Catholic Faith Formation and Education

Credo (El)--Como Iglesia Celebramos Nuestra Fe (ADULT)
This is the sixth in a series of six videos presenting the principal articles of the Creed. Each video presents real-life situations in documentary form. This video on Evangelization points out the different ways Catholics celebrate our faith.

Seeds of Promise, Seeds of Faith (ADULT)
The General Directory for Catechesis places the whole catechetical enterprise within the context of an evangelization that calls people of all ages to a deeper appreciation and understanding of the richness of our Catholic faith. The Directory uses the parable of the sower and the seed to remind us that it is ultimately the work of the Holy Spirit that produces the rich harvest. Also in SPANISH. CLOSED CAPTIONED.

Call And Response (HS, ADULT)
A group of college students from Michigan volunteer to serve in a summer program in Oaxaca, Mexico. This video follows them as they meet and serve all kinds of people who affect their lives in unexpected ways. Back in the United States, other veteran participants of the program known as "Call and Response" talk about how similar experiences in Mexico and Guatemuala have changed them.

Faith: The Search For God--Video 1 (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of two videos. John Powell, SJ, discusses ways to grow closer to God through Scripture, listening, being open, and learning to love. Father Powell insists that God is not too hard to believe, but instead, is almost too good to believe. This upbeat program offers a beautiful approach to a living, personal faith, and is excellent for use with Small Faith Sharing Groups. This first video contains three segments: Faith: The God Connection; Faith: A Comfort and Challenge; and Faith: God's Gift.

How Welcoming Is Your Parish? (ADULT)
This video presents simple, common sense ideas on how to make a parish more welcoming.

Internalizing The Faith (HS, ADULT)
In this video, William J. O'Malley, SJ, author and teacher at Fordham Preparatory School in Bronx, NY for 28 years, challenges us to rethink our own understanding of faith and what we are or are not passing on to our Catholic youth today. This video is divided into three segments: 1. What is Faith? It discusses the concrete evidence that needs to be passed on to our young people so that they will believe in God. 2. What is Bottom-Line Christianity? Being a Christian means more than merely being nice. What are the basic truths a person must accept in order to be a Christian? 3. Theology/Belief/Religion. Living faith can be handed on to young people by giving them opportunities to know about God, to accept what they know about God, and to act on what they accept about God. This video will be helpful for those in Catechetical and Youth Ministry, Sacramental Ministries (RCIA, families preparing children for reception of sacraments), and Adult Ministries (faith sharing groups, retreats, etc.).

RCIA Starter Stories - Vol. I (ADULT)
Sharing one's faith story during the RCIA process takes courage and trust. It's human nature to wait for someone else to break the ice or go first. This video contains a variety of short features of real people sharing their faith stories and dramatic vignettes that portray pivotal life experiences. These stories and vignettes can and will effectively stimulate groups into sharing their own unique faith journeys. Especially helpful during the pre-catechumenate period, the video also contains stories useful throughout the RCIA process. Topics include: search for God, questioning and doubt, attitudes, hope, the problem of evil, and more.

Witnesses (8 "witnesses" who knew Jesus) (HS, ADULT)
In this powerful dramatic video, actor/author Curt Cloninger portrays eight diverse characters (witnesses) who knew Jesus. The characters are portrayed in contemporary language and dress, and include a "Bronx accented" Abe who hilariously describes a party Jesus attended; an "Italian" Lazarus who describes Jesus calling him from the graveyard; there's Barabbas reliving his reaction to Jesus' crucifixion; Thomas is sorrowful and inconsolable after Jesus' crucifixion; and Peter is portrayed as overjoyed after learning of Christ's resurrection. These characters, performed lovingly and humorously before a live audience, will cause you to see Jesus from a fresh perspective - not as a cardboard historical character, but as the Word alive. Through the moving acting of Curt Cloninger, the reality of Jesus' life and love will be experienced by all viewers.

