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Training For Hospitality; The Ministry Of Ushers And Greeters (ADULT)
Designed to train parish greeters and ushers--singly or in groups--this video will also help parish administrators create a far-reaching parish program of ministry through hospitality. The video begins with an explanation of what hospitality is, its scriptural basis, and its importance to the parish. More specifically, the social aspects of running a parish, working in a parish, and simply belonging to a parish are related. Then detailed examples and explanations are given of the various tasks of ushers and greeters that further the hospitality and communal worship of the assembly. Ushers and greeters learn: how and where to greet worshipers as they arrive, how to assist in seating them, how to handle disturbances, the importance of participating in the liturgy as members of the worshiping community, how to facilitate the presentation of the gifts, how and when to guide the communion procession, and how to send the assembly on its way with a warm "farewell". Ushers and greeters--and, through them, the parish at large--will benefit from this important presentation.

Training The Parish Lector (ADULT)
See and hear how to read the Word of God effectively to the parish community! This instructional video, based on the best-selling booklet: The Ministry of Lectors, demonstrates both right and wrong methods of delivery, and provides a step-by-step approach to preparing for the ministry of lectoring. The theology of this ministry is presented, as well as the answers to the following practical questions: how can I reflect the tone and message of the reading; how can I overcome my nervousness; how do I know if I'm reading too fast or too slow, and what can I do about it; how can I get more out of the readings to give more meaning to what I read; when and how long should I pause; am I speaking clearly; can they hear and understand me. Lectors will gain both the knowledge and the skill necessary to bring forth the message of God clearly and convincingly.

Easter Mass 2002 (EL, JH, HS, ADULT)
This video presents the annual Diocesan Easter Liturgy hosted in 2002 at Christ the King Parish, Westmere, NY, with Bishop Howard J. Hubbard. This program was broadcast on WTEN-10 on Easter morning.

Catholic Update Video: Understanding the Sacraments (HS, ADULT)
This video provides insight and inspiration for the celebration of the sacraments which mark the faith-lives of Catholics. The Story Segment introduces viewers to a unique couple whose real-life experience brought home to them the meaning of their shared commitment to Christ, not only in the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage on their wedding day, but in the daily living out of that sacrament. Their story reveals how any of the sacraments we celebrate make Christ present in our world. The Witness Segment gives real-life Catholics an opportunity to testify to what the celebrating the sacraments in their lives means. The Teaching Segment explains that sacraments are not so much objects as events, not simply something we receive, but something we are. As Church, we are baptized into the Body of Christ, called to make Christ visible to our world. The program concludes with a Music Video Reflection entitled "Be Light for Our Eyes." Through the imagery of liturgical dance we are inspired to call upon God to become "sacrament" to one another in our everyday lives as Christians.

Come On In! A Church Tour for Children - Parts 1 & 2 (Emementary Grades 1-6)
This two-part video series for elementary graders helps children feel right at home in church. Viewers learn about: the Baptismal font and the meaning of Baptism; the lectern/lectionary and the importance of God's Word; the altar and why it's essential to the Eucharist; the chalice and paten and other liturgical vessels; the significance of candles which represent the presence of Christ; the Reconciliation room and the Sacrament of Reconciliation; the crucifix and the Stations of the Cross; and the statues and value of praying to Mary and the saints.

Dancing Church (ADULT)
This video shows rich forms of indigenous African dance and music. Rev. Dr. Thomas A. Kane,CSP, visits a variety of Sunday liturgies filmed on location in Southern Africa including: Ethiopian Rite, Holy Saviour Church, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Sunday Eucharist, Nkamenya Parish, Malawi; Sunday Eucharist and Morning Prayer, Poor Clare Monastery, Lilongwe, Malawi; Good Friday, Way of the Cross in Turbo, Kenya; Zaire Rite, St. Alphonse, Matete, Kinshasa, Zaire; Rite of Paroisse St. Paul, Yaounde', Cameroon; Ashanti Rite, Cathedral, Kumasi, Ghana; Corpus Christi Celebration, St. Theresa, Nandom, Ghana. An entertaining way to educate parish liturgy committees to develop imagination in worship. Liturgical dance has been talked about for years--now, see it done well as a genuine act of praise of God!

Echoes of Faith: Liturgia Y Sacramentos (ADULT)
This is a Spanish language video which explores the meaning of liturgy and sacrament, and gains insight into why the sacramental life of the faith community is so central to our Catholic identity. Some core understandings addressed are: the meaning of ritual, the nature of liturgy, symbolic actions and the saving action we celebrate, and the seven sacraments and the experiences of life.

Why We Go To Mass (HS, ADULT)
In three 30-minute segments, Rev. J-Glenn Murray, S.J., energetically addresses such issues as table fellowship and ritual. He then walks viewers through the order of the Mass, explaining how each part calls for our "full, conscious, active participation" in God's work here on earth.

Sunday Mass Video Series -Hardest Job: Leading A Parish To Live From Liturgy (ADULT)
This is a video for the presiders and others who prepare the liturgy. Priests and members of the assembly speak of the consistent work done week by week that leads to full, conscious, and active participation by all.

