Lay Ministry Formation
Marriage Ministry

Pre Cana  |  Marriage Enrichment

To provide married couples with programs and resources to enrich their marriage.


Newly-Married Series
Five sessions spelled out in easy-to-use packet.
Can be modified for all couples.

Questions served with dinner.
Dinner would be sponsored by the parish.

Marriage Encounter
Call Ed and Rhonda Staats or (518) 279-3243

Weekend retreat for couples in crisis.
Call 1-800-470-2230

Weekend retreat based in scripture.
Call Dave and Lillian James (785-5235)


Video Viewpoints
10 questions to discuss after viewing popular movies.

Video series from Notre Dame
Panel discussions on family life.

Gary Smalley Series
Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships.
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus special on ABC.

Interfaith Marriage
Keynote speech by Cokie and Steve Roberts.


Information is available on many issues affecting marriages: addiction, abortion, morality, interfaith couples, domestic violence, sexuality/intimacy, tips for a good marriage, financial issues, family perspective, NFP. Suggested reading list also available.


Family Planning - A guide for Exploring the Issues - $2.50
Foundations Newsletter for Newlyweds - call 1-800-775-4757 to purchase subscription