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Becoming A Successful Catechist: Getting Started: Part 2 (ADULT)
The second in a series of three, this video provides encouragement and guidelines on practical concerns for the new catechist as well as for veteran catechists. It offers a clear explanation of how elements of lectionary-based catechesis can help instruction be more in tune with the movement of the Church Year. It offers practical tips on ways to structure lessons to include movement and activity; shows how to establish a few basic rules of class behavior so that classroom order is maintained; presents guidelines on how to handle student sarcasm. Finally, it shows how to deviate from the course of study when a teachable moment presents itself.

Becoming A Successful Catechist: Getting Started: Part 3 (ADULT)
This concluding portion of the three-part series introduces skills of classroom and curriculum management that can make the difference between success and discouragement. Shows how to integrate writing into the lesson using scripture, student experience and research. Explores the issue of memorization in religious education and explains the importance of vocal prayer as a means of holding the community together. Provides guidelines for student involvement in Christian service projects by exploring the problems, the joys and the benefits to your students. A discussion of the relationship between catechist, parents and the entire parish community concludes this program with a caution about the respect the catechist must show for parish traditions.

Child Abuse: Hear Their Cries (ADULT)
This video is a documentary on the role of clergy, lay leaders, and religious educators of all denominations in recognizing and responding to child abuse. The goal is to raise awareness of the vulnerability of children and the need to intervene at times on their behalf. The video includes: definitions of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse; signs of how to recognize possible abuse; stories of adult survivors; discussion of theological issues including forgiveness and confidentiality; an example of how to respond to a victim's disclosure of abuse; and suggestions for joint efforts between religious and secular agencies. (NOTE- This video precedes the BLESS THE CHILDREN video, also produced by the Center.)

Effective Teaching Methods--Archived (ADULT)
This video consists of three segments: Creating the Environment (of welcome when the class meets; sets the tone for growth & learning.); Asking the Question (that should lead to the students' decision to go forth as Christians.); and, Prayer for Beginning and Ending a Class (shows how to provide opportunities for students to respond to God acting in their lives and in the life of the Christian community.)

Implementing the Sexuality Curriculum for Parish Religious Ed. Programs (ADULT)
This video produced by the Office of Religious Education in implementing the Sexuality Curriculum covers three areas: Knowledge of and planing of the curriculum; catechists formation; and parental information.

Journey With Jesus The Teacher (ADULT)
Jesus was a marvelous teacher. His skillful storytelling and compassionate listening are a powerful model for today's teacher. Using favorite Bible stories as illustrations, this video examines the ways Jesus taught and shows both new and experienced teachers how to: meet students' emotional needs, redirect negative energies, be open to interruptions, involve students with one another, affirm each student's faith, and enable students to struggle with doubt and confusion in a supportive environment. Informative and inspiring, this video uses real-life classroom situations to show teachers of Sunday school, confirmation, adult education, and vacation Bible school how to strengthen their teaching ministry and follow Jesus' example as they share the good news.

Priming The Pump (Adult Faith Formation Training Program) (ADULT)
This parish Adult Education Program is a multi-dimensional resource kit based upon sound principles of adult education that facilitates team formation and fruitful planning at the parish level. Program content reflects the philosophies of the NCDD and USCC documents of adult education. Everything you need to know about the importance of team formation, needs assessment, strategies, advertising, promotion, budgeting and evaluation is contained in the story and instructional videos. The videos "Which Way Is Up?" and "Priming the Pump" contain four segments each and are a vital component for training the parish adult education team. Eight sessions focus on concepts of identity, context, mission, needs assessment, goals and objectives, programming, and evaluation. A clear explanation of, and criteria for team recruitment is given, and the roles of director, facilitator and team members are explored. Session plans outline the role and task of the leader and provide a process for leading the session with adult education team members. An Introductory Packet for this program is also available.

Valuing Values (Sexuality Curriculum) (JH, HS, ADULT)
This is a comprehensive sexuality catechesis for teens and parents, based on the Life and Family curriculum of the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis. It is a catechesis in sexuality by Father John Forliti which seeks to provide parents, teachers and young people the supports they need to talk about sexuality. There are 14 presentations.

Seeds of Promise, Seeds of Faith (ADULT)
The General Directory for Catechesis places the whole catechetical enterprise within the context of an evangelization that calls people of all ages to a deeper appreciation and understanding of the richness of our Catholic faith. The Directory uses the parable of the sower and the seed to remind us that it is ultimately the work of the Holy Spirit that produces the rich harvest. Also in SPANISH. CLOSED CAPTIONED.

Breaking Open the Word Creatively! ...with Elementary Children (ADULT)
This video shows how creative use of the arts - especially music, drama, and storytelling - can break open the Word for young children. This video and guide illustrate various ways to imaginatively involve young children in biblical story presentations so that they not only learn the story, but also engage in the reality of the experience. Fourteen stories are presented from New Testament and Hebrew Scriptures, including: The Emmaus Song, The Parable of the Talents, The Parable of the Two Sons, Matthew 5, The Prodigal Son, Isaiah 43, and Nathan's Story. Monica Brown is a popular composer, artist, and retreat leader who works extensively in religious education, liturgy, and youth ministry.

