Charismatic Renewal
Prayer Warriors

The Albany DSC is looking for a group of people willing to pray for the Albany Diocese on an on-going basis.  The group would be primarily involved in Intercessory Prayer.  There would be no meetings to attend, phone calls to be made or reports to give.  The Only Committment Needed is to Pray for One Hour a Week for various needs of the Diocese listed below as led by the Holy Spirit.  The hour could be broken down into 10 minute segments a day.

Suggested Topics:

  • Charismatic prayer groups and their leaders, Revival Groups, Mercy Prayer Groups, Cursillo, Marriage Encounter groups, Rosary groups, Padre Pio groups and all other Renewal groups in the Church.
  • Bishops Scharfenberger and Hubbard, priests, deacons, religious brothers and sisters of Albany Diocese, including Vocations.
  • Parishes of the Diocese and their Leadership
  • Families and Restoration of Family Life and Values, Including Respect for Human Life.
  • The Sick and the Elderly
  • Spiritual Warfare against all the forces of darkness in the Albany Diocese.
  • The spread of the Pentecost Experience among God's People and the Renewal of the Church.

What Is Most Important is that you ask the lord what it is that he wants you to pray for each day and how to pray for that need or whatever it is on his heart.

We would encourage anyone presently active in any renewal movement, or previously active over the last 35 years; that is, former prayer group members, shut-ins, nursing residents, etc. to prayerfully consider becoming a prayer warrior.  Can you imagine what could happen in our diocese if each of us made that commitment to pray?

For more Information or to Sign Up to be a Prayer Warrior

Marion Smith
Phone: (518) 371-2438