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Journey To Easter: A Lenten Program For The Whole Family (EL, JH, HS, ADULT)
Easter, the feast of the Resurrection, is a celebration of eternal life and of our faith in the promises of Jesus. It is a time to rejoice in the newness in our hearts and in the earth. This new life was bought for us at great cost - the suffering and death of Jesus. As Catholics, we commemorate this mystery during the 40 days of Lent preceding Easter. Hosted by Father Anthony Scannell, OFM Cap., this 7-part program presents one segment for each week of Lent. Viewers are guided on their journey toward Easter with greater insight and participation through the use of scripture, drama, and stories that deal with the concerns of life and the joys of reunion with Christ. The seven segments are: A Journey Apart (pardon and peace story), A Change of Heart (service theme and Mother Teresa), Who Are You? (theme of "seeing"), Lost and Found (the stray story), The Servant Comes (Eucharist themes), Way of the Cross (Shroud of Turin, and life of Father Maximillian Kolbe, martyr), and Light of the World (Easter themes).

Lent In Sign And Symbol (HS, ADULT)
Father Eugene LaVerdiere, SSS, dynamic lecturer and noted New Testament scholar, makes the traditional symbols of Lent new again in this spiritually enriching reflection on the signs and symbols of Lent. Using the Gospels from the six Sundays of Lent plus Easter Sunday (Cycle A), Father discusses the images of light and darkness, the story of the blind man, the mountain as the place of revelation, the mock royal purple garment placed on Christ during the Passion, the Cross, living water, the tomb, and the huge stone described in the resurrection accounts. The video includes a 30-minute segment on signs and symbols followed by two discussion questions and a 15-minute segment on the Easter story, followed by a phone-in question/answer period.

Easter Mass 2002 (EL, JH, HS, ADULT)
This video presents the annual Diocesan Easter Liturgy hosted in 2002 at Christ the King Parish, Westmere, NY, with Bishop Howard J. Hubbard. This program was broadcast on WTEN-10 on Easter morning.

This Is The Night: A Parish Welcomes New Catholics (HS, ADULT)
The vision of Christian Initiation comes alive in Pasadena, Texas, as St. Pius V Parish welcomes catechumens and candidates. The elect are baptized by immersion and oil is poured generously over their heads and rubbed into their faces. Most moving is the sight of the loving, active community praying at Sunday Eucharist, praying over the catechumens in the scrutiny, surrounding the baptismal pool on Vigil night, embracing the neophytes, and then coming forward themselves to touch the flowing water after renewing their own baptismal vows. Equally powerful are the testimonies of the catechumens, candidates, elect, neophytes, sponsors, and parishioners testifying to their longing for baptism, to what it was like to go down into the water, to feel the oil, to pray over the elect, to come to Eucharist for the first time.

Children's Video Bible: Jesus And His Kingdom (Emementary Grades 1-6)
The Oxford Vision Children's Video Bible brings alive favorite bible stories in a refreshing and absorbing way. Each story is based upon a book from The Lion Story Bible and lasts approximately five minutes. Simply told and richly illustrated with the original text and drawings, it makes ideal viewing for young children. Stories presented are: 1. Story of the lost sheep; 2. Come down, Zacchaeus!; 3. Mary, Martha and Lazarus; 4. People Jesus met; 5. Jesus the King; 6. Jesus on trial; 7. The first Easter; 8. Good news for everyone; 9. Paul at Damascus; 10. Paul and friends; and, 11. Paul the prisoner.

Passion of the Christ, The (HS, ADULT)
From director Mel Gibson comes a profound story of courage and sacrifice depicting the final twelve hours in the life of Jesus Christ. Rated R for violent content.

Passion of the Christ, The (HS, ADULT)
From director Mel Gibson comes a profound story of courage and sacrifice depicting the final twelve hours in the life of Jesus Christ. Rated R for violent content. With study guide.

Vida de Cristo: Los Misterios del Rosario (HS, ADULT)
La apremiante y poderosa historia del Evangelio es presentada en tres videos con cinco segmentos de 20 minutos cada uno: VOLUMEN 1- Los Misterios Gozosos; VOLUMEN 2 - Los Misterios Dolorosos; and VOLUMEN 3 - Los Misterios Gloriosos. Estas obras fueron filmadas en Espana en 1957 con la participacion de un gran reparto.

Catholic Update Video: The Church Celebrates Lent and Easter (ADULT)
In the story segment, we meet a man whose personal story of spiritual death and rebirth illustrates the dying to self we all must undertake as true followers of Christ. In the witness segment, Catholics share their personal reflections about the meaning of Lent and Easter in their own lives. In the teaching segment, Franciscan Fr. Tom Richstatter presents as overview of the Easter Season--from Lent to Pentecost. He emphasizes how Baptism is central to Christian identity in the lives of all believers. The music video reflection invites us to allow God to take our brokenness and to renew us in the spirit of the Lent/Easter celebrations.

