Lay Ministry Formation
USCCB Leadership Institute Webinars

Forming Leaders for the Church

The Diocesan Educational/Catechetical Leadership Institute was begun in 1997 as a 5-day orientation program for new or nearly new diocesan leaders. In 2010, the Leadership Institute became an online program which expanded in 2011 to include two tracks of recordings, each track with its own complement of webinars and question-and-answer (Q & A) sessions.

It is offered free of charge to all interested individuals. It will continue to serve the needs of diocesan leaders. Many of the webinars and Q&A’s are also of interest to parish catechetical leaders and catechists, Catholic school principals and teachers, and other individuals who provide faith formation to diverse age groups and settings.

The Leadership Institute is sponsored by the National Educational Association Departments of Chief Administrators of Catholic Education and Religious Education, the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, and the Secretariats of Catholic Education and of Evangelization and Catechesis, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


Webinar Series by Track

Track I - Includes webinars and Q&A’s recorded in 2010 to orient new diocesan educational and catechetical leaders. Clergy, Catholic school principals, parish catechetical leaders and others will benefit from most of these topics. Topics include “Collaboration and staff building skills”; “Legal Issues”; “Adolescent Catechesis: the Pain and the Promise”; “Communication Skills”; “Catholic Life and Ministry in Culturally Diverse Parishes”; “Providing Catechetical Leadership Today Based on Key Ecclesial Catechetical Documents”; “Leadership in the Third Millennium” and a “Bonus Integration Session”. Information on Track I and to view the individual sessions

Track II - Includes a series of webinars and Q&A’s recorded in 2011. Topics include “Catechesis on the New Roman Missal”; “Stewardship of the Environment”; “Evangelizing Catechesis and the Call to Nurture Discipleship”; “Catechesis and the Fathers of the Church”; “Celebrating Popular Catholicism: The Hispanic Experience”; “Personal Prayer in the Catholic Tradition”; “Sacramental Life”; “Life in Christ: Renewal of Moral Theology”; “Introduction to the Eastern Rite Churches through Liturgy & Iconography”; and “Living the Beauty of Faith: How to use the Adult Catechism in Adult Faith Formation Programs”. Information on Track II and to view the individual sessions

Track III - During 2012, an exciting new series of webinars focused on the “New Evangelization” was offered. The webinar topics included: “Overview of the Theological Foundations of the New Evangelization”; “Go and Make Disciples: the Next Steps”; “Identifying, engaging and welcoming inactive Catholics”; “Reaching Adolescents with the Good News”; “An Evangelizing Laity”; “Humbly Walking with God’s People”; “Building Intercultural Competence for Ministers”; “Engaging and Inviting Back those who have simply slipped away from Church life and sacraments”; “Using Technology to reach out for Evangelization”; and “Taking Stock: Questions to Help Assess and Shape a Parish Faith Community for the Evangelizing Mission”. Information on Track III and to view the individual sessions

Track IV - A new series of webinars focusing on the “Year of Faith” was offered in 2013. The webinar topics included “Using the Leadership Institute in a Group Setting”; “Professing the Creed”; “The New Evangelization: Why Bother?”; and “Praying the Lord’s Prayer”. Information on Track IV and to view the individual sessions