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Christmas Letter--Archived (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH, HS, ADULT)
Written by James Breig, editor of the EVANGELIST, this is the touching story of concerned parents searching for a Christmas experience that goes beyond the tinsel and the gifts.

McGee & Me: 'Twas The Fight Before Christmas (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH)
It's Christmastime and Nicholas is doing everything he can to take part in Christmas activities; from playing a wise man in the school Christmas play to helping decorate the family tree, to finding the most excellent and perfect gift for his mom. Nicholas finds the real meaning of Christmas when, trying to befriend a troubled schoolmate, he is threatened by an older bully. Nicholas and his cartoon friend, McGee, learn about God's love for people who are hard to love and the importance of reaching out to others.

Other Wise Man (Emementary Grades 2-6)
A Christmas classic adapted for children, this animated video tells the story of Artaban, the "fourth wise man" who sold all he possessed and bought three jewels to present to the Christ Child. Why did he delay in the desert? Why did he arrive 33 years too late and with only the pearl, his last treasure, to present? Were his treasures ever accepted? Did he finally find his King? He could not have predicted how his eventful journey would end.

Stableboy's Christmas (Emementary Grades 3-6, JH)
Ten-year-old Tammy refuses to wrap a Christmas present intended for her cousin, hoping to keep the doll for herself. Later, through a dream, she travels back to Bethlehem to witness a little stableboy's act of unselfish love when he gives the Christ Child his pet lamb. Tammy then realizes how sharing presents with others is a way of sharing God's love at Christmas. This fictional account of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus emphasizes the meaning of Christ's birth for us--the greatest gift of all.

Children's Video Bible: The First Christmas (Emementary Grades 1-6)
Each story is based upon a book from The Lion Story Bible and lasts approximately five minutes. Simply told and richly illustrated with the original text and drawings, it makes ideal viewing for young children. Stories presented are: 1. A baby called John; 2. The first Christmas; 3. When Jesus was young; 4. Jesus' special friends; 5. Jesus the teacher; 6. Jesus gives the people food; 7. Secrets Jesus told; 8. Story of the Good Samaritan; 9. Story of the sower; 10. Story of the two brothers (Prodigal Son); and, 11. Story of the great feast.

Innkeepers: A Christmas Story (PK, Emementary Grades 1)
This is the story of the first Christmas as experienced by the innkeepers, Aramus and Ramada. This delightful show is filled with song and the message of how Jesus's birth changed the world for all time.

Animated Stories from the New Testament: The King Is Born (EL, JH)
This is a video classic on the birth of Jesus based on the Bible. Young and old alike love this scripturally accurate story that is brought to life by the miracle of feature quality animation.

Christmas For Little Children (PK, Emementary Grades 1)
Kids will enjoy watching this video as a lively chorus of children sing Christmas carols and discover the love of Jesus in their lives. In addition to carols, puppets tell stories about Saint Francis of Assisi, the first manger scene, and St. Nicholas and his life of helping the needy. Songs include: Hail Mary, Joy to the World, What Child Is This, Away in the Manger, Go Tell It on the Mountain, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, O Come All Ye Faithful, and Silent Night.

Life Of Christ: The Joyful Mysteries (HS, ADULT)
This first video in a series of three discusses the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. These magnificent dramas unfold with startling reality the awesome events of our salvation, bringing a more profound understanding of the mysteries of the Rosary and the Gospels to young and old. Filmed in the 1950s, this timeless celebrated series will delight audiences and enhance religious education classes and Bible studies.

Mystery Of Faith: An Introduction To Catholicism - Incarnation (ADULT)
This is part of the ten-video series which introduces viewers to the "depth dimension" of many of the key Catholic insights. In this video, Father Michael Himes explains why Incarnation tells us as much about humanity as it tells us about God, and why unity with God demands reverence for humanity.

Saints For All Seasons: St. Joseph, Foster Father Of Jesus (Emementary Grades 3-6)
Here is a great way to introduce children to the saints and their virtues. Heavenly "archivists" Gilbert and Gwendolyn take turns telling the children about the lives and times of the saints. They make it a point to show how children can imitate the saints' virtues in the ordinary events of their lives. In this video, Gwendolyn tells the nativity narrative from Joseph's perspective and how he followed God's plan even though he could not fully understand it. Lessons for children: to be just and merciful; to be attentive and obedient to God's will; to be humble and prudent; and to do their duties faithfully. Gwendolyn's storytelling is enhanced by heavenly surroundings, special effects, music, art, and cutaways to children doing good works.