Catholic Update Video: Adult Baptism: Exploring Its Meaning (HS, ADULT)
This video looks at the imagery surrounding the Sacrament of Baptism, part of the Church's rite of initiation for both adults and infants. While it is intended primarily for adults preparing for Baptism, portions of this program are helpful to parents preparing for the Baptism of their children. STORY SEGMENT presents several slices of life, set against the rich imagery of water and the celebration of the Easter Vigil, to help viewers answer the question: What does it mean to be baptized? WITNESS SEGMENT gives real-life Catholic adults an opportunity to testify to what the celebration of their own Baptism meant to them. TEACHING SEGMENT, with Fr. Tom Richstatter, O.F.M., examines the various images used in connection with Baptism, and goes on to offer insights into the question of what it means to be baptized. The program concludes with a MUSIC VIDEO REFLECTION, "I Say Yes, Lord," which echoes the Christian's ongoing response to Baptism.

Catholic Update Video : Becoming Catholic: An Adult's Faith Journey (HS, ADULT)
This video allows individuals to reflect on their personal faith experience against the backdrop of the Church's Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). The story segment is a modern-day parable about Cliff, who becomes lost and learns that even detours on a journey can lead to new discoveries. The witness segment presents real-life Catholics who share how their personal journeys led them to discoveries of faith, and to membership in the Catholic Church. The teaching segment explains how one "becomes a Catholic," and outlines the stages of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. The program concludes with a music video reflection, "It's a Long Walk."

Resource Center (ADULT)
This video is designed to show church members what a resource center is and how it can be used by their church for education. It gives a history of Christian education and church libraries, emphasizing the importance of resource centers to the life of the Church. The Resource Center is a new development in the church's approach to learning. It is the place where a full range of resources for the enhancement of Christian discipleship is gathered and presented by a trained Director. The Resource Center is something like the jouneyman's toolbox, the scholar's bookshelves, the artist's palette, except that both the skilled and the novice can reach in and borrow. It is even more like the teacher's classroom or the physician's clinic, because its most effective resource is its Director. Advised by the Director, clergy and laity can discover that the Resource Center is a dynamic and inspiring place for the development of a more effective ministry.

Total Parish Ministry--Video 1 (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of eight videos. This "Hands-On Workshop" series responds to the changes sweeping the Church and society. In this dynamic presentation, Father Bausch demonstrates how to transform these "cultural and ecclesial changes" into positive community and faith building actions. Each session deals with the reality of parish life today and ways to revitalize community and renew commitment. Session titles are: 1.Patterns of Change and the Call to Respond; 2. The Evolution of Parish Renewal; 3. Profile of a Functioning Parish; 4. A Welcoming Community, an Owned Community; 5. Principles of Collaboration/Community Building; 6. The Sacramental Touch and Holy Week Liturgies; 7. Sacraments of Cohesion--Living the Life of Community; and, 8. Pastoral Issues--Conflicts and Leadership.

Woman at the Well (Emementary Grades 6, JH, HS, ADULT)
Everyday language and live-action video combine to make the Gospel challenging, inspirational, and informative. This video is excellent for use with all religious education programs, and a bonus for lectionary-based curricula. Each Gospel presentation is introduced by a narrator, who gives a preview of what the children are about to see.

Because We Are Disciples (JH, HS, ADULT)
This program celebrates the United States Catholic Church as a people of word, worship, service, and community. It encourages all Catholics to rejoice in the Church and to utilize their own unique abilities and experiences in the ministry of evangelization. The video focuses on the sacraments and how the community within the Church grows through their celebration. It shows how all Catholics, either individually or on the parish level, may invite and welcome all to the Body of Christ through evangelization. This video may be used with GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES: A NATIONAL PLAN AND STRATEGY FOR CATHOLIC EVANGELIZATION IN THE UNITED STATES, the United States Bishops' pastoral letter available in both English and Spanish, the pastoral presents a vision of evangelization, with goals and strategies for proclaiming the story of salvation.

Called By God: What Is Vocation? (HS, ADULT)
This video helps viewers understand how God calls everyone to a "vocation." It explains that a vocation isn't simply a call to become a religious or one's "job" out in the world, but an expression of a person's relationship with God. Through insightful personal interviews with married and single lay people, clergy and religious, viewers will discover that they are called to an active and deeply personal partnership with God. The program asks: What is a vocation? Does everybody have one? How can you determine whether the call you hear is from God or from self-interest? Why is your state of life not the same as your vocation? It offers ideas for discussion on all vocations in the Church - single, married life, priesthood and religious life. Ideal for Confirmation prep, high school, adult religious education and RCIA.

