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Capital Campaign for Leadership
Parish Formation Application


The Capital Campaign Scholarship for Leadership Development is given to provide financial assistance for initial and on-going formation of parish ministers in the Diocese of Albany. This scholarship may be used to augment parish funds used for the on going formation for employees and volunteers.

This professional formation must be approved and supported by the Diocesan Office responsible for the specific area of ministry.

Scholarships may be applied to the expenses of any accredited institution of Theology and Pastoral Ministry, as well as conferences on a diocesan, (Spring Enrichment, Autumn Gathering, etc.) state or national level that will enable the pastoral leader to grow in knowledge and skills for professional ministry. The Parish/Local Catholic Community will contribute a minimum of 1/2 of the cost.

Criteria for application for Parish Formation Scholarships

The following criteria need to be met by the parish:

  1. The parish has affirmed the individuals in ministry and can affirm they have participated in the workshop, conference, etc.
  2. The application must be submitted by the pastor/parish life director.
  3. The parish provides documentation of the monies the parish has provided toward the program cost.

Additional Information

  1. Scholarships are for a specific event.
  2. Financial awards will be given to support registration fee and workshop/course materials or tuition. Travel, food and lodging are not covered.
  3. Scholarships awards will be dispersed twice each year. Applications will be due: March 15, and September 15.
  4. The number of awards given in a particular year will depend on the number of applicants, financial amounts requested, and the annual amount of Capital Campaign funding allotted to scholarships. Monies not awarded in a given year will be returned to the Leadership account of the Capital Campaign Fund for use in future years.
  5. Scholarship assistance is not intended to replace monies already available in the
    institutional budget of the applicant (e.g. professional conference, in-service workshops, etc. already allocated in the budget)


  • Deadlines for this Grant Application are March 15, and September 15.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered for the grant until the next grand application deadline.
  • The Leadership Grant Committee will review all applications. Parishes will be contacted for clarification if necessary.
  • The funding decision will be mailed/emailed within 3 weeks.
For Assistance
The Capital Campaign Leadership Grant Committee
Dorothy A. Sokol, Grant Chair
40 N. Main Ave., Albany, NY  12203 or



Office of Chancery

Capital Campaign for Leadership
Parish Formation Application

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