Vida de Cristo: Los Misterios del Rosario (HS, ADULT)
La apremiante y poderosa historia del Evangelio es presentada en tres videos con cinco segmentos de 20 minutos cada uno: VOLUMEN 1- Los Misterios Gozosos; VOLUMEN 2 - Los Misterios Dolorosos; and VOLUMEN 3 - Los Misterios Gloriosos. Estas obras fueron filmadas en Espana en 1957 con la participacion de un gran reparto.

Visual Bible: Matthew--Part 1 (JH, HS, ADULT)
The time is approximately 62 A.D. The apostle Matthew recounts the events he witnessed as a young man. From the Birth of Jesus through Calvary, the timeless story unfolds in the actual words of Scripture. This video covers chapter 1:1 to chapter 9:1--Birth of Jesus, His Baptism and temptation in the wilderness, Sermon on the Mount, call of the disciples, and beginning of His public ministry.

Greatest Adventure Stories From The Bible: Nativity (EL, JH)
"The Nativity" is one in a series of Bible epsodes seen through the eyes of three young visitors from the 20th Century. All roads lead to Bethlehem as God fulfills a promise and a child is born in a stable beneath a shining star. The three Magi ride from distant lands to worship the new born king, as do the shepherds. King Herod sends Roman legionaries to find the child he fears.

First Christmas (PK, Emementary Grades 4)
This colorful animated production is narrated by Christopher Plummer. It tells the traditional story of the birth of Jesus, beginning with Mary and Joseph's trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem. We witness their encounter with the innkeeper who "has no room for them," but provides shelter in a stable where Mary gives birth. We see the announcement to the shepherds and follow the Magi who trek across the desert guided by the mysterious star.

Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Emementary Grades 6, JH, HS, ADULT)
Beware the Herdmans--the nastiest, dirtiest kids you could meet--and they've decided they belong in this year's Christmas pageant. The town thinks they belong in the care of the local police. But when the curtain goes up, a miracle begins! All ages will enjoy this heartwarming drama starring Loretta Swit.

Gran Posada (La) (HS, ADULT)
La Gran Posada is a Mexican tradition recreating the story of Joseph and Mary in their search for an inn (posada) in Bethlehem before the birth of Jesus. Centered on the annual devotional procession organized by San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, Texas, the oldest active parish cathedral in the United States, this documentary is a behind-the-scenes look at the procession, music, costuming and foods that are an integral part of the contemporary expression of a tradition with its roots in Mexican colonial history. La Gran Posada is also a compelling story of personal transformation and compassion. It is the story of the journey of Mexican immigrants who arrive in San Antonio with nothing but their dreams - and through La Gran Posada - find a home, a family, and a new life. La Gran Posada represents the journey of life and the opportunity we have to give and receive posada (hospitality). It is a story of faith that a door will finally open and all will be welcomed.

Keeper of the Peace: A Christmas Story (HS, ADULT)
Keeper of the Peace is a powerful drama of forgiveness and reconciliation that unfolds in another stable in Bethlehem on that holy night of Christ's birth. The might of Rome and the weary expectation of God's chosen people collide as two troubled people--Marcus, a young Roman soldier, and Ruth, an old Jewish woman--stumble upon each other, unaware that this chance encounter will change both their lives.

Visual Bible For Kids: The Birth of Jesus (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH)
This is one of three videos in a series. Based on the popular Visual Bible: Book of Acts and Gospel of Matthew, these videos show Jesus as a "real" person. Live actors portray the characters on authentic locations in Egypt and Africa, with well-known hosts who set up the stories and make them relevant to today's children. This video will bring the story of Christ's birth alive for children. For the first time in filmatic history, children and families will be able to experience the first Christmas exactly as it is written in both the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

In The Beginning: Stories From The Old Testament: The Birth of Jesus (EL, JH, HS, ADULT)
This is the 25th of a 25-part animated series featuring all the greatest stories from the Old Testament, beginning with the Creation and ending with the Birth of Jesus. Each video tells its story in an engaging style with beautiful, full animation.

Visual Bible: Matthew--Part 2 (JH, HS, ADULT)
The time is approximately 62 A.D. The apostle Matthew recounts the events he witnessed as a young man. From the Birth of Jesus through Calvary, the timeless story unfolds in the actual words of Scripture. This video covers chapter 9:2 to chapter 14:36--Jesus' ministry unfolds with miracles and parables, increasing conflict with religious leaders, training of His disciples, feeding of 5,000, Jesus walks on the water, and Peter's impulsive reaction.

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