Sunday Mass Video Series - Lift Up Your Hearts (ADULT)
Visit St. Peter's in Cleveland where "full, active and conscious participation" is evident in song, movement, gesture and simplicity. The video was filmed at Sunday Mass in October 1993. You will find yourself drawn into the prayer and community.

Sunday Mass Video Series - Proclaiming the Word (ADULT)
This is a two-part foundational and formational video for new as well as experienced readers/lectors and gospel readers. It features expert demonstrations by readers and by Aelred Rosser, author of Liturgy Training Publications' renowned Workbook for Lectors and Gospel Readers. Part I is entitled The Faith of the Reader and Part II is entitled The Work of the Reader.

Sunday Mass Video Series - Say Amen to What You Are (ADULT)
At St. Henry Parish in Cleveland, people come on Sunday to do their liturgy. We see this as a great procession culminating in the joy and reverence of holy communion.

Sunday Mass Video Series - The Roman Catholic Mass Today (ADULT)
While introducing the Eucharist that we share in common, this overview spotlights four regionally and ethnically diverse parishes to present a breadth of ritual expression. The narrative is clear and avoids jargon. It focuses on major movements of the Mass without getting bogged down on liturgical details. You'll be proud to show this to education groups, the liturgy committee, liturgical ministers, the youth group and inquiry classes. It is designed to appeal to the widest audience possible. CLOSED CAPTIONED.

Sunday Mass Video Series - We Shall Go Up With Joy (ADULT)
All the preparation for Sunday comes together as the parish assembles in their church. Hear ministers and parishioners talk about their preparation and the experience of coming together. See the rituals, the space and the environment that make this possible.

Sunday Mass Video Series - When We Sing (ADULT)
Well-known authors, composers, lyricists, poets and practioners of church music discuss why we sing in church Sunday by Sunday, and what we expect of a text, a tune and ourselves when we sing.

Sunday Mass Video Series - The Word of the Lord (ADULT)
Those who read scriptures at liturgy and those who preach talk about their preparation and ministry. Parishioners speak about what they need and hope for from the Liturgy of the Word.

Sunday Mass Video Series - Yes, We'll Gather! (ADULT)
Alice Parker teaches a group how to attend to the words as well as the notes and really "pray" the songs of the liturgy. The study booklet contains the music and words so you can sing along.

How Parishes Are Celebrating The Word With Children (ADULT)
This video provides an opportunity for viewers to visit four different parish celebrations of the Word with children including Anglo, Hispanic, and African American, where children celebrate the Word apart from the main assembly. The objective is to document real situations from which viewers can learn to improve their own celebrations with children. The accompanying Discussion Guide helps viewers draw upon the illustrations in order to articulate basic principles to guide them in their own efforts to nurture the spiritual lives of children. Discussion questions focus on: Sacred Space, the use of symbols, rituals, and music, proclamation and reflection of the Word, and the Creed. This video is recommended for use with two guide books: A Child Shall Lead Them by G. Pottebaum, Sr. P. Freeburg, DC, and J. Kelleher; and To Walk With A Child by G. Pottebaum.

How To Celebrate The Word With Children and Why (HS, ADULT)
This video provides a demonstration of a celebration of the Word with children, and offers a wealth of information on the main components of a celebration of the Word with children: significant issues, the importance of adapting the reading in language children understand and the reasons why children should have a separate celebration of the Word. It features compelling commentaries by pastors, DRE's, liturgists, and parents who have extensive experience with this topic. This video not only informs, but communicates the spirit of celebrating the Word with children. It was produced to help parents, parish leaders, and Ministers of the Word see the benefits celebrating the Word with children can truly have. This video was produced by Gerard Pottebaum with consultants Christian Brusselmans, Rev. Edward Matthews, and Rev. Richard Moudry.

New Catechism: Catholic Faith Today--Video 2 (ADULT)
This is the second in a series of three videos. The series explores the new Catechism of the Catholic Church. It reflects on the meaning of the Catechism and demonstrates its practical application to Catholic faith today. This series is well-suited to weekly gatherings where a session can be shown and followed by group discussion. This video contains Session III - The Spirit and the Church, and Session IV - Liturgy and Sacraments.

Mass For Children: A Middle-Grader's Guide… (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH)
This upbeat video centers around a group of children who are unruly and uninvolved during a Mass celebrated by Fr. Maurice Nutt. When Fr. Nutt asks why they refused to participate, he discovers that they don't really understand the Mass at all. Fr. Nutt's explanation of the Mass and answers to the students' questions are illustrated by scenes of a mass celebrated by Bishop Paul Zipfel. This DVD's uniqueness lies in its use of strong images of Jesus and focus on real-life situations. Short vignettes show that we can bring problems with family and friends to the Mass and experience reconciliation in the Eucharist. The Mass for Children is engaging and informative as it sends a direct message to children: the celebration of the Eucharist is a life-giving and joyous experience that can become a central part of their lives.

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