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Bernardin (ADULT)
This is a television documentary that examines the life of a man who helped define many of the critical issues facing the nation and how America stood with him as he was called to publicly defend himself. It explores Bernardin's rise to leadership in the American Catholic Church, his role in creating anti-poverty programs, and the public debate on abortion and nuclear weapons. Bernardin advocated a "consistent ethic of life" and initiated a project of reconciliation called "Common Ground" - a healing legacy that transcends idealogical boundaries.

Most Unusual Man (ADULT)
In the days when radio was the only entertainment and TV was a gleam in history's eye, one Irish priest burst through the airwaves and touched millions. Here is the story of Father Patrick Peyton, a pioneer in radio and television. This video gives testimony of the many lives that Father Peyton touched. His humble manner broke down walls to spread the message of the Rosary.

Almost Home: Living With Suffering & Dying (HS, ADULT)
In this video, Sister Thea Bowman, a nationally known Black Catholic sister, shares her personal experiences of living with the sufferings and uncertainties of a terminal illness. Through Sister Thea's depth of spirituality and her gift of storytelling, you will discover that the sufferings we encounter and the finiteness of our existence pale in the splendor and power of God's gift of life and His eternal promises to us.

Underground Railroad, The (EL, JH)
The 15-minute video tells the story of the Underground Railroad through a combination of historical images and dramatic recreations. The video concludes with a rousing performance of "Wade in the Water" before an audience of children, who participate and learn an American Sign Language version of the song. Escaping slaves used songs like "Wade in the Water" to secretly communicate their plans. The audiotape, Songs of the Underground Railroad, performed by Kim and Reggie Harris, reveals the hope, the power, and the eventual triumph shared by a network of people of many races and creeds. In coded spirituals, slaves expressed a longing for freedom, calls to meeting, and plans and methods of escape. Nine different songs show the vital role of music in the Underground Railroad.

Merton: A Film Biography (ADULT)
This critically acclaimed film examines Merton's life and work through insightful interviews with those who knew him, including the Dalai Lama, poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, publisher Robert Giroux, musician Joan Baez, monks he lived with and friends with whom he shared his deepest emotions. Interwoven with interviews are passages from Merton's writing and scenes from significant places of his life, including his birthplace in France, the Gethsemani monastery, and Bangkok, Thailand, where he died.

In Remembrance of Martin (HS, ADULT)
Personal comments from family members, closest friends, former classmates, and advisors are chronicled in this remarkable documentary honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dramatic archival footage traces King's leadership in the civil rights movement from 1963's Birmingham Campaign and the "I Have a Dream" speech through Bloody Sunday 1965 to the Chicago Campaign of 1966, which forshadowed his assasination in 1968.

Great Souls: Billy Graham (ADULT)
For more than half a century, Billy Graham moved across the world stage as the preeminent Protestant religious figure of our times. Friend to ten American presidents and pastor to most, he has been called the greatest religious figure of the 20th century. Friends, collegues, and his son and heir, Franklin Graham join special gusest Bill Buckley, Dan Rather, and Sir David Frost to look at the man, his message and his legacy. The hour was filmed on location across America and Europe.

Great Souls: Pope John Paul II (ADULT)
How a young Polish Catholic boy went from an aspiring actor and an athlete to become the first non-Italian pope in 400 years is a dramatic story. How John Paul used his high office to undermine and help destroy Communism in Eastern Europe while at the same time transforming the Papacy onto a world stage was revolutionary and inspiring, if not controversial at times. Filmed on location in Poland, Rome, London, and the U.S., leading churchmen, friends and colleagues, historians, journalists, and his personal biographer examine the character and forces that enabled John Paul II to be acclaimed universally as one of the most importatnt personalities in the 20th century.

Great Souls: Alexandr Solzhenitsyn (ADULT)
Hailed as the greatest Russian writer of the 20th century, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn went from avowed Communist to Gulag prisoner and outspoken advocate for the destruction of the Soviet empire. His writings exploded the myth of the Communist ideology and set the stage for the collapse of the Soviet Union. This hour, filmed on location across Russia, follows Solzhenitsyn's dramatic journey across the turbulent years of Russia's Communist experiment and examines his spiritual odyssey that made him the champion of truth.

Great Souls: Mother Teresa (ADULT)
Filmed on location in Macedonia, France, England, and India, this hour traces the dramatic story of a young teenage Catholic girl who felt called of God to serve the poorest people of India. How Sister Agnes overcame impossible adversity to her vision and became Mother Teresa of Calcutta inspired the world with her example of compassion for the poor and set a standard for servanthood unequaled in the twentieth century. Through the eyes of those who knew her and those who observed her from afar, this inspiring hour will powerfully demonstrate the good that one person can do amid the most difficult of circumstances.

