Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs, Commission
Commission Members

Rev. James Kane - Director

Sarah Raville- Secretary

Diocesan Commission
Mr. Frank Pell - Chairperson

Commission members

Rev. James Kane--Director
Rev. David Mickiewicz—Liaison to Orthodox Dialogue
Rev. Donna Elia—Protestant Advisor & Protestant-Catholic Dialogue
Mrs. Kathleen Kerrigan Duff—Jewish-Catholic Dialogue
Mr. Edward L. Falterman
Mrs. Audrey Hughes—Muslim-Catholic Dialogue
Mrs. Joan Lipscomb—Vice-Chair
Mr. Frank Pell—Our Neighbors’ Faith
Ms. Anne Snyder —Protestant-Catholic Dialogue
Mrs. Lynn Watermam
Deacon Walter Ayres—Liaison with diocesan Peace & Justice Commission
Deacon Charles Wojton—Web site administration