Lay Ministry Formation
Sacramental Formation

Sacramental catechesis is a spiritual journey that seeks to deepen faith and conversion to Jesus Christ and his way of life.  It is a specified period of time where children, youth and/or adults are immersed in the mystery they are about to celebrate.  The liturgical rites – prayers, Scriptures, symbols, gestures – are the content of sacramental catechesis.
The office of Lay Ministry Formation seeks to provide parishes with assistance in designing models and processes for sacramental catechesis that emphasize its unique character.  Such models are

  • Separate and distinct from regular catechetical programming
  • Liturgically-based
  • Inclusive of the parish community

Consultation and resourcing are available for these sacraments:

For more information, contact Joyce Solimini, Associate Director, (518) 453-6670

Looking to hire a parish or cluster coordinator for sacramental catechesis?

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