Church of St. Adalbert

Usually the first weekend of the month alternating between 4:30pm (Saturday) and 10:30am (Sunday) Mass. Please make and appointment at least three weeks in advance for instructions.

Reconciliation:Saturday 3:15 to 3:45 p.m. Communal Services are scheduled seasonally.

Matrimony: The Bride and Groom should call the Pastor at least six months before the date of the marriage. Reception arrangements and/or deposits are not to be made prior to meeting with the Pastor. Please bring recent copies of you Baptismal and Confirmation certificates. Those under 21 years of age should not set a marriage date until Diocesan permission has been obtained.
First Eucharist and Confirmation: Preparation is incorporated into the young people’s Faith Formation program.

Annointing of the Sick: Contact the Pastor. A Deanery-wide Service is also held twice yearly.
Vocations: Contact The Albany Diocese Office for Vocations