The Church of Saint Joseph
Community Outreach

The food pantry, currently located at the Church of St. Joseph in Stottville, NY, was established in 2008 when the site was Holy Family Church.  At first, parishioners donated food and other necessities which were then brought to our local chapter of Catholic Charities.  We then began delivering a few items to people, in the area of the church, who could not easily get to Catholic Charities.  Eventually, rather than bringing the items elsewhere, we collected the items and established a time once each month when those in need could come to the church for items.  We started with a few families and are currently assisting more than 50 families each month.  In addition to food items, clothing is also available, as well as some household items.  The pantry receives assistance from outside sources as well as our parishioners.  We have a great group of volunteers that help with various parts of the pantry such as shopping for sale items, packing bags, delivering to shut-ins, disposing of cardboard, sorting & arranging clothing, etc.  We are grateful for all of the assistance we receive, both in labor and monetary, and hope we are able to continue this very needed and rewarding program.   Information about the pantry may be obtained by calling the church office at (518) 799-5411.

The Food pantry is open the last Friday of each month from 4:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. at the Stottville site.

Valatie Ecumenical Food Pantry

Food Pantry Dates    

January 19, 2018
February 16, 2018
March 16, 2018
May 18, 2018
June 15, 2018
July 20, 2018
August 17, 2018
September 21, 2018
October 19, 2018
November 16, 2018
December 14, 2018