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Vatican II 3rd Millenium Series - After the Council (ADULT)
This VATICAN II series explains the change in outlook that the Council fostered in the Church and explores how the documents of Vatican II continue to renew the Church today. It is excellent for adult education, RCIA, small groups, catechist training, returning Catholics and post-RENEW groups. This video, AFTER THE COUNCIL, looks at the difficulties in achieving the renewal called for by Vatican II. It also examines the Church of the future which is already emerging with a more truly world-wide dimension than ever before.

Best Loved Gospel Stories - The Man Born Blind (JH, HS, ADULT)
This modern retelling of the story in John 9:1-41 shows Jesus ("Joshua" in the film) healing a blind man outside a laundromat. This contemporary presentation of "The Man Born Blind" shows how people might respond today if Jesus were to visit and re-enact His miracles. It contrasts a true religious faith in Christ with a false religious formalism. The accompanying leader's guide has good questions for discussion/reflection and good ideas for related activities concerning attitudes toward the handicapped, the poor or the homeless.

Bible: What's It All About? (JH, HS)
Jim Auer, enthusiastic junior high teacher, brings to this series of 6 video presentations good, lively discussions with teens on the following topics: 1) Where Did The Bible Come From? 2) Who Wrote It? 3) Did It Really Happen Like That? Explores the difference between truth and historical fact, symbol and myth. 4) What Is The Old Testament? Reviews "covenant" and main types of Old Testament writing. 5) What Is The New Testament? How Gospels came to be, nature of Acts and the Epistles, purpose and intent of Revelation. 6) How Does It Help Me Get Closer To God?

Breaking The Pace: A Step Inward With Thomas Keating (ADULT)
Father Thomas Keating, a Trappist monk, explains the profound value of centering prayer as a way to discover the reality of God in each of us. With love and humor, describes this practice of prayer as a way to slow down and develop a real friendship with God. He answers questions such as "How can I find time to put God first in my life?" "Why should I spend time alone with the Lord each day?" and "How can I develop a relationship with the Lord?" The benefits of inner healing and emotional maturity will help each person ultimately respond to the call of the Gospel and Gospel values in their life.

Seeds of Promise, Seeds of Faith (ADULT)
The General Directory for Catechesis places the whole catechetical enterprise within the context of an evangelization that calls people of all ages to a deeper appreciation and understanding of the richness of our Catholic faith. The Directory uses the parable of the sower and the seed to remind us that it is ultimately the work of the Holy Spirit that produces the rich harvest. Also in SPANISH. CLOSED CAPTIONED.

Ministering With Small Faith Communities: Free to be Me/Beg Sm Comms (HS, ADULT)
This program by Madeline Gervais and Rev. Art Baranowski builds on Father John Powell's popular Free To Be Me video program. It helps individuals explore the way they look at themselves, at other people, at life, the world, and God. The program provides a beginning experience for developing small faith communities and helping participants to discover the power that small faith communities have to renew and revitalize parish life. Session titles are: VIDEO 1 - My Vision of Reality; How My Vision is Shaped; Jesus' Vision, My Vision; VIDEO 2 - My Vision of Self; Who Do I Tell You That I Am? My Worth in God's Eyes; VIDEO 3 - My Vision of Others; The Secret of Love; My Vision of God.

Reign Of God (ADULT)
In this program, Father Richard Rohr defines the Reign of God with stories and images which demand a response from the viewer. The words and powerful visuals will provoke discussion in RCIA groups, Adult Faith Formation sessions, and in small groups.

States Of Faith (HS, ADULT)
Religious beliefs have long been intertwined with daily life in America. But what does it mean to be a believer in today's society? This video gives viewers a glimpse inside the kaleidoscope of faith expression found in their nation today. From the Shalem Institute of Spiritual Formation in Washington, D.C. to the work of St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City, this documentary explores the vital role religion plays in people's lives. The program examines the vibrancy of faith shared in the Cursillo movement, the struggle of families as they work to impart their faith to their children, and ecumenical efforts which reflect the diversity found among our nation's 100 million believers. George Gallup, Jr., pollster of religious trends for more than a generation, and Stephen Carter, Yale law professor and author of The Culture of Disbelief, are among those who help interpret religion in today's culture. Provocative and timely, the is video brings to life compelling examples of our country's rich religious heritage.

