Catholic Faith Formation and Education

Answering God's Call: The Experience of Priesthood (HS, ADULT)
Two different men, sharing the same faith. Two different styles of ministry, facing the same challenges. This video brings viewers into the daily lives of two priests: Fr. Mitch Rozanski, pastor of two parishes in Baltimore, and Fr. Pat Smith, pastor of a church in rural Maryland. As the program interweaves scenes of visits to the sick and parish meetings, this video reveals the priests' faith journey as well as the challenges they face. The documentary shows two devoted men bringing Gods' love to young and old with humor and sensitivity.

Living With AIDS: An Occasion of Grace (HS, ADULT)
Through several real-life stories, this video demonstrates how individuals can make a difference in healing the physical, emotional, and spiritual scars brought on by the AIDS epidemic.

Resource Center (ADULT)
This video is designed to show church members what a resource center is and how it can be used by their church for education. It gives a history of Christian education and church libraries, emphasizing the importance of resource centers to the life of the Church. The Resource Center is a new development in the church's approach to learning. It is the place where a full range of resources for the enhancement of Christian discipleship is gathered and presented by a trained Director. The Resource Center is something like the jouneyman's toolbox, the scholar's bookshelves, the artist's palette, except that both the skilled and the novice can reach in and borrow. It is even more like the teacher's classroom or the physician's clinic, because its most effective resource is its Director. Advised by the Director, clergy and laity can discover that the Resource Center is a dynamic and inspiring place for the development of a more effective ministry.

Sunday Mass Video Series - Proclaiming the Word (ADULT)
This is a two-part foundational and formational video for new as well as experienced readers/lectors and gospel readers. It features expert demonstrations by readers and by Aelred Rosser, author of Liturgy Training Publications' renowned Workbook for Lectors and Gospel Readers. Part I is entitled The Faith of the Reader and Part II is entitled The Work of the Reader.

Sunday Mass Video Series - The Word of the Lord (ADULT)
Those who read scriptures at liturgy and those who preach talk about their preparation and ministry. Parishioners speak about what they need and hope for from the Liturgy of the Word.

Total Parish Ministry--Video 1 (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of eight videos. This "Hands-On Workshop" series responds to the changes sweeping the Church and society. In this dynamic presentation, Father Bausch demonstrates how to transform these "cultural and ecclesial changes" into positive community and faith building actions. Each session deals with the reality of parish life today and ways to revitalize community and renew commitment. Session titles are: 1.Patterns of Change and the Call to Respond; 2. The Evolution of Parish Renewal; 3. Profile of a Functioning Parish; 4. A Welcoming Community, an Owned Community; 5. Principles of Collaboration/Community Building; 6. The Sacramental Touch and Holy Week Liturgies; 7. Sacraments of Cohesion--Living the Life of Community; and, 8. Pastoral Issues--Conflicts and Leadership.

How Do We Help? What Is The Goal Of Christian Ministry? (ADULT)
Why do we do what we do in ministry? What are we trying to achieve? Are we trying to convert people, or save them, or lessen their pain? Richard Rohr has some definite answers. This video is an insightful look at ministry which will disturb, challenge, and ultimately inspire all involved in Christian ministry. Show this to parish ministers and help them get in touch with the Spirit working in all they do.

We Are All The Body Of Christ: Organizing A Lay Ministry Program (ADULT)
This video is about how one parish, St. Mary's Church, Crescent, NY, conceived, developed and organized a lay ministry program. Several important topics include: what is a lay ministry program; the reason for a ministry program; the relationships among the pastor and parish council; a step-by-step approach to establishing a lay ministry program in your parish; why a single year's commitment is so important; how to keep the momentum going year after year; how to deal with success; the significant relationship between a lay ministry program and the weekly collection; and many more. This video is helpful to parishes hoping to get more parishioners involved in serving their parish and their parish community. Presenters are Rev. John Fitzpatrick, Pastor of St. Mary's; Harold Hatfield, former parish council president at St. Mary's; and James E. O'Brien, a parishioner at St. Mary's. The video was filmed at Sacred Heart School in Troy, NY. There is a presentation followed by a 10-minute question/answer session.

