Lay Ministry Formation
Natural Family Planning (NFP)

What is NFP?
It is a safe, reliable way for married couples to either avoid pregnancy or achieve pregnancy. It is effective and natural.

Side effects?
Clearer understanding about the female reproductive system, better communication and deeper intimacy!

Natural Family Planning Benefits:
 Medically safe
 Highly effective
 Morally acceptable
 Marriage strengthening

NFP teaches couples how to observe and interpret the woman’s natural signs of fertility to achieve or postpone pregnancy. NFP is 99% effective and is in agreement with the teachings of the Catholic Church on marriage, family and the dignity of human life.

Programs and resources available within the Diocese of Albany:

St. Peter’s Hospital  

Hudson Mohawk NFP - A Couple to Couple Chapter  

Gianna of Albany - Women’s Health and Fertility Care                

Web Resources:

The Office of Lay Ministry Formation offers information, resources and support to people seeking information about NFP and Fertility Awareness as well Church teachings on Sexuality and Reproduction.

Contact Mary Fay at or (518) 453-6644.