Pastoral Care Ministry
Welcome, Greetings, Peace, Shalom, Blessings

“Christian joy thus flows from this certainty: God is near, he is with me, he is with us, in joy and suffering, in health and sickness, as friend and faithful husband. And this joy remains even in trials, in suffering itself, and remains not on the surface but rather in the depths of a person who gives himself to God and confides in him ”Pope Benedict XVI

“It is specifically from the Eucharist that pastoral care in health must draw the necessary spiritual strength to come effectively to man’s aid and to help him to understand the salvific value of his own suffering.” Pope Benedict XVI

Mission Statement

The Albany Diocesan Cemeteries, Pastoral Care Ministry strives to identify, encourage and support the ongoing need for dignified and compassionate spiritual care of the sick, elderly, dying and bereaved. We embrace the gospel and our Diocesan vision statement “We are God’s people sharing a responsibility to witness God’s unconditional love and bring God’s healing presence to our world.”

This mission is expressed in offering formation & skill building training and ongoing enrichment/education opportunities for Pastoral Care Ministers & Bereavement Ministers, as well as days of reflection, and pastoral care resources for ministers to the sick, dying, bereaved, their staff and familial caregivers. Additionally, the office provides consultation, referrals and educational material

Rituals with Meaning, Rituals that Heal (click for video)