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Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany
September 19, 2016
For immediate release

Putting the Mass in the Palm of Your Hand

I was down at St. Patrick’s Church in Ravena yesterday for the test run of the live-streaming of Sunday Mass that will begin next Sunday. It was an incredibly beautiful and powerful experience from start to finish. What a blessing it is that our Diocese will be able to share this with others.

Just to give you a glimpse of how this will differ from the taped Mass experience, which had a 27-minute time limit, the Mass yesterday included a beautiful sung Gloria, a blessing of catechists, a moment when Father Scott VanDerveer, pastor, talked to the children and blessed them, a wonderful homily, and a real sense of community. There were babies crying now and then and the usual noises you might hear in any church, and that was the beauty of it. It was live and ALIVE, full of joy and hope.
We’ve been hearing from lots of folks who are upset about the loss of Table of the Lord in its original format, and we understand why that is painful and difficult for some. However, I truly believe this is the beginning of a beautiful new phase in our efforts to bring the Mass to those who are not in the pews on Sunday.

We are working diligently to figure out ways to get Mass to those who do not have internet or cable (there are many options if you have cable TV), but I really hope that anyone who has a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone will give the live-streaming a chance. And you don’t have to watch live. You can come in at any point and start from the beginning. We’ll be archiving the Mass, so if you miss it on Sunday but want to watch it on Monday or any other day, that will always be an option. We’re also checking to see if local public access stations would be willing to rebroadcast the Mass during the week for those who couldn’t access it online.

If you know an older person who does not have access to the Mass on the internet, please consider sharing the experience with them on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. There is so much possibility and opportunity here. We can literally put the Mass in the hands of people all over the region, and all over the world. God is good. All the time.  – Mary DeTurris Poust, Director of Communications

For a link to the live-streamed Mass or a list of other ways to view Mass, go to the diocesan website: www.rcda.org and click "Watch Sunday Mass".