Our Lady of Hope & St. Ann's Church
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Our Lady of Hope Church
9 Wheeler Avenue
Whitehall, NY 12887

Phone: (518) 499-1656

Chapel of the Assumption
Mission of Our Lady of Hope

2026 Lands End Road
Huletts Landing, NY 12841

Mission Statement

Called by God’s grace & gifted by the Holy Spirit, parishioners of Our Lady of Hope seek to walk with Christ on the daily path of faith, service, prayer & witness.  

St. Ann's Church
PO Box 226
85 George Street
Fort Ann, NY 12827

Phone: (518) 639-5218

Mission Statement

Welcoming all others to join with us, parishioners of St. Ann’s look to the example & invitation of Christ, and seek to worship  the Lord by lively faith & action. 

Keeping Our Children Safe

Sexual Abuse is a sin and a crime. The Diocese of Albany urges all who suspect sexual abuse of a minor by a member of the clergy, church employee or volunteer, to report this to a local law enforcement agency or District Attorney’s office. Additional information for reporting may be found at http://www.rcda.org/ReportSexualAbuse.  You may also contact the Diocesan Assistance Coordinator, Theresa Rodrigues, at (518) 453-6646 or assistance.coordinator@rcda.org.