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Gift Of Love For Life (ADULT)
Narrated by Bishop James McHugh, Director of the Diocesan Program for Natural Family Planning, Camden NJ, this video is an ideal introduction for anyone interested in natural family planning - teachers, parishes, married or engaged couples, and diocesan offices. Couples who practice NFP talk candidly about their experiences as a holistic approach to child-bearing that has given them a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own love for each other. The creative love and responsibility that develop from NFP are also expertly detailed by each couple. This video presents NFP as a safe, reliable, and truly Christian approach to sexuality in marriage. In personal stories, couples reveal how NFP fosters better communication, a stronger spiritual intimacy, and a greater awareness of true marital love within a Christian context.

Marriage: Building a Lasting Friendship (ADULT)
This video considers the years of preparation for marriage, the early years of marriage, and the "empty-nest" environment of later years.

Catholic Update Video: Understanding the Sacraments (HS, ADULT)
This video provides insight and inspiration for the celebration of the sacraments which mark the faith-lives of Catholics. The Story Segment introduces viewers to a unique couple whose real-life experience brought home to them the meaning of their shared commitment to Christ, not only in the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage on their wedding day, but in the daily living out of that sacrament. Their story reveals how any of the sacraments we celebrate make Christ present in our world. The Witness Segment gives real-life Catholics an opportunity to testify to what the celebrating the sacraments in their lives means. The Teaching Segment explains that sacraments are not so much objects as events, not simply something we receive, but something we are. As Church, we are baptized into the Body of Christ, called to make Christ visible to our world. The program concludes with a Music Video Reflection entitled "Be Light for Our Eyes." Through the imagery of liturgical dance we are inspired to call upon God to become "sacrament" to one another in our everyday lives as Christians.

Sacraments: God's Amazing Grace (JH, HS)
This three-video set looks at the sacraments of Initiation, Healing, and Service. Bishop Paul Zipfel works with a group of teens and invites them to see that the sacraments are not really "magic moments", but openings into the reality of God's presence with us in our everyday lives. The teens participate in symbolic activities that help them to see the deeper meaning in the sacraments.

Sacraments: Celebrations of God's Life (HS, ADULT)
This video presents the seven rites of the Catholic Sacraments. It is expecially helpful for those who have not had the experience of the sacramental celebrations.

Fast Forward Series - The Great Mate Race (HS)
This video is a relevant, entertaining program packed with humor and real life stories by young people on the topic of dating. How to get started dating, how to handle rejection, how to know if you're really in love are all aspects discussed on this fast-paced program. "Expert" Bill Meyers, talented author of the book HOT TOPICS FOR TEENAGERS and co-creator of the "McGee & Me" video series, gives advice and answers on the tough issues teenagers face in dating.

Echoes of Faith: Liturgia Y Sacramentos (ADULT)
This is a Spanish language video which explores the meaning of liturgy and sacrament, and gains insight into why the sacramental life of the faith community is so central to our Catholic identity. Some core understandings addressed are: the meaning of ritual, the nature of liturgy, symbolic actions and the saving action we celebrate, and the seven sacraments and the experiences of life.

Sacramentos en General (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of eight videos in Spanish which explain the meaning of "sacrament" and the special graces of the seven sacraments. Each program features real-life situations in documentary style and gives personal witness of Hispanics who tell how the sacraments affect their daily life. The videos are inspiring, challenging, and present thought-provoking questions that lead to group discussion. This first video gives a general presention of the meaning of "sacrament".

Invitation To Grace: A Look At The Sacraments--Video 1 (ADULT)
This is the first in a four-part series involving an integration of theological content, catechetical methodology, and personal spiritual renewal. It features Rev. Richard Fragomeni, a priest from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, who is on the faculty of the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. In each session, Father Fragomeni gives a 30-40 min. presentation on the sacraments followed by a dialogue with a panel of catechetical and pastoral leaders from the Albany Diocese on the meaning of the presentation for personal lives of faith, followed by an application to current pastoral practice and catechetical ministry. This series is designed to be used by an experienced facilitator with a small group. In the Albany Diocese, it can be used for independent study to satisfy certification requirements of eight hours for Advanced Catechist Certification in Sacraments. This session is entitled: Introduction to the Sacraments.

Molly Kelly: Teens & Chastity Part 1 (HS, ADULT)
In a frank discussion of teen pregnancy, sexually-transmitted diseases, abortion, contraceptives, and the "safe sex" lie, Molly Kelly presents the problems facing teens today and invites them to choose chastity as the best means to a happy, healthy life. The two-part format of this program allows for more meaningful discussion and follow-up activities between sessions, as well as ease of presentation and time restraints. Molly Kelly is a member of the Grant Review Board of the Dept. of Health and Human Services for the promotion of chastity. She takes her message to schools, youth rallies, and teen conferences in the United States and Canada.