When You Preach...Remember Me (Spouse Abuse) (ADULT)
This video is designed as a discussion starter. Along with a guide, the video raises consciousness about how preaching can help break the cycle of domestic violence.

Because We Are Disciples (JH, HS, ADULT)
This program celebrates the United States Catholic Church as a people of word, worship, service, and community. It encourages all Catholics to rejoice in the Church and to utilize their own unique abilities and experiences in the ministry of evangelization. The video focuses on the sacraments and how the community within the Church grows through their celebration. It shows how all Catholics, either individually or on the parish level, may invite and welcome all to the Body of Christ through evangelization. This video may be used with GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES: A NATIONAL PLAN AND STRATEGY FOR CATHOLIC EVANGELIZATION IN THE UNITED STATES, the United States Bishops' pastoral letter available in both English and Spanish, the pastoral presents a vision of evangelization, with goals and strategies for proclaiming the story of salvation.

Called By God: What Is Vocation? (HS, ADULT)
This video helps viewers understand how God calls everyone to a "vocation." It explains that a vocation isn't simply a call to become a religious or one's "job" out in the world, but an expression of a person's relationship with God. Through insightful personal interviews with married and single lay people, clergy and religious, viewers will discover that they are called to an active and deeply personal partnership with God. The program asks: What is a vocation? Does everybody have one? How can you determine whether the call you hear is from God or from self-interest? Why is your state of life not the same as your vocation? It offers ideas for discussion on all vocations in the Church - single, married life, priesthood and religious life. Ideal for Confirmation prep, high school, adult religious education and RCIA.

Church And Ministry--Part 1 (HS, ADULT)
This is the first in a series of six videos. This program, created by the Georgetown University Theological Studies Program, presents a clear explanation of models of the Church and an examination of which ones best support each person's call to ministry. To help viewers fulfill Jesus' command "Go and proclaim the Good News to all creation," instructor Greer Gordon examines the Church's mission and how that is carried out in ministry. (Ms. Gordon is Asst. Dir. for Adult Rel. Ed. and Formation for the Archdiocese of Washington, DC.) This program can be used by individuals or with groups. The Leader's Guide suggests that the program may be divided into six 3-hour sessions or twelve 1 1/2 hour sessions. Two supplementary books are recommended for use with this program: Models of the Church by Avery Dulles, S.J., and Ministry by Rev. Edward Schillebeeckx. SESSION 1: The Church: An Image of Herself (Definition of the Church; The Church as the People of God; The Church as the Body of Christ; The Church as a Royal Priesthood.)

My Soul Proclaims: Voices Of Catholic Women (HS, ADULT)
One works with teenagers to develop their leadership skills. Another brings the Word of God to the hearts of Christians. Still another eases the pain and anxiety of post-abortion syndrome. These are different women with different gifts, but the same faith. It is a moving presentation that captures the historical and contemporary contributions of Catholic women in the Church and in society. In their stirring examples of vibrant faith, you'll see how they are touching thousands of lives through their leadership, teaching, writing, and tireless work in parishes and in the community. Originally aired on NBC-TV, this video is a project of the Catholic Communication Campaign, United States Catholic Conference.

One Bread, One Body: Parish Program For Special Ministers Of The Eucharist (ADULT)
This video explores the practicalities and possibilities for Ministers of the Eucharist in the local parish community. It can be used for initial training for new ministers or as further training for experienced ministers. It is based on the experience of Naas Parish in County Kildare, Ireland. There are five units: 1. One of Ourselves examines the experience of the Eucharistic Minister; 2. In Memory of Me reviews the development of the present rite of the Mass and its associated ministries (Passover story, Last Supper, Eucharist in the early Christian communities); 3. Places and Vessels explains the sacred vessels used for communion; 4. Bread Broken and Shared examines the liturgy of the Eucharist; and, 5. In the Name of the Community teaches about bringing communion to the sick. A companion booklet covers the celebration of the Eucharist and the Special Minister of the Eucharist, questions that Special Ministers often ask, suggestions on the use of the video, the Rite for the Commissioning of a Special Minister of the Eucharist, the Rite for sending Ministers of the Sick from the Sunday Parish Mass, and additional resource material.