Credo (El)--Que Signifa Creer? (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of six videos presenting the principal articles of the Creed. Each video presents real-life situations in documentary form. This video on Faith Formation gives a general introduction to the meaning of adult faith.

Women: A Wellspring of Strength in the 21st Century Church (ADULT)
This video draws directly from the United States bishops document, From Words to Deeds: Continuing Reflections on the Role of Women in the Church. The bishops developed their statement around three goals: to appreciate and incorporate the gifts of women in the Church; to appoint women to Church leadership positions; and to promote collaboration between women and men in the Church. The video depicts a scene in which a pastor and six parish members plan ways in which their parish can achieve the goals set by the United States bishops. Done in three nine-minute segments, the video allows for reflection/discussion after each segment.

Catechism Of The Catholic Church: An Introduction For Adults (ADULT)
This practical video will help adults become familiar with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. In June 1993, the Bishops' Committee on the Implementation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church sponsored a symposium for all the United States' bishops on the Catechism. The four parts of this video, based on that symposium are: 1) major themes of the Catechism (Bishop Christoph Schonbern) 2) the context of the Catechism (Rev. Berard Marthaler,OFM Conv.) 3) practical use of the Catechism (Bishop Donald Wuerl, Sr. Joan Curtin, Rev. Michael Steele) and 4) questions and responses (audience and panelists). A guide accompanies the video offering simple, clear, realistic recommendations to facilitators and moderators of three 90-minute group discussion and reflection sessions.

Catholic Update Video : Becoming Catholic: An Adult's Faith Journey (HS, ADULT)
This video allows individuals to reflect on their personal faith experience against the backdrop of the Church's Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). The story segment is a modern-day parable about Cliff, who becomes lost and learns that even detours on a journey can lead to new discoveries. The witness segment presents real-life Catholics who share how their personal journeys led them to discoveries of faith, and to membership in the Catholic Church. The teaching segment explains how one "becomes a Catholic," and outlines the stages of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. The program concludes with a music video reflection, "It's a Long Walk."

Internalizing The Faith (HS, ADULT)
In this video, William J. O'Malley, SJ, author and teacher at Fordham Preparatory School in Bronx, NY for 28 years, challenges us to rethink our own understanding of faith and what we are or are not passing on to our Catholic youth today. This video is divided into three segments: 1. What is Faith? It discusses the concrete evidence that needs to be passed on to our young people so that they will believe in God. 2. What is Bottom-Line Christianity? Being a Christian means more than merely being nice. What are the basic truths a person must accept in order to be a Christian? 3. Theology/Belief/Religion. Living faith can be handed on to young people by giving them opportunities to know about God, to accept what they know about God, and to act on what they accept about God. This video will be helpful for those in Catechetical and Youth Ministry, Sacramental Ministries (RCIA, families preparing children for reception of sacraments), and Adult Ministries (faith sharing groups, retreats, etc.).

Because We Are Disciples (JH, HS, ADULT)
This program celebrates the United States Catholic Church as a people of word, worship, service, and community. It encourages all Catholics to rejoice in the Church and to utilize their own unique abilities and experiences in the ministry of evangelization. The video focuses on the sacraments and how the community within the Church grows through their celebration. It shows how all Catholics, either individually or on the parish level, may invite and welcome all to the Body of Christ through evangelization. This video may be used with GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES: A NATIONAL PLAN AND STRATEGY FOR CATHOLIC EVANGELIZATION IN THE UNITED STATES, the United States Bishops' pastoral letter available in both English and Spanish, the pastoral presents a vision of evangelization, with goals and strategies for proclaiming the story of salvation.

