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Retreat with Thomas Merton: Becoming Who We Are (ADULT)
Acting as narrator and retreat coordinator, author Anthony Padovano shares selected aspects of Trappist monk Thomas Merton's life story, inviting us to get in touch with our own stories, our own spiritual journeys. The retreat is an invitation to meet God in the ordinary events of the day. Padovano traces Merton's bioigraphy but deals with it in terms of the values and vision it engendered for himself and others. This book-on-tape is arranged for 7 days. Listeners may find it helpful to listen according to their own schedule or that of a group. The inside cover suggests additional resources to continue the relationship with Merton.

Holy Longing, The (ADULT)
Audiobook. Ronald Rolheiser defines how spirituality impacts every aspect of the human experience. He combines good sense and insight with genuine sympathy and understanding to help all of us who struggle spiritually.

The Journey to Peace (ADULT)
Soon after Joseph Cardinal Bernadin's death, selections from his 1500 homilies and unpublished personal reflections were gathered into this beautiful aid to prayer. It continues the uplifting message of faith, hope and love of the international best-seller, The Gift of Peace. The Stations of the Cross, focusing on the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus, provide the framework for this eloquent legacy. A 15th station, "Jesus is Raised from the Dead" has been added at the suggestion of Pope John Paul II. Cardinal Bernadin's holiness shines through the reflections inviting all faiths to join the journey that leads to peace and freedom. The book portrays a shepherd dedicated to following the Lord and overcoming alienation in every human situation. Read by Monsignor Kenneth Velo.

Out of Solitude: Three Meditations on the Christian Life (Adult)
Drawing on three moments of Jesus' life, Henri Nouwen invites us to consider the tension between our desire for solitude and the demands of our contemporary lives. He points out that it was in solitude that Jesus dsicovered the courage to follow God's will. He shows us that fruitful love and service spring from a living relationship with God. Beautiful and profound in its simplicity, Out of Solitude is as relevant today as when it was written 30 years ago. Read by Paul Smith.

Beginning to Pray (Adult)
Anthony Bloom. Read by Paul Smith. On CD.

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