St. Jude the Apostle Church

Dear St. Jude Parishioners,

Last Saturday I returned from the Dominican Republic Service Trip. It was an experience of a lifetime and it was because of your contributions that the trip was that great. With your help we donated 15 suitcases worth of donations as well as $5,000. The sisters there were incredibly grateful for your generosity. The area where we volunteered is impoverished. The living conditions there are horrible and would be unacceptable in the United States. Many families live day-to-day having a main goal of being able to eat. It was very sad. Yet the sisters there are a light in the community and are the rock of the community. They provide education to the poor of the poor enabling them to have some hope for the future and to have more importantly faith and trust in God. Being able to be a part of their mission and help them with their mission was very rewarding. The students now have more clothing that they can wear, medicine, books that they can learn from, and basic necessities. The people there are very caring, loving, and welcoming and being able to help them was an honor. Below are some pictures of the Siena College team working with these amazing children.  Enjoy! On behalf of the Siena College Service Team, the Franciscan Sisters in the Dominican Republic, and the children and their families, thank you for your generosity. It is greatly appreciated and you really made a difference in these people’s lives.


Elizabeth Birch and the Siena College Dominican Republic Service Team

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