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Study Shows Church, Spiritual Practices Can Relieve Postpartum Depression


Churches and other faith-based communities are an untapped resource that health care providers should consider when suggesting treatment options for African-American and Latina mothers who have histories of postpartum depression (PPD), according to the findings of a newly published study by a University at Buffalo-led research team. (University of Buffalo News Center)". Read More.




Thin Deep Water- 

Essay by Debbie Thomas


"Epiphany.  The word comes from the Greek, "epiphaneia," meaning "appearing" or "revealing."  During this brief season between Advent and Lent, we leave mangers and swaddling clothes behind, and turn to stories of shimmering revelation.  Kings and stars.  Doves and voices.  Water.  Wine. Transfiguration."  Read more. 





Recomposing with God: A personal reflection by Deacon Ron and Beth Ste-Marie, Pastoral Care Coordinators at Sts. Anthony & Joseph in Herkimer. 



Happy New Year


Pastoral Care Ministry Wishes Everyone a New Year Filled With Blessings



Continuing Ed for Pastoral Care


Several spring semester courses from the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University, Chicago might be of particular interest to Pastoral Care Coordinators for their ministry or for continuing education interests. Read more.



Book Review


"The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating" by Elisabeth Tova Bailey  



Pastoral Care Ministry Highlight: 

- Sts. Anthony & Joseph Church, Herkimer -


This month we are highlighting Sts. Anthony & Joseph Catholic Church in Herkimer which offers various ministries under pastoral care. 


 Click here to read more.



A Few Helpful Alzheimers Articles


Celebrate the Season By Being True to YourselfLonni Schicker, Alzheimer's Association 2016 National Early-Stage Advisor


"I was a college professor and nurse with my doctorate in education when I started having memory problems that were concerning me. Students had complained of inconsistent homework assignments, and my son Dan noticed that I was repeating myself in our phone conversations. Then one day while giving a speech in Washington D.C. about medical ethics, I totally blanked about where I was and why I was there - in the middle of my speech. That was a major turning point." Read more.



Finding Joy During My First Christmas With Alzheimer's- Jeff Borghoff is a member of the Alzheimer's Association 2016 National Early-Stage Advisory Group (ESAG).


"The holidays have long been known as the season of joy, but how do you truly define joy? As someone living with Alzheimer's disease and approaching my first Christmas since receiving the diagnosis, I'm beginning to define joy differently than I have in previous years." Read more.



Suicide, Survivors, Grief


Over the past 14 years as a chaplain at a Level One Trauma Hospital, I have seen those who have succeeded and those who have not. I cannot count how many deaths I have been present for, but I can remember that suicides are the most difficult deaths. Why? Let's begin with some scholars' understanding of suicide."  Read more.



Linking the Past to the Present - The Benefits of Reminiscing, by Kristine Dwyer


"Each time an individual tells part of his/her life story, those who listen are like a mirror, reflecting and affirming their lives. John Kunz, founder, International Institute of Reminiscence and Life Review." Read more.





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