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Becoming A Confirmation Sponsor (HS, ADULT)
A very practical and useful program to help those who take on this special relationship. It consists of a dramatic enactment of a sponsor-candidate relationship, an inspiring presentation on the meaning of Confirmation and the role of the sponsor, and interviews with sponsors as they relate their frustrations and joys.

Choice, The (Confirmation story on service) (JH, HS, ADULT)
Teenage Kim is asked by her widowed father to finish her Confirmation preparation before deciding for certain that she doesn't want to be confirmed. In the ensuing months, Kim is befriended by Christina, a young woman, whom she grows to love and admire. Christina's lifestyle helps Kim to realize that faith is not simply a matter of do's and donít's and that being part of the Church does not make one a "goody goody". Above all, Kim learns that service to others is more a blessing than a chore.

Confirmation: A Commitment To Life (HS)
Join the popular Fr. Joe Kempf and a group of high-school students as they prepare for and learn about Confirmation. Students discover how God and Confirmation fit into the real world, how they are welcomed into the community of the Church, and how they must accept responsibilities as member of that community.

Confirmation: It's Your Choice (JH, HS)
This program helps Confirmation candidates understand what the Holy Spirit means - and will mean - to their lives as they become committed Catholics, and offers insight into the true meaning of the sacrament. Jennifer, a Confirmation candidate, talks her friend Mike into coming along with her to her service project. Mike challenges her commitment, but Jennifer gives witness to the value of her preparation for Confirmation. The video also presents a basic lesson on the theology of the sacrament; insight into the value of service projects; a discussion with a Bishop; overview of the preparation process; and a look at the ceremony.

Catholic Update Video: Sealed With God's Spirit: Sacrament of Confirmation (HS, ADULT)
This is one of four videos in the "Sealed with God's Spirit" series. It explores the history, rituals, and meaning associated with this sacrament of initiation. In the story segment, a fictional family is challenged to respond to Christ's call to encounter him in a neighbor. (20 min.) The witness segment features Bishop Kenneth Untener of Michigan, who discusses the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation from his personal viewpoint as presider. (6 min.) In the teaching segment, Fr. Tom Richstatter, OFM, presents the history and meaning of the sacrament in its context as a sacrament of Christian initiation. (7 min.) It concludes with a music video reflection, a celebration of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. (4 min.)

Catholic Update Video: Sealed With God's Spirit: Spirit Alive In Community (HS, ADULT)
This is one of four videos in the "Sealed With God's Spirit" series. It looks at the ways the Holy Spirit is visibly active in the lives of Christians when they celebrate, worship, learn, and serve together as members of the Body of Christ. The story segment profiles the Catholic Community of St. Francis Xavier, a parish whose members, goals, and structures offer the spirit of Jesus a place to work. (12 min.) In the witness segment, Catholics testify as to how they have experienced the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives. (5 min.) In the teaching segment, Fr. Greg Friedman, OFM, shares Jesus' scriptural invitation to "come and see" how the Spirit empowers us in community. (8 min.) It ends with a music video reflection. (5 min.)

Catholic Update Video: Sealed With God's Spirit: A Child's View of Community (Emementary Grades 1-4, ADULT)
This is one of four videos in the "Sealed With God's Spirit" series. It describes how a child can see the spirit of Jesus Christ at work in the life of the Church. This program is presented as a child's religion class report on Church. A young person's crayon drawings "come alive" in video images depicting what it means to "be Church". Diverse cultures are represented to help children see that "my Church" is broader than "my parish".

Catholic Update Video: Sealed With God's Spirit: Teen Discipleship (HS)
This is one of four videos in the "Sealed With God's Spirit" series. It captures for Catholic youth how their baptismal commitment comes alive in service to others. The story segment follows a group of Ohio teens on a mission trip to Chicago. (12 min.) In the witness segment, we meet a college student who has made Christian service a main focus of his life. (3 min.) In the teaching segment, a youth minister answers teen's questions about Christian service and the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. (4 min.)

Sacraments: God's Amazing Grace (JH, HS)
This three-video set looks at the sacraments of Initiation, Healing, and Service. Bishop Paul Zipfel works with a group of teens and invites them to see that the sacraments are not really "magic moments", but openings into the reality of God's presence with us in our everyday lives. The teens participate in symbolic activities that help them to see the deeper meaning in the sacraments.

Sacraments: Celebrations of God's Life (HS, ADULT)
This video presents the seven rites of the Catholic Sacraments. It is expecially helpful for those who have not had the experience of the sacramental celebrations.

Echoes of Faith: Liturgia Y Sacramentos (ADULT)
This is a Spanish language video which explores the meaning of liturgy and sacrament, and gains insight into why the sacramental life of the faith community is so central to our Catholic identity. Some core understandings addressed are: the meaning of ritual, the nature of liturgy, symbolic actions and the saving action we celebrate, and the seven sacraments and the experiences of life.

