Deacons of the Diocese of Albany
Deacons: Diaconate Life and Ministry Council

The Diaconate Life and Ministry Council (DLMC) is the consultative body for professional, institutional and ministerial policies, programs, procedures and practices concerning the life and ministry of Deacons in the Albany Diocese. The Council consults with the deacons of the Diocese on concerns and issues of diaconate life and ministry. It is a structure through which the Bishop may obtain and receive recommendations from the deacons of the Diocese on matters of policy and procedure that impact on the quality of diaconate life and ministry.

Council Members

Voting Members:

Administrative Advocate — Serves as Executive Officer:
  Deacon Mark J Leonard  

Deacon Gregory Mansfield
Deacon Joseph Brennan
Deacon Warren Safford
Deacon Paul  Kisselback
Deacon Al Manzella

Councilor Chairman:
  Deacon Warren Safford
Retired Deacon's Liaison:
  Deacon Earle E Flatt  
Non-Voting Members:

Two (2) Ministers to Deacons — ex-officio members:
  Deacon Thomas Sharrow
Deacon Charles Z. Wojton
Four (2) Representatives of Wives of Deacons:
  Sally Beckman
Maureen McAuliffe
Director of On-Going Formation — ex-officio member:
  Deacon Edward Solomon  
Director of Initial Formation — ex-officio member:

Deacon Frank Berning

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