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Who Are My Sisters and Brothers? ... Welcoming Immigrants and Refugees (HS, ADULT)
Today, more than a million immigrants and refugees continue to come to our shores each year. They come to reunite with family, to find suitable work, or to escape persecution and civil unrest. They arrive with the same dreams and fears as those who came before. This is the story of three Catholic parishes that have discovered in the newcomer the face of Christ: Notre Dame d'Haiti Parish in Miami, Florida; St. Willebrord Parish in Green Bay, Wisconsin; and St. Mary's Parish in Greensboro, North Carolina. This video gives an up-close and personal look at some of the human faces behind the immigration debate in our nation; and examines why people are on the move around the world, who these people are, and how our Church is reaching out to them. This video is a companion piece to two publications: Who Are My Sisters and Brothers? A Catholic Educational Guide for Understanding and Welcoming Immigrants and Refugees; and, Who Are My Sisters and Brothers? Reflections on Understanding and Welcoming Immigrants and Refugees.

Faithful Revolution: Video 3 - Human Dignity (ADULT)
This series gives us a better understanding of Vatican II. This video looks at: social justice, the poor, and Latin America; religious liberty, the Church in Poland, and fall of Communism; the Church in Africa, enculturation, and lively liturgy; and inter-religious dialogue, Jewish/Christian relations, and the Holocaust. It can be the basis for very good discussions.

InnerAction: Cultural Blessings--Touching Earth (ADULT)
This is the first of a series of five videos. This video uses the prologue to John's Gospel to lead participants to experience the profound beauty of Native American culture and spirituality. It challenges the participants to become more aware of what it means to be in harmony with Nature, and gain a deeper appreciation for the Incarnation.

America Beyond the Color Line (Adult, older adolescent)
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. travels the length and breadth of the U.S. to take the temperature of modern black America at the start of the new century. For Gates, this is both the best and the worst of times. Black Americans are center stage in almost every arena and opportunities have opened up which just three decades ago seemed unimaginable. But huge obstacles remain: many African Americans say they still feel excluded from mainstream American life and a fifth of all black Americans currently live below the poverty line. Gates travels to the East Coast, the deep South, inner City Chicago, and Hollywood to meet the people who are defining black America. 2-video set.

Steal Away: Songs of the Underground Railway (All)
Kim & Reggie Harris perform "Go Down Moses", "Oh Freedom", "Wade in the Water", and several original songs related to the Underground Railroad.

Underground Railroad, The (EL, JH)
The audiotape, Songs of the Underground Railroad, performed by Kim and Reggie Harris, reveals the hope, the power, and the eventual triumph shared by a network of people of many races and creeds. In coded spirituals, slaves expressed a longing for freedom, calls to meeting, and plans and methods of escape. Nine different songs show the vital role of music in the Underground Railroad.

Visit (JH, HS, ADULT)
This translation of Luke 1:39-56 tells of Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth and culminates with her famous Song of Praise (sometimes known as "The Magnificat"). The ABS video Scripture series has been recognized internationally for its scholarly, imaginative, and contemporary approach to translating the Holy Scriptures in a remarkable new way. Women of the Calabash combine to provide young people with a new translation of this important Scripture text. Women of the Calabash is a New York-based performance group which draws upon many different musical, dance and theatrical traditions to provide unique and exhilarating experiences for their audiences. They have performed internationally at festivals, and on radio and television.

Children of the Earth (Series)-South America Close-Up: Peru; Brazil (Emementary Grades 5-6, JH, HS)
This video will show U.S. children the ways young people live in other parts of the world. A 13-year-old girl from Peru introduces her life. A 15-year-old boy from Brazil shares his life.

Children of the Earth (Series)-Caribbean Close-Up: Haiti&Domin. Repub. (Emementary Grades 5-6, JH, HS)
Haiti: Living with her desperately poor family in a two-room house, 14-year-old Marie Julie relates her daily life, school, Haitian proverbs and the sport of cockfighting, popular in her coastal fishing village. The Dominican Republic: Along with his family life in a Santo Domingo housing project, 13-year-old Jonathan shares his zest for school, sports, baseball hero Sammy Sosa and historic colonial sites, including Christopher Columbus' burial place.

Children of the Earth (Series)-Centr. Amer. Close-Up: Guatemal. & ElSal. (Emementary Grades 5-6, JH, HS)
Guatemala: Natividad, a 14-year-old Maya girl, faces important decisions about her future, influenced by changing conditions in her remote mountain village. El Salvador: Marvin, age 15, reveals why his parents fled their native country in the 1980s, only to return years later to rebuild their lives at a jungle cooperative settlement.

