Deacons of the Diocese of Albany
Deacons:  Initial Formation

Deacons must be dignified, not deceitful, not addicted to drink, not greedy for sordid gain, holding fast to the mystery of the faith with a clear conscience.  Moreover, they should be tested first; then, if there is nothing against them, let them serve as deacons.
- 1 Timothy 3:8-10

This page is provided for men, and their families, who have been accepted into the Aspirant and Candidate Paths of Diaconate Formation.

Men who are interested in pursuing a vocation to the Diaconate may also benefit from reviewing the links in this page because information, requirements and schedules associated with both Aspirancy and Candidacy may be found here. Learn more about discerning your call.

Aspirant Page
An Aspirant is a person who seeks to become a Candidate for ordination as a deacon. Aspirancy lasts for a minimum of one year. Go to this page for the Aspirant's Handbook, schedules, and other information associated with Aspirancy.

Candidate Page

A Candidate is a person who has completed the required Aspirancy period and has begun a minimum of three years formation to determine his readiness for ordination to the Diaconate. The candidate page contains most of the information you need during your Candidacy including the Candidate Handbook, schedules, Practicum Packets, etc.

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Deacon Frank Berning, D.Min. - Director of Pastoral Planning & Director of Initial Diaconate Formation
Phone: (518) 453-6661 - Pastoral Planning Administrative Assistant.
Fax: (518) 641-6841

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