Our Lady of Hope & St. Ann's Church

Our Histories

Although Our Lady of Hope Parish - with the Chapel of the Assumption - was only recently incorporated as a parish in the year 2000, our history is much older. Begun in 1834, the Catholic faith was established in Whitehall at St. Anthony’s Church. Within a few short decades, the faith flourished and, in 1868, our community established the parishes of Our Lady and Notre Dame des Victoires.

St. Ann’s Church, originally established as a mission in 1880, has faithfully served Catholics of Fort Ann for over 125 years. Nestled between Whitehall and Hudson Falls, this small parish community now boasts a lively faith and small-parish living.

Together, both parishes of Our Lady of Hope and of St. Ann’s Church, continue today to provide a home in which all Catholics are able to share their worship, their faith, and the presence of God in our midst.

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