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Church of the Holy Spirit
About Us

Let the Light of Christ Lead You Here
The Church of the Holy Spirit is a Roman Catholic church serving East Greenbush and the surrounding community.  At present, Holy Spirit Church shares Christ’s Light with approximately 1,200 families. All are welcome!

For more information on volunteer activities or to initiate a service, contact Fr. Joe O’Brien.

Living the Creed--Our Faith in Action
Holy Spirit Church can help in many ways. Click on the We Can Help button to learn about our ministries and outreach programs, as well as contact information for each. You can also help your neighbors, the Holy Spirit community and the church by volunteering in any of these activities.

The Church of the Holy Spirit was founded in 1923—the first East Greenbush parish. Beginning with 50 founding parishioners, today Holy Spirit Church includes more than 1,200 families residing in East Greenbush. Our beginning was modest—starting in the Hysermann family living room to rented quarters in the Grange Hall, the parish grew to enable the purchase of property from the Elliott farm and the building of our church in the early Romanesque style. Bishop Gibbons  approved the petition for the Holy Spirit Church and named Fr. John Fox as pastor. Rev. Fox, previously assistant at St. Peter’s Church in Saratoga Springs, NY, made an immediate impact and grew the parish from 50 to 455 in 15 years. According to a local historian, Rev. Fox’s “outlook and activities recognize no barrier of color, creed or racial origin.” Today, Holy Spirit continues Rev. Fox’s tradition of welcoming all to the church.

Our Windows
The church’s original arched and leaded windows were replaced in 1937 with six stained glass windows created by Francesco Ruocco Studies in Haverill, MA, to celebrate the church’s 15th year anniversary. The windows were created in a 13th Century medieval design. In 1992, the church was renovated and expanded and more windows were added. The windows guide parishioners in prayer and meditation—and help people of all ages learn about our faith.

Symbolized throughout the windows are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. The main window panels reflect scenes of Christ’s and Mary’s lives while the lower portion reflects the apostles. In the square borders, the lily and rose are both emblems of the Blessed Virgin.

Church Tour Guide Including Interior Map with Windows Numbered.

Windows Key

*Windows that were added in 1937.
1. The Annunciation*
2. The Nativity*
3. The Baptism of the Lord*
4. The Agony in the Garden*
5. Pentecost/The Upper Room
6. & 7. Holy Spirit Descending and Ascending
8. The Resurrection of Christ from the Dead*
9. The Good Shepherd and the Light of the World
10. The Lamb of God and Wheat
11. The Precious Blood and Casting Lots for His Garments
12. Christ Blesses the Children*
13. Jesus Preaches
14. Jesus Heals
15. Alpha & Omega (Door Inserts)
16. Holy Spirit Dove
17. The Eucharist—Then & Now
  E. Ambry
  G. Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue

Our Cross: The Holy Spirit Church cross is in the San Damiano Cross tradition. Take a look—it hangs in the church’s tabernacle. With its origins in the 12th Century, the San Damiano cross reflects striking iconology. Most stunning of which is the figure of Christ—not the body of a corpse, but of God Himself, radiating the hope of the Resurrection. Chris does not hang on the cross, but seems to be supporting it. This iconographic Crucifix does not express the brute horror of death by crucifixion, but the nobility and gentleness of eternal life. (Read more about our cross and its San Damiano tradition.)

Virtus Training
People volunteering with Holy Spirit who will have contact with children must take Virtus training. The Diocese of Albany and Holy Spirit Church are committed to providing a safe environment for everyone, especially children. We believe in education that: raises awareness of sexual abuse; identifies the signs of sexual abuse; explains how to control access to our children and vulnerable adults; and, encourages responsible reporting of abuse. Many Virtus presentations have been scheduled for the coming months and new sessions are added regularly. For schedule information and to register online, go to Virtus.

While Virtus training is required for any one working in the church with children, it is recommended for everyone.