Great Souls: Nelson Mandela (ADULT)
This program, filmed on location across South Africa, follows Nelson Mandela from his idyllic childhood to young freedom fighter against the injustice of Apartheid in South Africa, 27 years in prison, and his remarkable ascendancy to become South Africa's first multiracial president. Friends, colleagues, and leading voices of authority look at the remarkable ingredients in Mandela's personality and character that averted a bloodbath revolution and redeemed a nation from its shameful past.

Great Souls: Elie Wiesel (ADULT)
Elie Weisel's boyhood dream of a rabbinical life was cut short by Hitler's invasion of Eastern Europe. His incarceration at Auschwitz Concentration Camp changed his view of the world forever. The horribleness of the Holocaust convinced him that the world could not be allowed to forget what unchecked hatred is capable of doing. His writings, speeches, and his foundation brought the nightmare of the Holocaust onto center stage for a generation who had not lived its horror. His achievements made Elie Wiesel a champion of human rights. This dramatic hour includes a personal visit with Elie Wiesel and was filmed on location in Auschwitz, Poland, Paris, and the United States.

Religious Classics with Michael Himes: Teresa of Avila Autobiography (ADULT)
Teresa of Avila, a Doctor of the Church, experienced opposition in her day by religious leaders who disparaged her visions. Teresa, however, trusted her inner experiences and wrote about them in her Autobiography. Himes looks at her practical spiritual wisdom and presents us a woman of integrity in a tumultuous era.

Religious Classics with Michael Himes: Ignatius of Loyola (ADULT)
Few guides into the spiritual life are as deeply insightful and immediately practical as Ignatius' directives to those in prayer and discernment. Drawing on his own experience of conversion and growth, he formulated a program of "exercises" to develop heart and mind. This video is not so much a biography of Ignatius as it is an introduction to the nature and content of the Spiritual Exercises.

Religious Classics with Michael Himes: Julian of Norwich (ADULT)
In 1373 Dame Julian experienced 16 "shewings" or revelations of the depth and intensity of God's love for her and all creatures. Her account of those revelations and her subsequent meditations on them is one of the treasures of medieval spirituality and a landmark of the English spiritual tradition.

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace (HS, ADULT)
What is a moral person to do in a time of savage immorality? That question tormented Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German clergyman of great distinction who actively opposed Hitler and the Nazis. His convictions cost him his life. The Nazis hangedhim on April 9, 1945, less than a month before the end of the war. Bonhoeffer's last years, his participation on the German resistance and his moral lstruggle are dramatized in this film. More than just a biographical portrait, Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace sheds light on the little-known efforts of the German resistance. It brings to a wide audience a heroic rebellion of Bonhoeffer, a highly regarded Lutheran minister who could have kept his peace and saved his life on several occasions but instead paid the ultimate price for his beliefs. Color/close-captioned.

Steal Away: Songs of the Underground Railway (All)
Kim & Reggie Harris perform "Go Down Moses", "Oh Freedom", "Wade in the Water", and several original songs related to the Underground Railroad.

San Antonio (St. Anthony) (ADULT)
Presenta la vocacion de esta gran santo conocido por su entrega y amor a Dios asi como por sus milagros. Presents the vocation of this great saint, well known for his devotion and love for God, as well as for his miracles.

Author of Reform: The Cardinal Suenens Story (ADULT)
This is a biography of the Cardinal who was the confidante to popes and kings. It is also the story of the Second Vatican Council, the most important religious event in the last 100 years. This story is an excellent resource for adult study groups, ecumenical meetings, leadership and educational in-service training, and ministry formation programs. It is also of interest to students of 20th century history, particularly for its focus on the Second Vatican Council.

Francis: The Knight of Assisi (Emementary Grades 2-6)
It was the age of knights and kings, when honor belonged to the heroes and glory was found in the battlefield. There lived a brave young man named Francis, whose wish was to become a mighty warrior and conquer a magnificent castle. One day Francis felt a calling to greater glory. God had vested upon him a very special mission that would require a supreme act of courage. For the love of God, his King, Francis gave up all that he had and joyfully embarked upon the most exciting and unexpected adventure. Francis, The Knight Of Assisi is the remarkable true story of the founder of the Order of Minor Friars, and inspirator of three Franciscan orders.

Glidepath To Recovery (Father Peter Young) (HS, ADULT)
"Rehabilitate: Don't Incarcerate!" is the longtime slogan of Father Peter Young, a Catholic priest who has spent over 35 years working with men and women struggling to stay out of prison and free themselves from addictions. Working out of the Albany, New York area, Father Young has helped thousands of addicted people reclaim their lives and futures by means of his "glidepath" philosophy. His glidepath includes three components: recovery, housing, and jobs. Joined seamlessly together, these offer addicted men and women a fighting chance to become healthy, employed, tax-paying citizens with careers, families, friendships and futures. This dynamic program, full of tears and laughter, introduces audiences to Father Peter and many in his recovery community who share their dramatic, death-to-life stories. They have followed his Glidepath to Recovery and landed safely.

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