Office of Chancery

Capital Campaign for Leadership
Collaborating Group Application


Capital Campaign Grants will be available to collaborating groups who seek to develop programs or enhance existing programs that will provide leadership development in the Diocese of Albany. Grant funding may be designed for program development or professional staffing. The grants will be awarded according to parish/LCC need and the ability to develop quality programs.

A grant application may be submitted to create a new leadership program or to develop a particular aspect of an already existing program. A grant may also be used to provide the necessary resources to assist the parish/planning group to hire professional staff.

Parishes/LCC may apply for grants up to $10,000 per year. Grants may be renewable based on evaluation and demonstration of further need.


I. Criteria for Parishes Applying for a Capital Campaign Grant:

The following criteria need to be met by a parish or LCC applying for a grant:

  • Only collaborative incentives will be entertained:
    • Parish with parish(es) OR parish with diocesan office OR Diocesan offices.

  • The grants are specifically available for collaborating groups that do not have the resources/personnel to meet the leadership needs of their parish/LCC.
  • Any initiatives for lay leadership formation must embrace the vision of Vatican II and the document, Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord  (USCCB, 2005).
  • Initiatives may include initially but are not be limited to funding speakers, staff positions, new pastoral needs (i.e. bereavement, outreach, etc), strengthening existing
    programs, etc.
  • Pastors/Administrators/Parish Life Directors/Coordinators Must be fully supportive of the ministry leadership initiative.
  • A pastoral perspective must permeate all efforts of leadership formation.

II. Assessment and Evaluation:

A tool is available upon request to assist the parish/LCC to assess the status and effectiveness of their present programs, to determine areas in need of development and/or enhancement, and to initiate planning to achieve leadership training goals. It is expected that applicants consider planning group and deanery needs and ways to collaborate to insure development of leadership in their area.

Parishes/LCC receiving grants will be expected to complete an evaluation. Forms will be provided. Evaluations will be an essential component of securing further grants monies.

III. Financial Considerations:

Capital Campaign Grant for Development of Leadership Programs distributed through the Office of Chancery is limited and the needs of the Diocese are great. Although parishes/LCC may apply for grants up to $10,000, they are encouraged to also apply for more modest grants for one-time programs. These grants should supplement resources of the parishes/LCC.

Parishes/LCC applying for a grant will be expected to provide sufficient financial information to allow the Grant Committee to determine need and ability to support this program. Salary and benefits allocations must follow the guidelines of the Office of Human Resources of the Diocese of Albany.

Attached is a budget tool to assist those applying to include an adequate projected budget.



Application form (below) should be submitted. A detailed budget and/or job description (if staffing is involved) should be mailed to

The Capital Campaign Leadership Grant Committee
Attention:  Dorothy Sokol, Committee Chair
391 Delaware Ave., Albany NY 12209

The deadline for the Grant Application is January 15.

As a rule, late or incomplete applications will not be considered for this grant year.

The Leadership Grant Committee will review all applications. If necessary, the person completing this application will be contacted for clarification.

The funding decision will be mailed to the person completing the application within 6 - 8 weeks.

The collaborating group will be required to submit a final report on the use of the grant money to the Capital Campaign Leadership Grant Committee.


Group Application

Name of person completing this application  






E-mail Address
Please list the Names and locations of all Parish(s), and /or Diocesan Office(s) involved in this project:

Describe the Leadership needs of this group and why you are applying for this grant?

Describe the socio-economic composition of this group, including number of families per parish.

What improvements and changes do you hope to bring about within this group as a result of this grant?
Please submit a detailed plan as to how this grant money will be used

Please specify financial amount requested
(Amount not to exceed $10,000)
A. Projected Budget    

Send projected budget for this program to:
The Capital Campaign Leadership Grant Committee
Attention: Dorothy A. Sokol,Grant Chair
391 Delaware Ave., Albany NY 12209

What expenses will this grant cover?

For which parts of the program/staffing will the group assume financial responsibility?
Specify annual amount covered by each group participant.

What will be the effect on the group communities if this proposal is not funded?

If your application is only funded in part, how will the group make up the difference?
For example change job description, adjust the number of hours, etc.

Which entity within the applying group will manage the funds? Include the name and contact number of the financial administrator (Please note that the check will be made out to that parish or diocesan office to the attention of person listed).

Have you applied elsewhere for funding? If so, where? For what amount? When will you be notified?
B. Staffing (if applicable)    

Please complete this section if the grant money will be used to fund a staffing position.

Position for which funding is being sought:

Has this ministry existed before?

If yes,

What is the estimated salary for this grant position?

What is the estimate cost of benefits for this position?

* Diocesan policy requires that part-time employees of 20 hours or more per week receive benefits. Please consult the Diocesan Human Resource Manual.

Name of the supervisor of this position

Location of office space

C. Evaluation

Who will be accountable for the fulfillment of the joint group plan and evaluate the effectiveness of the program and/or staffing? (This cannot be any person funded by this grant.)

Who will prepare the final report for the Capital Campaign Leadership Awards Committee?

Please attach any other information or details that you feel would be helpful to the Capital Campaign Leadership Awards Committee.


Capital Campaign for Development of Leadership Budget Tool

The following information is offered to assist parishes/LCC and individuals to plan a comprehensive budget for intended programs. The budget may be as comprehensive and detailed as warranted depending on the needs. The Office of Human Resources, the Comptroller’s Office, and the Office of Chancery are available to assist with salary, benefits and other financial projections.

Individual Application:

  • Program Tuition and Fees for Education
  • Courses
  • In-services
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Other means of assistance

Group Application:
One time or On-going program application:

  1. Program Revenue
    • Program Fees
    • Fund Raising
    • Donations

  2. Program Expenses
    • Materials
    • Resources including audio/visual rental and purchase
    • Functions such as meetings, retreats, presentations
    • Miscellaneous

  3. Office Expenses
    • Rent
    • Printing
    • Postage
    • Telephone
    • Internet/e-mail
    • Office supplies
    • Mileage Reimbursement ($.485 per mile)
    • Miscellaneous

  4. Salary and Benefits
    1. Salary

    2. Benefits:
    • FICA
    • Health Insurance
    • Pension/Retirement
    • Life Insurance
    • NYS Disability Insurance
    • Group Long – Term Disability
    • Unemployment

    3. Religious Salary/Housing/Transportation Allowance (if applicable)

  5. Capital Expenses (computer, printer, a-v equipment, office furniture, etc)