Eyes On The Prize--Video 1 (HS, ADULT)
This is the first in a series of four videos. Pepsi and HBO celebrate the culture, achievements, and history of African Americans throughout the years. This video consists of two segments: 1. THE TIME HAS COME (1964-1966)--In the South and the urban North, leaders emerged who helped transform the civil rights movement into a broader struggle for human rights. Their message was direct: "The Time Has Come."; and, 2. TWO SOCIETIES (1965-1968)--"Two Societies" reveals the divisions that existed between African Americans and whites in America's cities, where African Americans had gained little from the Southern freedom movement by the late '60s.

InnerAction: Cultural Blessings--Caring Communities (ADULT)
This is the second of a series of five videos. This video questions whether American society is building wisely or not. All may benefit from the Hispanic American perspective on family, community, and church.

InnerAction: Cultural Blessings--Creating Energies (ADULT)
This is the third in a series of five videos. In this video, the Scripture story of the multiplication of the loaves invites reflection on the European American strengths of individuality and creativity.

InnerAction: Cultural Blessings--Liberating People (ADULT)
This is the fourth of a series of five videos. In this video, participants celebrate African American history, music, culture, and spirituality. A person cannot know freedom until they've known slavery.

InnerAction: Cultural Blessings--Living Reflections (ADULT)
This is the fifth in a series of five videos. This video explores an appreciation for the Asian American search for balance and the gift of a contemplative soul.

Summer Camps (ADULT)
Catholic Charities offers a great summer experience at Camp Scully for low income children in the Albany Diocese. In Columbia County, they offer a migrant camp for children of migrant workers.

Eyes On The Prize--Video 2 (HS, ADULT)
This is the second in a series of four videos. Pepsi and HBO celebrate the culture, achievements, and history of African Americans throughout the years. This video consists of two segments: 3. POWER! (1966-68)--Solutions to the problems of inequality were as diverse as America itself. Communities mobilized for change in strikingly different ways, but their ultimate goal was the same - power; and, 4. THE PROMISED LAND (1967-1968)--In the late 1960s, the issues of war, poverty and economic justice became intertwined. The escalating Vietnam War further divided America, and the government's War on Poverty began to suffer.

Eyes On The Prize--Video 3 (HS, ADULT)
This is the third in a series of four videos. Pepsi and HBO celebrate the culture, achievements, and history of African Americans throughout the years. This video consists of two segments: 5. AIN'T GONNA SHUFFLE NO MORE (1964-1972)--Muhammad Ali…Howard University…Gary, Indiana. Through these names, "black pride" came to the fore in the fight for equality, and African Americans reclaimed their heritage in different ways; and, 6. A NATION OF LAW? (1968-1971)--The Black Panther Party…Fred Hampton…Attica. These names equaled controversy in the America of law and order promised by President Nixon. Urban rebellion and campus unrest had brought cycles of protest and reprisals, leaving many wondering if America was in fact "a nation of law."

Eyes On The Prize--Video 4 (HS, ADULT)
This is the fourth in a series of four videos. Pepsi and HBO celebrate the culture, achievements, and history of African Americans throughout the years. This video consists of two segments: 7. THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM (1974-1980)--Busing…Maynard Jackson…Affirmative Action. From the streets of South Boston to Atlanta's City Hall to the Supreme Court, Americans sought remedies for the problems of discrimination; and, 8.BACK TO THE MOVEMENT (1979-mid 1980s)--The powerlessness that was felt in many black communities in the third decade of the civil rights movement provoked both rage and activism.

Canonization of Katharine Drexel (HS, ADULT)
This video describes Mother Katharine Drexel's progress toward sainthood. Beatified on November 20, 1988, and canonized as a saint by Pope John Paul II on October 1, 2000, this documentary uses Mother Drexel's letters, personal diaries and family photos of her missionary work to tell her story. The program also includes the canonization ceremony in Rome, the miracles attributed to her intercession, and interviews with those who are carrying on her work and with those who have been touched by her legacy. Katharine Drexel - born into one of Philadelphia's wealthiest families - gave up her comfortable life for one of religion, poverty and abstinence. In 1891, she founded the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, which grew from its original 14 members to a sisterhood of over 500 women staffing 65 institutions nationwide. A tireless worker promoting the liberation of Native and African Americans, Mother Drexel established a network of schools which served upwards of 25,000 black and Indian children, and founded Xavier University in New Orleans, the first predominantly black Catholic university in the Western Hemisphere.

Strangers No Longer (ADULT)
Strangers No Longer invites us to open our hearts and minds and identify with today's immigrants. It reminds us of our moral responsibility to actively live our faith and our obligation to be a voice of change so that newcomers are strangers no longer.

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