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Birth Of Christ (HS, ADULT)
The Scriptures are explained using the Sundays of Advent, Cycle C. The Paulist Choir sings.

Greatest Adventure Stories From The Bible: Nativity (EL, JH)
"The Nativity" is one in a series of Bible epsodes seen through the eyes of three young visitors from the 20th Century. All roads lead to Bethlehem as God fulfills a promise and a child is born in a stable beneath a shining star. The three Magi ride from distant lands to worship the new born king, as do the shepherds. King Herod sends Roman legionaries to find the child he fears.

Mary, The Mother Of Jesus (HS, ADULT)
This video presents Mary as a powerful model for our time - a person who was fully human, fully woman, fully Christian, and who brought and continues to bring Christ into our world. Contemporary photography, artistic masterpieces, and sculpture images are shown. This program gives a thorough presentation of Mary in Scripture, in art, and in the life of the Church through her feast days and apparitions. It beautifully demonstrates how Mary has served and serves today as a model of Christian faith along with her special role in elevating the dignity of women and motherhood. The meditative presentation of the Magnificat, Mary's prayer of praise, at the end of the video (approximately 10 minutes) could in itself serve as a moving prayer service.

Advent with Saint Nicholas: Customs from Around the World (Emementary Grades 2-6)
Ten-year-old Holly arrives home from religion class eager to enter a contest about the meaning of Advent. While she tries to tell her family about it, they are too caught up to listen. Later that day, Holly sits at the computer, feeling discouraged. Suddenly, St. Nicholas appears. With the Saint's help, Holly learns more about the meaning and customs her family and other families practice during Advent--such as the Advent calendar, the Advent wreath, the Christmas tree, Las Pasodas, and more.

Advent: Celebrating the Season (Grades 3-8)
The season of Advent begins a new Church year. During the preparation time of Advent, we are invited to change and grow more like Jesus. During these four weeks, we prepare for Jesus' coming in our daily lives as we wait together for the fullness of light to come into our world at Christmas. The custom of the Advent wreath is the focus of this video. In the light of the Advent wreath we remember, live, and hope for the one who has already come. We warm our hearts to live justly, love tenderly, and walk humbly with God. The simple Advent wreath tells the story of a people yesterday and today who yearn for light in their life. This video also includes other Advent activities and traditions such as the Jesse Tree, an Advent Friend, Straw for a Crib, and an Advent House to help young people appreciate the spiritual dimension of the Advent and Christmas seasons.

Life Of Christ: The Joyful Mysteries (HS, ADULT)
This first video in a series of three discusses the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. These magnificent dramas unfold with startling reality the awesome events of our salvation, bringing a more profound understanding of the mysteries of the Rosary and the Gospels to young and old. Filmed in the 1950s, this timeless celebrated series will delight audiences and enhance religious education classes and Bible studies.

Mystery Of Faith: An Introduction To Catholicism - Incarnation (ADULT)
This is part of the ten-video series which introduces viewers to the "depth dimension" of many of the key Catholic insights. In this video, Father Michael Himes explains why Incarnation tells us as much about humanity as it tells us about God, and why unity with God demands reverence for humanity.

Saints For All Seasons: St. Joseph, Foster Father Of Jesus (Emementary Grades 3-6)
Here is a great way to introduce children to the saints and their virtues. Heavenly "archivists" Gilbert and Gwendolyn take turns telling the children about the lives and times of the saints. They make it a point to show how children can imitate the saints' virtues in the ordinary events of their lives. In this video, Gwendolyn tells the nativity narrative from Joseph's perspective and how he followed God's plan even though he could not fully understand it. Lessons for children: to be just and merciful; to be attentive and obedient to God's will; to be humble and prudent; and to do their duties faithfully. Gwendolyn's storytelling is enhanced by heavenly surroundings, special effects, music, art, and cutaways to children doing good works.

Vida de Cristo: Los Misterios del Rosario (HS, ADULT)
La apremiante y poderosa historia del Evangelio es presentada en tres videos con cinco segmentos de 20 minutos cada uno: VOLUMEN 1- Los Misterios Gozosos; VOLUMEN 2 - Los Misterios Dolorosos; and VOLUMEN 3 - Los Misterios Gloriosos. Estas obras fueron filmadas en Espana en 1957 con la participacion de un gran reparto.

Visual Bible: Matthew--Part 1 (JH, HS, ADULT)
The time is approximately 62 A.D. The apostle Matthew recounts the events he witnessed as a young man. From the Birth of Jesus through Calvary, the timeless story unfolds in the actual words of Scripture. This video covers chapter 1:1 to chapter 9:1--Birth of Jesus, His Baptism and temptation in the wilderness, Sermon on the Mount, call of the disciples, and beginning of His public ministry.

What Mary Taught Jesus (ADULT)
In a dramatic presentation which blends music, art and staged performance, the viewer will experience the story of Mary - woman of faith and social rebel. What Mary taught Jesus was a passion for a world where "princes would be pulled down from their thrones and the lowly would be exalted." Watch this video and appreciate Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as one who said "Yes" to a Spirit filled world.

