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Attending Spring Enrichment

Our Site: the College of Saint Rose

The main campus of the College of Saint Rose is located between Madison & Western Avenues, off North Main Avenue in Albany. The registration desk – where all participants are to check in upon their initial arrival at the Spring Enrichment conference – will be located in the first floor entrance to the College’s Events and Athletics Center, the glass-fronted entrance at 420 Western Avenue.

For information about the College of Saint Rose you can visit their website at You can also access their interactive map to locate parking, specific buildings and other features on campus.

Parking is available in the lot across the street from the Campus Events & Athletics Center on Western Avenue and in the lot behind the Administration Building at 1000 Madison Avenue. Street parking is also available. Carpooling is strongly encouraged, especially on Friday, May 19.


Checking-In (if already registered)

Generally speaking, when you arrive on campus for the first time for this year’s Spring Enrichment you should proceed to the Campus Events & Athletics Building (“Campus Center”) which is the large building running parallel to Western Avenue with the glass fronted entrance at 420 Western Avenue, which is where the “Atrium” is located. The registration and check-in area is located in the first floor of the Atrium (the gymnasium is located immediately upstairs on the second floor).

If your registration form was received by the Catholic School Office no later than Wednesday, May 10, you will pick up your printed nametag and personalized schedule when you check-in at the Atrium. If your registration was received after that date, or you are a “walk-in” registrant, you will go to the registration desk and receive your materials there.

Your printed name tag is to be worn throughout your stay on campus for Spring Enrichment. This is at the request of campus security who need to have some way of identifying persons who have a legitimate purpose on campus. If you lose your name tag, please return to the Atrium to request a temporary replacement name tag. 


Walk-in Registrations

During our Spring Enrichment days we will do our best to accommodate walk-in registrants, but can not guarantee that all their desired courses will still be available. They should register at the (New) Registration Desk in the Atrium.


Course Changes and dealing with a Canceled Class

Persons wishing to change course registration from one class to another or select additional courses during the conference itself are asked to do so at the registration area at least one hour before the scheduled start of the class.

If a course/workshop you registered for was canceled prior to May 11, staff from the Catholic School Office attempted to contact you via email (and if that was unsuccessful, by phone) we will attempt to contact you to select an alternate course offering. If you replied to the CSO before Monday afternoon your printed schedule should reflect the new course selection, If you did not get back to us, or if the course was canceled the week of Spring Enrichment, you will be able to indicate your new course selection at the registration and check-in area. If a course that you had registered for was canceled and you did not switch to another course in its place, you may send us a written/emailed request for a refund no later than May 26.

As of May 12 there were four courses that had been closed out (unable to accept additional registrants due to reaching seating capacity) and fourteen courses that were canceled.


Finding your way around Campus

If you need some help pointing you in the right direction as you navigate the College’s campus, please feel free to ask one of our orange shirted/orange vested hospitality volunteers for assistance or go either the Registration Area or Hospitality Desk in the Atrium.

To help you find your way we use different colored balloons to indicate different campus buildings, so that a volunteer can point you in the direction and say, go to the doors with the red balloons. A color coded map of the campus.

Special Events at Spring Enrichment

Along with the regular workshops and courses being offered at Spring Enrichment we have the following special, “featured” presentations, services and events on this year’s schedule:

Wednesday, May 17

  9am Opening Mass with Fr. Bob Longobucco
  10am [A01] Opening Address with Bishop Edward Scharenberer, followed by presentation of awards
  12pm Exhibits officially open (through 7pm)
  12pm Luncheon for Virtus Trainers
  7pm [D01] Featured Presentation “Attention, Please: Engaging Children and Teens in theier Faith in a Culture of Distraction” with Dr. Joseph White, courtesy of OSV Curriculum Division.
Thursday, May 18
  8:30am Exhibits reopen, through 7pm.
  9:30am  [E01] Featured Presentation “Involving Parents, Engaging Families” with Dr. Joseph White, courtesy of OSV Curriculum Division
  12pm  Prayer of Remembrance
  1:00pm Publishers’ Showcase

Friday, May 19

On Friday, nearly 500 faculty members from our Diocese’s 22 Catholic schools will be attending Spring Enrichment as their annual “Faith Formation Day”.

  8:30am   Exhibits reopen, through 4pm
  9:30am [I01] Featured Presentation “Make my Day” especially for elementary school teachers with John Collins, courtesy of Sadlier Religion
  11:25am [IJ1]      Lunchtime Q&A for elementary school teachers with Bishop Ed
  12:20pm [IJ3]      Lunchtime Q&A for secondary school teachers with Bishop Ed
  1:15pm  [J01] Featured Presentation “Sparking the Fire of Faith: More than a Grade on a Report Card” especially for secondary school teachers with John Collins, courtesy of Sadlier Religion

Exhibition Hall

Our exhibit space in the gymnasium will be open from 12 noon on Wednesday through 4pm on Friday (although some exhibitors will be leaving late in the day on Thursday). Attendees will be able to explore the books, goods, materials and services available from a variety of publishers and other partners in ministry. Additionally, diocesan offices and programs will have information about their activities.

As of May 12 our exhibitors include:

A Visit with St. Paul
Albany Catholic Digital Library
Catholic Charismatic Renewal of the RCDA
Eva Marie Loucks - Artist/Author
Fidelis Care
Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany
Gianna of Albany
Family Rosary
ICS - Institutional Commodity Services
The Legion of Mary
Our Sunday Visitor
Paraclete Press
Pflaum Publishing Group
Pietrow Designs
Plough Publishing
The Priory of St. Benedict
Rainbow Corner
RCDA Catechist Formation
RCDA Catholic Committee on Scouting
RCDA Campus Ministry
Albany Diocesan Cemeteries & Pastoral Care Ministry
RCL Benziger
St. Bernard's School of Theology & Ministry
Saint Mary's Press

Preview the preliminary layout of our exhibit booths. This may be subject to change.


Food and Drink

Meals and refreshments are available in the Camelot room (1st Floor) in the Campus Center from 7:30AM-5PM and from several off-campus dining establishments in the neighborhood. There are also some vending machines, located in the basement of the Campus Events and Athletics Center.

Please note that due to the larger than usual numbers attending on Friday, May 19, persons attending that day may want to plan on bringing their own lunch, rather than wait far longer than usual to get their food in the cafeteria during the lunch break (which has been extended on Friday from 11:15am-1:15pm)..



It is always helpful to get feedback and suggestions from the people who attend Spring Enrichment. To that end we have a general evaluation on the entire program and evaluation that is used for individual courses. To reduce the waste of paper we are continuing to ask participants to complete the evaluations online using “Survey Monkey”. The web address for the evaluations will appear at the bottom of the “proof of attendance” certificate that you pick up at the end of each class.  If you are unable or unwilling to do such online surveys, a limited number of printed evaluation forms will be available at the Registration & Check-in Area in the Atrium.