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Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany
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A Force More Powerful: South Africa and Apartheid
 Location St. Vincent de Paul Church, 900 Madison Avenue, Albany, New York 12208
 Start Time Sunday, December 03, 2017  9:45 AM
 End Time Sunday, December 03, 2017  10:45 AM
Nonviolent resistance has proven to be an effective alternative to armed struggle in situations of great injustice and even in war time. This event completes a three part film series on the use of nonviolence. The film presents the campaign of nonviolent mass action in South Africa that was formed to undermine apartheid in the mid-1980s. This system of legalized discrimination kept the Black majority uneducated, destitute and oppressed in every way. A devastating consumer boycott awakened whites to black grievances and fatally weakened business support for apartheid. A discussion will follow the film. For more information, please contact Barbara DiTommaso at 518-449-8744.