New Look At The Paschal Mystery (ADULT)
Rev. Eugene LaVerdiere states that there are several ways of reading the passion-resurrection narrative. It can be read as the story of Jesus, the story of his enemies, or the story of Jesus' disciples. When read as the story of Jesus' disciples, it is a baptism story. This video shows the possibilities of the Gospel when read as a baptism story. For use with RCIA teams, religious formation of adults, parish staffs.

Easter: A Celebration of Hope (ADULT)
Join the internationally renowned Folk Choir of the University of Notre Dame in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart as they celebrate Christ's resurrection--and the hope it symbolizes--through scripture readings, songs, and hymns. In this video, Director Steve Warner unites the choir and musicians to create a truly Catholic expression of faith. From the lyrical "Now the Green Blade Rises" to the rousing "I Have Been Anointed," the choir takes viewers on a deeply moving journey that enlivens the spirit and strengthens the soul.

Up From the Waters (Adult, older adolescent)
Marty Haugen performs music for Christian Initiation

Liturgies of the Triduum: Easter Vigil (JH, HS, ADULT)
This is the third of three videos on the Triduum. "This is the night," the cantor proclaims over and over. It is the great Vigil of Easter. The night is spent first around a blazing fire, then around the newly lighted candle, then around the scriptures where some of our best stories are told again. Finally comes the calling of the saints as all process to the font. Those who have been long preparing renounce evil, profess their faith in Christ and enter the waters. After they are anointed with chrism, they go with the whole joyful assembly to celebrate the Eucharist. It is a splendid night!

Life of Christ: The Glorious Mysteries (HS, ADULT)
This third video in a series of three discusses the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. These magnificent dramas unfold with startling reality the awesome events of our salvation, bringing a more profound understanding of the mysteries of the Rosary and the Gospels to young and old. Filmed in the 1950s, this timeless celebrated series will delight audiences and enhance religious education classes and Bible studies.

Visual Bible: Matthew--Part 4 (JH, HS, ADULT)
The time is approximately 62 A.D. The apostle Matthew recounts the events he witnessed as a young man. From the Birth of Jesus through Calvary, the timeless story unfolds in the actual words of Scripture. This video covers chapter 24:1 to chapter 28:20--conflict with religious establishment deepens, Jesus' final hours unfold: Last Supper, Agony in the Garden, Judas' betrayal, Peter's denial, trial before Pilate, death at Golgotha, glorious resurrection, last command and promise…"surely I am with you always to the very end of the age."

Celebrating Christ's Splendor; An Easter Special (HS, ADULT)
Our Lord's resurrection is proclaimed with a joyful spirit in this video. From a dramatic reading of Moses' escape from Egypt to the gospel passage of Mary at Christ's tomb, viewers have opportunities to reflect on God's promise to--and endless love for--his people. Filmed at St. John's Cathedral in Cleveland, this hour-long Easter special is filled with the pageantry and spirituality of the holiest of days in the Christian Church. This video stands to become a classic for families and parish groups as they seek the deeper meanings of Easter.

Fourth Wise Man, The (JH, HS, Adult)
Based on Henry VanDyke's classic, "The Story of the Other Wise Man," a fictional story set in Biblical times, told in gently comic terms. It concerns a Magi named Artaban (Martin Sheen) who studies the prophecies and witnesses a sign in the heavens that he hopes will lead him and his servant, Orantes (Alan Arkin), to the Messiah. Artaban takes with him 3 precious gifts to present to the Messiah. For 33 years, Artaban and Orantes persue Jesus, only to miss him at every turn. Along the way, Artaban uses his gifts to help people in dire need. He now has nothing to present to the Messiah when he finds Him. The story culminates on Easter Sunday as Artaban, old and dying, finally encounters the new King, bringing peace to final moments of life.

Animated Stories from the New Testament: He Is Risen (EL, JH)
This is the story of the greatest miracle of all, the Resurrection of Jesus. You'll love reliving the real story of Easter with children in classical-style animation.

Introduction To The New Testament: The Meaning Of The Resurrection (ADULT)
This is part 3 of a 6-part series. Dr. Anthony J. Tambasco speaks about some of the common misunderstandings about the resurrection and a better understanding of this essential mystery.

Beginner's Bible: The Story of Easter (Emementary Grades K-2)
Animated. Return to old Jerusalem to witness Jesus' triumphal entrance into the city -- and his eventual capture by Pontius Pilot's Roman soldiers. Then, experience the wonder of the fulfillment of God's promise to His chosen people as Jesus ascends into Heaven in the glorious miracle of the Resurrection. A gentle introduction into the events of Holy Week.

Meals of Jesus (Life of Jesus set) (K-3, Family)
Meals of Jesus (Holy Thursday, Eucharist). Children discover the different meals Jesus ate with friends and the special meal He celebrated at the Last Supper. In this video, children reflect on the meaning of meals in their everyday lives and are invited to discover ways to give blessings and thanks.

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