate Director of Safe Environment

Kathryn Nowosielski
Administrative Assistant

40 North Main Avenue
Albany, NY 12203

Phone: (518) 453-6635  |  Fax: (518) 453-8446

The Office of Human Resources serves as a resource to the employees and the administrators in the Pastoral Center and the parishes of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. The office directs the development and implementation of human resource policies and procedures, employee benefit and compensation programs for diocesan and parish employees covering 14 counties in New York State.

This office also assures compliance with the Charter for the Protection of Youth and Children by coordinating and maintaining records for the diocesan programs for Safe Environment training and background screening for all diocesan and parish staff and volunteers who work with children and maintaining records for audit compliance. We provide support and guidance to parishes in their responsibilities to create and maintain a safe environment for the children entrusted to the care of our parish faith formation, educational, service and recreational programs.

Human Resources services:

  • Review and development of policies and procedures  
  • Guidance for diocesan and parish leaders regarding employee performance management, corrective action, staff training, and employment law compliance.
  • Compensation guidelines for positions in the Pastoral Center and parishes
  • Coordination and guidance for parishes regarding employee benefits, including short and long term disability benefits and diocesan unemployment insurance program
  • Recruitment, hiring and orientation of new diocesan employees; assistance to parishes as requested
  • Mediation of employee grievances.

  • Investigation of misconduct, harassment and discrimination claims; issuance of findings of fact and recommendations.

Parishes are encouraged to log on to the Diocesan Intranet for a comprehensive offering of Diocesan HR compliance tools, forms, and fact sheets. Please contact the RCDA Information Technology Office for assistance.

For assistance or information regarding payroll or pension matters, please contact the diocesan Accounting Office, (518) 453-6641