Your Role On a Better Religious Education Team - Part 1 (ADULT)
This video is directed to classroom catechists, directors and coordinators of religious education, pastors, and other parish leaders. It explains the components of a religious education team, explores the responsibilities of team members and leaders, and examines how everyone can work together to reach commonly held goals. The special focus of this video is leadership. Examples of leadership in both the religious education classroom and the wider parish are provided. This video also gives specific directions on how the catechist can help turn his or her class into a community. It explores ways the catechist can help young people begin to feel some identification with their classroom community and begin to take some responsibility for the other members of that community.

Your Role On a Better Religious Education Team - Part 2 (ADULT)
This video explores the reasons people become catechists as well as their responsibilities to the parish and to their students. It discusses being committed and prepared; the importance of planning lessons and being ready to adjust when things do not go exactly as planned; cooperating with the religious education team, the DRE and other catechists; the need for evaluation--evaluating yourself and letting others evaluate you. This video stresses also the catechist's own faith experiences and the importance of continuing education by taking advantage of parish and diocesan opportunities for growth--adult study groups, religious education workshops, catechist magazines, etc. Finally, this video gives suggestions to help catechists support families in a world where family life has changed drastically.

Child Abuse: Bless Our Children (ADULT)
This is the story of one congregation's efforts to include sexual abuse prevention in the training of parents and religious educators. It is designed to help churches, synagogues, and religious schools implement an abuse prevention curriculum. It offers practical methods to educate parents and teachers, addresses cultural diversity issues, and highlights the importance of abuse prevention within the context of religious education. Actual classroom examples are included. This videotape is an ideal companion to HEAR THEIR CRIES, a videotape which educates people about all forms of child abuse through interviews with adults who experienced it. It is recommended that HEAR THEIR CRIES be shown first.

Echoes of Faith: Liturgia Y Sacramentos (ADULT)
This is a Spanish language video which explores the meaning of liturgy and sacrament, and gains insight into why the sacramental life of the faith community is so central to our Catholic identity. Some core understandings addressed are: the meaning of ritual, the nature of liturgy, symbolic actions and the saving action we celebrate, and the seven sacraments and the experiences of life.

Echoes of Faith: La Iniciacion Del Catequista (ADULT)
This Spanish language video will acquaint catechists with the foundations of Catholic doctrine and tradition, and introduce them to the principles and practice of sound catechesis. The intended outcome is more competent and confident catechesis. Topics include: lesson planning, creaative activities, classroom management, and creating a social environment and an atmosphere for prayer.

Breaking Open the Word Creatively! ... with Youth (ADULT)
Learn how creative use of the arts - especially music, drama, and storytelling - can break open the Word for teens. This videotape and accompanying guide illustrate various ways to imaginatively involve teens in biblical story presentations. Fourteen stories are presented from both the New Testament and Hebrew Scriptures, including: Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Two Sons, The Leper, Peter's Story, The Woman at the Well, The Sinful Woman, The Deaf Man, The Exile (Ez. 12), Isaiah 43, and Nathan's Story (2 Sam. 12). Monica Brown is a popular composer, artist, and retreat leader who works extensively in religious education, liturgy, and youth ministry.

Sense of Justice: Catholic Education, the Law, and You (ADULT)
This is a three-part video series on the law narrated by Mary Angela Shaughnessy. The intent of this series is to make members aware of legal basics which can help them avoid legal entanglements. These programs are excellent resources for workshops. PART 1: Introduction (18 min.); PART 2: Schools (27 min.)--located in Catholic Schools Office; PART 3: Religious Education (23 min.). Mary Angela, a nationally known Catholic educator, writer, and lawyer, narrates the series which features actual cases to help board members handle legal matters confidently.

What is Faith? (ADULT)
This video is an exploration of the questions "Where does faith come from?" or "How do we become people of faith?". Faith is a gift, but it is a gift that must be experienced and claimed. This video examines the importance of naming and claiming our own story. It is a great video for catechist and for RCIA teams.

Echoes of Faith: The Catechist: Part I: Getting Started as a Catechist (ADULT)
This is the first of a series of videos with a goal to acquaint catechists with the foundations of Catholic doctrine and tradition, and introduce them to the principles and practice of sound catechesis. The intended outcome is more competent and confident catechists. Topics include: lesson planning, creative activities, classroom management, and creating a social environment and an atmosphere for prayer.

Echoes of Faith: The Catechist: Part II: Roles of the Catechist (ADULT)
In this video, four important roles of catechists are presented: storyteller, teacher/companion, leader of prayer, and witness for justice. The four-fold purpose of catechesis is also presented: to teach the message, to build a faith community, to lead to prayer and worship, and to call to service. The video encourages you, as well, to meet regularly with other catechists, the school principal, or the program director.

Echoes of Faith: The Catechist: Part III: The Person of the Catechist (ADULT)
This video's format is a seminar. People reflect on their involvement in the catechetical ministry. Four insights are developed into the person of the catechist: the vocation of the catechist, the qualities of the catechist, growing as a catechist, and trusting the Spirit. As a result of working through this video, you should understand better the qualities of a catechists, realize the importance of your continued growth in faith, and appreciate the active role of the Spirit in your ministry.

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