Sacramentos en General (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of eight videos in Spanish which explain the meaning of "sacrament" and the special graces of the seven sacraments. Each program features real-life situations in documentary style and gives personal witness of Hispanics who tell how the sacraments affect their daily life. The videos are inspiring, challenging, and present thought-provoking questions that lead to group discussion. This first video gives a general presention of the meaning of "sacrament".

What Catholics Believe About Confirmation (HS, ADULT)
Father Michael Tueth helps viewers understand the basic elements of Confirmation and how it relates to their lives. His discussion includes: the origins of Confirmation, the ceremony, the role of the sponsor, the reasons for a "confirmation name," and more. With this video, viewers will learn that Confirmation helps us to continue the work of Christ and minister to others, not only in our own families and parish community, but to the whole world.

Changing Sacraments: Godparent Gussie (HS, ADULT)
Godparent Gussie presents a historical survey of the development of the Church's rites of initiation explained through the use of humorous animation interspersed with reflective commentary by Fr. Anthony Scannell. It shows how the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation evolved and demonstrates how church practice and ritual are constantly involved in a process of change and growth. It helps the viewer understand that we are one Church, wherein some of us were brought into the community as infants, guided by our parents' faith while others come to Baptism as adults, with a greater personal motivation. As we mature in faith, we all struggle together to understand and live out our baptismal commitment. Knowing where our belief and practice came from helps us to see more clearly where we are as believers in process and on a journey of faith.

Invitation To Grace: A Look At The Sacraments--Video 1 (ADULT)
This is the first in a four-part series involving an integration of theological content, catechetical methodology, and personal spiritual renewal. It features Rev. Richard Fragomeni, a priest from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, who is on the faculty of the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. In each session, Father Fragomeni gives a 30-40 min. presentation on the sacraments followed by a dialogue with a panel of catechetical and pastoral leaders from the Albany Diocese on the meaning of the presentation for personal lives of faith, followed by an application to current pastoral practice and catechetical ministry. This series is designed to be used by an experienced facilitator with a small group. In the Albany Diocese, it can be used for independent study to satisfy certification requirements of eight hours for Advanced Catechist Certification in Sacraments. This session is entitled: Introduction to the Sacraments.

Understanding Pentecost (JH, HS, ADULT)
This video explores the history, traditions, and experiences of Pentecost, how it empowered the early Church, and how we are empowered to live Pentecost lives of our own. Through dance, Scripture, and historical perspective plus personal testimonies, youth and adults will gain a greater understanding of the meaning of Pentecost.

Celebrating Sacraments (Series) - Confirmation: Celebrating Faith (Rev.Ed.) (HS, ADULT)
Parents may sometimes feel at a loss to explain to their youngsters the importance of Confirmation in their lives. This presentation helps them recall that confirmation is a lifetime call to follow Christ in the Catholic tradition, led by the Holy Spirit and empowered by the gifts of the Spirit. They review the deeply symbolic rite of confirmation and each of its ritual actions. Most importantly, they learn that confirmation confirms the baptismal call to follow Christ and proclaim him with their lives. As the title states, in Confirmation we are celebrating faith as members of the Body of Christ.

Confirmation: Sealed With The Spirit (JH, HS)
This video has six episodes with two parts each that contain immediate preparation for the Confirmation of high school students. The sessions connect Confirmation to Baptism and Eucharist, and show how the sacrament celebrates Christian discipleship and Church membership. Topics are: EPISODE1: preparing for Confirmation and who is Jesus to you?; EPISODE2: teamwork and being a disciple; EPISODE3: living the Gospel and the game plan; EPISODE4: Jesus at work today and service; EPISODE5: a sense of the Spirit and the Gifts; and EPISODE6: The Rite of Confirmation and making the choice.

Echoes of Faith: Liturgy and Sacraments (ADULT)
This video is one of a series. In it, you will explore the meaning of liturgy and sacrament, and gain insight into why the sacramental life of the faith community is so central to our Catholic identity. Some core understandings addressed are: the meaning of ritual, the nature of liturgy, symbolic actions and the saving action we celebrate, and the seven sacraments and the experiences of life.

God The Spirit (HS, ADULT)
This is one of a series. It consists of three segments. BREATH OF LIFE - The Bible consistently associates the Spirit of God with the breath of life. Authentic happiness and true wisdom come from being attuned to the presence of God's Spirit within us. THE SPIRIT OF LOVE - The longing to love is inside us all; it is itself a gift of the Spirit. Learning to love is the completion of our being. THE SPIRIT TODAY - The gift of the spirit is not reserved for special people. It is for everyone who seeks.

Mystery Of God: Spirit (HS, ADULT)
Have you ever thought about the Holy Spirit? Have you ever described the Spirit to anyone? This video provides us with metaphors, images, and stories that give a rich description of the powerful presence of the Spirit in everyday life. And once we recognize the Spirit's presence, as shown in this video, we begin to mold our lives around the Spirit's prompting deep within our hearts. Families and parish groups alike will find their faith supported by this illuminating story.

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