Training For Hospitality; The Ministry Of Ushers And Greeters (ADULT)
Designed to train parish greeters and ushers--singly or in groups--this video will also help parish administrators create a far-reaching parish program of ministry through hospitality. The video begins with an explanation of what hospitality is, its scriptural basis, and its importance to the parish. More specifically, the social aspects of running a parish, working in a parish, and simply belonging to a parish are related. Then detailed examples and explanations are given of the various tasks of ushers and greeters that further the hospitality and communal worship of the assembly. Ushers and greeters learn: how and where to greet worshipers as they arrive, how to assist in seating them, how to handle disturbances, the importance of participating in the liturgy as members of the worshiping community, how to facilitate the presentation of the gifts, how and when to guide the communion procession, and how to send the assembly on its way with a warm "farewell". Ushers and greeters--and, through them, the parish at large--will benefit from this important presentation.

Training The Eucharistic Minister (ADULT)
This clear, concise video for training Eucharistic ministers explains the responsibilities of the Eucharistic minister when ministering within the assembly, or to the sick and confined, and when leading communion services. Correct as well as incorrect methods of distributing the bread and wine are enacted. The theology of this Ministry of Communion is presented simply and understandably. The program also provides answers to such questions as: what do I do if I drop the host or spill the wine; how do I minister to a handicapped person; how do I administer the Eucharist when no priest is available; how will I know whether to place the host in a person's hand or on the tongue; how should I minister the Eucharist to the sick and confined. Both new and veteran Eucharistic ministers will benefit from this instructional program.

Training The Parish Lector (ADULT)
See and hear how to read the Word of God effectively to the parish community! This instructional video, based on the best-selling booklet: The Ministry of Lectors, demonstrates both right and wrong methods of delivery, and provides a step-by-step approach to preparing for the ministry of lectoring. The theology of this ministry is presented, as well as the answers to the following practical questions: how can I reflect the tone and message of the reading; how can I overcome my nervousness; how do I know if I'm reading too fast or too slow, and what can I do about it; how can I get more out of the readings to give more meaning to what I read; when and how long should I pause; am I speaking clearly; can they hear and understand me. Lectors will gain both the knowledge and the skill necessary to bring forth the message of God clearly and convincingly.

Hands Of Love (HS, ADULT)
This video is a documentary about the needs of the elderly in our society and the vocation of the Little Sisters of the Poor and their work with the aged poor. Filmed on location at Queen of Peace Residence in Queens Village, it shows the daily work of the Little Sisters as they supervise meal service and the residents' care, as they organize prayer and recreational activities for the aged, and as they interact with community patrons and charitable donors of goods and service. Included in this delightful video are views of the Fraternity Jeanne Jugan members, the volunteers at the residence, the benefactors and the devoted employees who help the Little Sisters to continue the work of Blessed Jeanne Jugan.

Communities of Salt & Light: Reflections on the Social Mission of the Parish (ADULT)
This video introduces the Bishops' call to strengthen parish social ministry. Using hundreds of images illustrating social justice needs and work as well as interviews from church, parish and community leaders, it challenges viewers to put their faith into action and seek justice and peace in their homes, parishes, local communities and beyond.

Death and Bereavement (ADULT)
This video explores the concepts of bereavement and draws insight from live interviews with individuals who are dealing with their own grief. She gives clear instruction on how to minister to the bereaved, how to conduct follow-up sessions with the family after the funeral, and how to give referrals for grief counseling. Through role playing and discussion, this training video shows the steps of planning the wake service and funeral liturgy, and also discusses the liturgy in such sensitive situations as suicide and the death of an infant, and when cremation is involved.

Domestic Violence - Domestic Violence in our Society: The Church's Response (ADULT)
What can Church/parish leaders do in support of women in domestic violence situations? How can the Church let the victims of domestic violence and abuse know their cries have been heard? How can parishes be made safe places for the victims?

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