Church And Ministry--Part 1 (HS, ADULT)
This is the first in a series of six videos. This program, created by the Georgetown University Theological Studies Program, presents a clear explanation of models of the Church and an examination of which ones best support each person's call to ministry. To help viewers fulfill Jesus' command "Go and proclaim the Good News to all creation," instructor Greer Gordon examines the Church's mission and how that is carried out in ministry. (Ms. Gordon is Asst. Dir. for Adult Rel. Ed. and Formation for the Archdiocese of Washington, DC.) This program can be used by individuals or with groups. The Leader's Guide suggests that the program may be divided into six 3-hour sessions or twelve 1 1/2 hour sessions. Two supplementary books are recommended for use with this program: Models of the Church by Avery Dulles, S.J., and Ministry by Rev. Edward Schillebeeckx. SESSION 1: The Church: An Image of Herself (Definition of the Church; The Church as the People of God; The Church as the Body of Christ; The Church as a Royal Priesthood.)

InnerAction: Life Crossroads: Making Connections (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of six videos. This series aims to help today's Christian adult connect the Good News of the Gospel with the real life experiences of childhood and adolescence, midlife changes, mature decision-making, aging, and the facing of limits. This session introduces participants to one another and to the series. It explores how faith affects our day-to-day growth as a person.

Invitation To Grace: A Look At The Sacraments--Video 1 (ADULT)
This is the first in a four-part series involving an integration of theological content, catechetical methodology, and personal spiritual renewal. It features Rev. Richard Fragomeni, a priest from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, who is on the faculty of the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. In each session, Father Fragomeni gives a 30-40 min. presentation on the sacraments followed by a dialogue with a panel of catechetical and pastoral leaders from the Albany Diocese on the meaning of the presentation for personal lives of faith, followed by an application to current pastoral practice and catechetical ministry. This series is designed to be used by an experienced facilitator with a small group. In the Albany Diocese, it can be used for independent study to satisfy certification requirements of eight hours for Advanced Catechist Certification in Sacraments. This session is entitled: Introduction to the Sacraments.

My Soul Proclaims: Voices Of Catholic Women (HS, ADULT)
One works with teenagers to develop their leadership skills. Another brings the Word of God to the hearts of Christians. Still another eases the pain and anxiety of post-abortion syndrome. These are different women with different gifts, but the same faith. It is a moving presentation that captures the historical and contemporary contributions of Catholic women in the Church and in society. In their stirring examples of vibrant faith, you'll see how they are touching thousands of lives through their leadership, teaching, writing, and tireless work in parishes and in the community. Originally aired on NBC-TV, this video is a project of the Catholic Communication Campaign, United States Catholic Conference.

Out Of Darkness (HS, ADULT)
This video tells the dramatic story of perseverance, devotion, and steadfast faith amidst decades of communist oppression in Central and Eastern Europe and the former USSR. As the East European Church emerges from darkness, American Catholics are challenged to help these people of faith rediscover the fullness of God's love. It is hoped that this program will encourage students in religion and social studies classes to become involved in this great work of restoration and reevangelization. The National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) has established a program to collect funds, channel resources, and encourage the involvement of United States Catholics. Many of these ways are outlined in this compelling video.

RCIA Starter Stories - Vol. I (ADULT)
Sharing one's faith story during the RCIA process takes courage and trust. It's human nature to wait for someone else to break the ice or go first. This video contains a variety of short features of real people sharing their faith stories and dramatic vignettes that portray pivotal life experiences. These stories and vignettes can and will effectively stimulate groups into sharing their own unique faith journeys. Especially helpful during the pre-catechumenate period, the video also contains stories useful throughout the RCIA process. Topics include: search for God, questioning and doubt, attitudes, hope, the problem of evil, and more.

This Is The Night: A Parish Welcomes New Catholics (HS, ADULT)
The vision of Christian Initiation comes alive in Pasadena, Texas, as St. Pius V Parish welcomes catechumens and candidates. The elect are baptized by immersion and oil is poured generously over their heads and rubbed into their faces. Most moving is the sight of the loving, active community praying at Sunday Eucharist, praying over the catechumens in the scrutiny, surrounding the baptismal pool on Vigil night, embracing the neophytes, and then coming forward themselves to touch the flowing water after renewing their own baptismal vows. Equally powerful are the testimonies of the catechumens, candidates, elect, neophytes, sponsors, and parishioners testifying to their longing for baptism, to what it was like to go down into the water, to feel the oil, to pray over the elect, to come to Eucharist for the first time.

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