Choose Life, Choose Love: Sex And Catholic Youth--Part I (JH, HS, ADULT)
This is the first in a set of two videos. Kieran Sawyer, SSND, knows how to help teens see the big picture of human sexuality and relationships. As a result, teens become more skilled in making decisions and choices that foster positive friendships. This program emphasizes a Catholic perspective on sexuality. This video contains PART I: Inservice for Catechists and Parents, which is divided into two segments: SEGMENT 1: Moral Confusion. How to help teens develop Catholic values about sexuality in a morally confused world; and, SEGMENT 2: It's My Life. How to guide teens toward positive choices that lead to healthy relationships.

Gathered In My Name: An Introduction to the Spirituality of Family Life (ADULT)
This video explores the profound love that should be at the center of every Christian family. Ordinary family events--meals, conversations, moments of intimacy and reconciliation--are shown to be occasions of God's presence. By observing families of all ages and all sizes, husbands and wives, parents and children can learn to reflect God's love more fully. This video is ideal for viewing by individual families. It can also be used by parishes and dioceses for both marriage preparation and marriage enrichment programs. The enclosed discussion guide offers questions and activities for families and larger groups.

Making Sense of Christian Morality: Human Sexuality (ADULT)
Paulist priest and moral theologian Richard Sparks provides insights into living Christian values. He shows how Christian morality "makes sense" in a time when we all have complex and challenging decisions to make. Here is the best of Christian moral theology expressed in a realistic and pastoral way. Portrayals of contemporary life and enacted scenes make these insights come to life. The video explores what it means to be a sexual being, Christian teaching on sexuality through the ages seen in the context of the times, the "unitive" meaning and the "procreative" meaning of sexual activity; how sexuality is a wonderful gift and an awesome responsibility, the rights of homosexual persons, and the virtue of fidelity.

Surviving Loneliness (ADULT)
The "Surviving…" series of eight videos provides a unique approach to emotional self-help. Each program features popular lecturer and author Clayton Barbeau doing what he considers his most rewarding work: individual counseling with you, the viewer, as the one seeking advice and affirmation. In this video, he examines loneliness as a part of everyone's life, especially in today's competitive society. Pointing out that loneliness often results from our looking to someone else to make us whole. Mr. Barbeau relates the stories of three different "lonely" people and the steps they took to help themselves. He offers many concrete strategies to counteract loneliness, and urges you to "Do all you can to be a whole person because intimacy is possible only between whole persons."

Echoes of Faith: Liturgy and Sacraments (ADULT)
This video is one of a series. In it, you will explore the meaning of liturgy and sacrament, and gain insight into why the sacramental life of the faith community is so central to our Catholic identity. Some core understandings addressed are: the meaning of ritual, the nature of liturgy, symbolic actions and the saving action we celebrate, and the seven sacraments and the experiences of life.

Faithful Revolution: Video 4 - A World Transformed (ADULT)
This series gives us a better understanding of Vatican II. This video looks at: the laity, marriage, birth control, and polarization in the Church; and the 60s, nuclear weapons, war, civil disobedience, Vietnam, and the Civil Rights Movement. It highlights controversial issues.

Mystery Of Faith: An Introduction To Catholicism - Sacraments of Vocation (ADULT)
This is part of the ten-video series which introduces viewers to the "depth dimension" of many of the key Catholic insights. In this video, Father Michael Himes shows how Matrimony symbolizes the deepest dimension of the God-human relationship; and he also gives us a new appreciation for the meaning of Holy Orders.

Changing Sacraments (HS, ADULT)
The sacraments are explained as a history lesson through the use of humor. There are seven segments of varying lengths: 1. Godparent Gussie: Baptism/Confirmation; 2. Sinner Sam: Penance; 3. Worshipping Wilma: Eucharist; 4&5. Marrying Melvin: Marriage/Part One and Part Two; 6. Clerical Clarence: Priesthood; and 7. Ailing Annie: Anointing.

Sacrament Series--Marriage (Emementary Grades 4-6)
Jesus loves us totally, completely and forever. Marriage is the sacrament which calls a man and woman to be like Jesus in their love for one another. Challenging young people to remember Jesus' love and serve others, this video uses the actions of daily living, Jesus' life and the ritual actions of the believing community to call us to grow in Christ.

To Last A Lifetime (HS, ADULT)
This video examines the contemporary challenge of building and maintaining a strong marriage--particularly in a society with a high rate of divorce--through the experiences of four couples in Catholic marriage preparation, mentoring, and mending programs.

Family Dynamics: Our Family Roots: Why We Are Who We Are (ADULT)
Understanding our family roots liberates us. We become better equipped to celebrate our uniqueness and to unburden our mind and heart of unhealthy belief systems and negative patterns of behavior. This program offers concrete tips for uncovering our family roots, processing this insight, and consequently broadening our choices.

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