Out Of Darkness (HS, ADULT)
This video tells the dramatic story of perseverance, devotion, and steadfast faith amidst decades of communist oppression in Central and Eastern Europe and the former USSR. As the East European Church emerges from darkness, American Catholics are challenged to help these people of faith rediscover the fullness of God's love. It is hoped that this program will encourage students in religion and social studies classes to become involved in this great work of restoration and reevangelization. The National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) has established a program to collect funds, channel resources, and encourage the involvement of United States Catholics. Many of these ways are outlined in this compelling video.

This Is The Night: A Parish Welcomes New Catholics (HS, ADULT)
The vision of Christian Initiation comes alive in Pasadena, Texas, as St. Pius V Parish welcomes catechumens and candidates. The elect are baptized by immersion and oil is poured generously over their heads and rubbed into their faces. Most moving is the sight of the loving, active community praying at Sunday Eucharist, praying over the catechumens in the scrutiny, surrounding the baptismal pool on Vigil night, embracing the neophytes, and then coming forward themselves to touch the flowing water after renewing their own baptismal vows. Equally powerful are the testimonies of the catechumens, candidates, elect, neophytes, sponsors, and parishioners testifying to their longing for baptism, to what it was like to go down into the water, to feel the oil, to pray over the elect, to come to Eucharist for the first time.

Catechumenate: What Are The Challenges Parishes Face? (ADULT)
Father Richard Fragomeni opens up the RCIA as a total parish ministry that welcomes and nurtures new members of the Church. RCIA calls the entire parish to rediscover the ministry of hospitality, faithfulness to the cross, and service to the world. The full pastoral challenge of the RCIA goes far beyond initiating new members into the Church by challenging all believers - the entire parish - to find new ways to be Church, to understand the sacraments, to celebrate liturgy, and to serve the world. Father Fragomeni helps viewers to meet these challenges through spiritual renewal that comes from surrendering self to God, understanding ministry as being gifted in the Spirit, grasping the depth of sin and the gift of grace, creating a lifelong catechetical process for the entire parish.

Christian Initiation: A Call To Conversion (ADULT)
In this video, Father Richard Fragomeni explains the dynamics of change and conversion. Life is about change. How do we know which changes bring true life? The life task of every Christian is to get to know Jesus better, the standard by which all change is measured. Father Fragomeni applies the dynamics of change and conversion both to catechumens and to all believers on the journey of faith. Being alive in Christ comes from a conversion of heart, mind, morality, outlook and relationships.

Evangelization (3rd Millennium Vatican II Series) (ADULT)
This video opens with an introduction to Vatican Council II's Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World. It explains the relationship of Church and culture and between local parish and world-wide Church. It explores evangelization as liberation and the "promotion of justice as a constitutive element of preaching the Gospel." It examines the variety of expressions of spirituality within our Church and asks what spiritual needs may not be met by present approaches of parish/church. It points to the restoration of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults as the official process of the Church for adult converts. In conclusion, the program talks about the "sin of the world"; i.e., structural or systemic evil, as opposed to individual sin and what can be done to change this evil. This video seeks to broaden viewers' understanding of Catholic evangelization and to stimulate fuller, more concrete participation in the evangelization efforts of the Church.

Small Christian Communities, A Vision Of Hope (ADULT)
This video will assist parishes in becoming familiar with and implementing the pastoral direction of Small Christian Communities (SCCs). It presents the vision of SCCs and their value for parish life. It outlines three types of SCC: seasonal, ministerial, and "ideal". It reviews the development, purpose and responsibilities of a core community as well as the role of the leadership. It discusses how SCCs impact evangelization, RCIA, and family life, and offers practical suggestions for implementation. The objectives of this video are to share the vision of small Christian communities and to provide all that is necessary for their formation. It was prepared specifically for use with the books: Small Christian Communities and Resources for Small Christian Communities. Presenters include: Father Thomas A. Kleissler, Margo LeBert, and Mary McGuinness.

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