Catholic Faith Formation and Education
Criteria to be used when applying for Capital Campaign Grants or Scholarships
from the Office of Catholic Faith Formation


Criteria for Parish, Cluster, or Deanery Grants:

  1. The grants sought will be visionary and collaborative and develop or enhance ministry in the areas of evangelization, catechesis, youth ministry and family life.

  2. A pastoral leadership team is in place to support this grant with affirmation, commitment and resources.

  3. The pastor/parish life director and parish community is fully supportive of the planned programs for evangelization, catechesis, youth ministry and family life and the ministry leaders

  4. The parish/cluster/deanery has developed or is in the process of developing a plan for comprehensive faith formation that includes adults, youth, and children, and persons with special needs.

  5. All catechetical/youth ministry programs and processes and all sacramental preparation follow the guidelines of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany and the Office of Evangelization, Catechesis, and Family Life.

  6. The grant embraces the visions of the Go and Make Disciples (the United States Bishops national plan for evangelization), National Directory for Catechesis, Renewing the Vision (the plan for comprehensive youth ministry), and Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us (the United States Bishops’ Plan for Adult Faith Formation), The Catechist in the Third Millennium, and The Catechetical Leader in the Third Millennium (New York State Bishops).

  7. Present and future catechetical/youth ministry leaders are certified according to the requirements of the Office of Evangelization, Catechesis, and Family Life of the Diocese of Albany, in the process of acquiring certification, or are willing to work towards this goal.

  8. All salaries, benefits, and personnel practices for professional ministers follow the directives of the Office of Human Resources of the Diocese of Albany.

  9. The programs and processes reflect a family perspective.

  10. The programs and processes embrace evangelization, especially outreach to those separated from the faith community.

  11. There is an adequate budget for comprehensive faith formation which reflects the parish, cluster, or deaneries commitment to excellence and its size and resources.

  12. The parish/cluster/deanery works to meet the goals for pastoral planning in the Diocese of Albany.

Capital Campaign Grant Application

Criteria for Scholarships

1) All applicable Grant criteria.

2) The applicant is able to secure matching funds both personally and from the parish/cluster or deanery.

3) The applicant, who is a catechetical or youth ministry leader, holds current provisional or full leadership certification from the Office of Catholic Faith Formationor is a new leader participating in the Becoming a Minister of Faith Formation Program

4) A preference will be given to applicants who seek to grow in knowledge and skills in the five targeted areas identified by the New York State Bishops in The Catechetical Leader in the Third Millennium (2012): evangelization, family, cultural realities, the changing parish landscape, and technology.

5) The applicant, if in an academic degree program, is able to meet all standards and criteria for that program.

6) The scholarship is used for a formation program provided by or supported by the Diocese of Albany or if a conference or event outside the Diocese is approved by the Office of Catholic Faith Formation.

Capital Campaign Scholarship Application