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Frequently Asked Questions about Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation Q & A
Q: What is Precana?
A: Precana is another name for the marriage preparation program a couple takes when preparing for a Catholic Marriage.
Q: Where can I find information about marriage preparation programs in the Albany diocese?
A: The Diocesan Marriage Preparation Programs can be found at the RCDA home page under the button “Getting Married
Q: My clergy person said I need a copy of my baptismal certificate?
A: Although you may have the original, you need to have a current copy. This is easily obtained from the church you were baptized in with just a phone call. They will mail it to you.
  Q: But that church has closed.
  A: All records from Albany Diocesan Catholic Churches are moved and kept safe when a church closes. We can help you find the records online via our Institutional and Parish Records search tool.
Q: Is there a place to find out more about Catholic Marriage?
A: The Catholic Bishops in the United States have informative web information.
They have also created a video of what happens during the wedding liturgy.