Preparing for Christmas: An Advent Program for the Family (Family)
Fr. Anthony Scannell. Christmas is a special time of year--family reunions, gifts, the music, the joy of togetherness. But the true meaning of Christmas is much more than these things. That is what this video is all about. Fr. Scannell guides you through the scriptures, stories, and music with warmth and charm. The themes for the weeks of Advent are Waiting, 15 min., Hoping, 15 min., Preparing, 15 min., Giving and Receiving, 15 min. Family viewing.

In The Beginning: Stories From The Old Testament: The Birth of Jesus (EL, JH, HS, ADULT)
This is the 25th of a 25-part animated series featuring all the greatest stories from the Old Testament, beginning with the Creation and ending with the Birth of Jesus. Each video tells its story in an engaging style with beautiful, full animation.

Advent & Christmas Journey: Hope in the Darkness (ADULT)
In this video, Michael Himes gives us profound insights to ponder in a "light" time of year. We live with the anxiety that we will someday come to an end. We are creatures of time, and God is timeless. We look for the timeless One, God, to speak to us. And that is why we are constantly restless. Nothing on this earth ultimately satisfies us. We wait, and hope, for God. Advent is only one month, but as Christians we are always in Advent. Himes delves into the deep issues of what it means to be a human being and what it means to live in time, time that is constantly "slippiing away."

Advent & Christmas Journey: The Second Coming Is Now (ADULT)
In this video, Michael Himes talks about the second coming of Christ--a major theme in Advent and a topic of much discussion in American culture. Himes tells us that the coming of the Kingdom of God is not predictable but takes us by surprise. The Kingdom is constantly, relentlessly coming upon us in ordinary ways. We don't see it because it is always developing and happening within our very lives. In an inspirational presentation that is true to the Scriptures, Himes shows us that the Kingdom of God is among us now, reconciling all people with the living God.

Advent & Christmas Journey: Threatened by Grace (ADULT)
The third week of Advent deals with the Last Judgment. Father Michael Himes explores what the Last Judgment might mean by looking at what the "world" means in the Scriptures. Sometimes the world is seen as "good" but in other passages it is seen as the enemy of God. Himes invites us to live in this tension and see the world as in transition. The Last Judgment will not mean the annihilation of the world--it will mean its transformation. Like the transformed risen Jesus, the world will be recognizable but different--the same world changed.

Advent & Christmas Journey: Prophets: John, Mary, Joseph (ADULT)
Prophets live in expectation of something new. That is why they play such a prominent role in Advent. Something new is about to happen--the Savior will be born and that will change everything. With humor and wisdom, Father Michael Himes looks at Old Testament prophets like Isaiah and three of the key New Testament figures of Advent--John the Baptist, Mary and Joseph--and shows how they inspire and challenge us today.

Advent & Christmas Journey: The Eternal Giving of God (ADULT)
How can we say anything new Christmas? Michael Himes offers a Christmas bouquet of new insights into the feast day. He looks at the early chruch controversies concerning the diviity and humanity of Christ. He connects Christmas and Easter: God gives life where life could not possibly exist--in a virgin womb and an empty tomb. Christmas is a season of generosity. Himes asks us not to reject the secularization of Christmas, but to reinterpret it. Finally Himes talks about what Christmas tells us about the Trinity.

Behold This Child (ADULT)
Behold This Child offers a look behind the Christmas Story by presenting contemporary Scripture scholarship concerning the birth of Christ. The program is divided into four segments: The Christmas Story: An Introduction (10 min); The Promise Fulfilled: The Annunciation Stories (11 min); And It Came To Pass: The Birth of the Messiah (10 min); What Child Is This?: The Messiah Is Recognized (12 min).

First Christmas Crib (Family)
This video program-suitable for viewing by all ages-tells the story of Francis and the first Christmas crib by means of a simple narration, illustrated by still scenes featuring handmade figures. The program is introduced by Franciscan writer and poet Murray Bodo. After the story, a musical reflection, illustrated with Nativity scenes from around the world, captures the multi-cultural appeal of the Christmas crib. Father Murray returns to pray a blessing, appropriate for use as the Christmas crib is being set up in a family, school, or parish.

Fourth Wise Man, The (JH, HS, Adult)
Based on Henry VanDyke's classic, "The Story of the Other Wise Man," a fictional story set in Biblical times, told in gently comic terms. It concerns a Magi named Artaban (Martin Sheen) who studies the prophecies and witnesses a sign in the heavens that he hopes will lead him and his servant, Orantes (Alan Arkin), to the Messiah. Artaban takes with him 3 precious gifts to present to the Messiah. For 33 years, Artaban and Orantes persue Jesus, only to miss him at every turn. Along the way, Artaban uses his gifts to help people in dire need. He now has nothing to present to the Messiah when he finds Him. The story culminates on Easter Sunday as Artaban, old and dying, finally encounters the new King, bringing peace to final moments of life.

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