Deacons of the Diocese of Albany
Deacons: On-Going Formation

Deacons, who are ministers of the mysteries of Jesus. . . are not mere servants with food and drink, but emissaries of God's Church.
From the Letter of St. Ignatius of Antioch to the Trallians

Interested in pursuing a vocation to serve Jesus Christ and his people as a deacon? 

On-going Deacon Formation

The ordained deacon is provided with opportunities for on-going formation.

Deacon Study Days

Deacons are offered three 3 hour sessions on the first Saturdays of December, March, and May at the Pastoral Center.  Lunch is provided. Skilled instructors present topics such as:

  • Theology
  • Preaching
  • Prison & Jail Ministry
  • Hospital Ministry
  • Bereavement - Death Notification - follow up
  • Liturgy, etc. 


As budget and circumstances allow we purchase a book that is sent to each deacon and urge the deacon community to cluster in their region to discuss the book and the message for deacon ministry.

Annual Albany Deacon Retreat

We encourage and promote attendance at the annual Fall retreat. An annual retreat is required for all deacons. We also have information on other retreats for the deacon and his wife.

Annual NADD Region 1 Deacon Gathering

The National Association of Deacon Directors (NADD) sponsors regional meetings. The Albany Diocese is part of Region 1. National level people make presentations at this all day Saturday gathering of deacons and wives who come from throughout the New England States.  

Gathering for Newly Ordained Deacons

The new Directory requires that the newly ordained deacons (and wives) be mentored and supported. We meet with them regularly, and provide an avenue for the flow of information. 

Administrative Days

At the request of the Bishop, we hold periodic administrative days to keep deacons informed on Church policies and procedures. Scheduled Events