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Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany
June 26, 2015
For immediate release

Bishop Scharfenberger Issues Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Same-sex Marriage

The following is a statement of Albany Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger regarding today's U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage:

"Today's misguided Supreme Court decision cannot change what marriage is, any more than decreeing the world flat can make it so.

"Fortunately, the beauty and holiness of what marriage is will continue to shine in the intimate, life-long partnership of love and sacrificial self-giving between one man and one woman, fundamentally open toward the procreation and education of human persons. Sadly, five members of the Court follow a popular, but very narrow and deconstructive view of this rich, God-given gift.

"There is much more to conjugal love than two people - of whatever gender or sexual orientation - focused on each other, however passionately. It is from marriage of all relationships that human persons - God's greatest joy and creation - come into being naturally and most fittingly. Its full meaning lies outside itself. Our faith will always proclaim and bear witness to this great and unique partnership of love, inviting all to embrace its truth and full potential."