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Ten Commandments for Caregiving



"Taking care of two elderly parents with different needs was not an easy task.  For me it was on the job training that I learned from interacting with the professionals I met along the way, from living day to day with the challenges that I experienced, from others who had gone through this trying time, and especially from reading and learning as much as I could about what often has been called "the roller coaster ride of caregiving."  In response to this time, I wrote a book about my personal caregiving story and came to some conclusions about the process.  The result is Mimi's Ten Caregiving Commandments." Read More.




"Did I offer peace today? Did I bring a smile to someone's face? Did I say words of healing? Did I let go of my anger and resentment? Did I forgive? Did I love? These are the real questions. I must trust that the little bit of love that I sow now will bear many fruits, here in this world and the life to come". - Henri Nouwen




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Photo of Sandra Cornwell


by Sandra Cornwell, Parish Nurse 



Formation and Skill Building Workshop

for Pastoral Care & Care Givers


If you have recently retired or have some extra time available, consider parish pastoral care ministry as a way of expressing your faith by reaching out to the sick, elderly, dying and bereaved.  How will you know if you are being called to this ministry?  Consider signing up for the 6-session Pastoral Care to the Sick, Elderly & Homebound Formation & Skill Building Workshops starting April 18 at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish in Latham.  These workshops will allow the time necessary to help you discern whether you are being called to this ministry while learning about and practicing the different skills necessary to feel comfortable in Pastoral Care Ministry.  Areas covered in the workshops include: The art of pastoral visitation; communication skills; illness issues; grief & loss; dying & death; suffering & faith; spiritual assessment; theology of pastoral care; ritual & sacraments in pastoral ministry; caregiving issues.  Workshop information can be found here. 




Pastoral Care Ministry Highlight: 

- Church of the Holy Trinity, Cohoes -


This month we are highlighting Church of the Holy Trinity in Cohoes which offers various ministries under pastoral care.  Click here to read more.




Our Mission: To Live Ageless In the Lord


"Aging IS our master teacher and all that it teaches becomes our curriculum which we are called to teach to others.  We as elders have a clear mission which we need to embrace with evangelical fervor.  That mission is nothing short of the mission of the original apostles, the disciples down through the centuries and the same mission resident in our hearts now." Read more.



Staying Spiritually Fit in

Pastoral Care Ministry


Pastoral Care Ministry requires volunteers to be spiritually fit.  An important question to ask yourself is "How am I taking care of myself, spiritually?"  Are you including time for daily prayer and receiving the sacraments in your life?  Do you take time for a retreat once a year, whether a day, weekend, or 8-day silent retreat?  Do you avail yourself of ongoing enrichment workshops and time to network with other pastoral care ministers?  The Pastoral Care Ministry Office offers an Annual Day of Retreat & Spiritual Renewal for everyone involved in this ministry.  This year it will be on June 14 at the Carondelet Hospitality Center.  It includes times for 2 spiritual presentations by Melissa Kelley, PhD., quiet reflective prayer time, Mass, lunch, table sharing and networking.  If you would like more information you can find it here



Coping With the Death of 

Old Friends and Siblings


"As we age, the losses come more frequently. We need to give them their due. On an intellectual level, I know that part of life is death, yet I struggle to reconcile this unfair, if inherent, consequence."  Read more



Hospital Protocol - Parishioner Identification and HIPPA


Consider taking a minute to take a look at this document which can be found on the Pastoral Care Ministry Website under Resources/Pastoral Care which identifies the various hospitals in the Capital District and lists contact information for pastoral care volunteer visitors to use to help find out if your parishioners are currently admitted and have given permission to be visited.






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