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Catechist Formation
Jesus, the Way: The Path of Christian Discipleship (ADULT) - DVD

Tom Zanzig. Rich and engaging content in a style that appeals to adults interested in growing

as Christians. DVD incl. three 30-min segmnts; music CD for prayer services; leader's guide &

participant notebook. 96 min.
Journey With Jesus The Teacher (ADULT)

Using favorite Bible stories as illustrations, this video examines the ways Jesus taught and

shows both new and experienced teachers how to: meet students' emotional needs, redirect

negative energies, be open to interruptions, etc. 18 min.
NYS Child Abuse Reporting Laws " Rights and Responsibilities" (ADULT)

Attorney Michael Costello discusses the New York State Child Protective Services Act of 1973

and its implications for the Church and church-related schools. 120 min.
On Good Soil: Parish Kit (ADULT)

The On Good Soil Parish Kit is a catechetical renewal program based on the tenets of the

General Directory for Catechesis. 10 min.
Pathways Of Faith: The Story Of Today's DRE (ADULT)

This video provides examples of the multifaceted responsiblities and roles of DREs in parishes

throughout the United States. It is an excellent resource for pastors, parish councils, diocesan

offices, and parishes interested in hiring a DRE. 14 min.
Praying With Children (ADULT)

Video shows examples of praying with 2nd and 5th grade students. The use of gestures and

music are included. Distinction between liturgical (public) and devotional (private) prayer is

discussed. 20 min.
Priming The Pump (Adult Faith Formation Training Program) (ADULT)

Program content reflects the philosophies of the NCDD and USCC documents of adult

education. Everything you need to know about the importance of team formation, needs

assessment, strategies, advertising, promotion, budgeting and evaluation. 8-90 min segm
Seeds of Promise, Seeds of Faith (ADULT)

General Directory for Catechesis uses the parable of the sower and the seed to remind us that

it is ultimately the work of the Holy Spirit that produces the rich harvest. Also in Spanish. Closed

Captd. 30 min.
Sense of Justice: Catholic Education, the Law, and You (ADULT)

This is a three-part video series on the law narrated by Mary Angela Shaughnessy. PART 1:

Introduction (18 min.); PART 2: Schools (27 min.); PART 3: Religious Education (23 min.).
Shared Praxis Approach To Religious Education (ADULT)

Thomas Groome weaves Scripture, doctrine, and Christian living into a dynamic catechetical

process. PART I: Our Story and Vision; PART II: Basic Principles; PART III: The Five

Movements Explained. 3-30 min segs.
Teaching Prayer in the Classroom - Session 1: What Is Prayer? (ADULT)

This is the first video in a series of four. It discusses the first source of the Church's prayer,

the Word of God. Practical applications of the material to use in the classroom are offered

throughout the session. 16 min.
Teaching Prayer in the Classroom - Session 2: Jesus, Our Model for Prayer (ADULT)

This is the second video in a series of four. We present Jesus as the model for our prayer. We

consider the sources of Jesus' prayer: his family, people, culture, and especially his

relationship with his Father. 14 min.
Teaching Prayer in the Classroom - Session 3: Forms of Prayer in Liturgy (ADULT)

Part 3 of 4.The liturgy is a great source of the Church's prayer. This session presents prayer

as blessing, adoration, thanksgiving, petition, and intercession, experienced in the Liturgy of

the Eucharist and lived out in daily life. 14 min.
Teaching Prayer in the Classroom - Session 4: The Lord's Prayer . . . (ADULT)

Part 4 of 4.When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, He gave them--and us--

the Lord's Prayer. This video presents the Lord's Prayer as an integral part of the Church's

liturgy, one that forms our individual prayer. 16 min.
Valuing Values (Sexuality Curriculum) (JH,HS,ADULT)

A comprehensive sexuality catechesis for teens and parents, based on the Life and Family

curriculum of the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis. It is a catechesis in sexuality by Father

John Forliti. There are 14 presentations.
What is Faith? (ADULT)

This video is an exploration of the questions "Where does faith come from?" or "How do we

become people of faith?" This video examines the importance of naming and claiming our own

story. It is a great video for catechist and for RCIA teams. 31 min.


Audience Codes: PK = Preschool, EL = Elementary, JH = Junior High, HS = High School, Adult

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