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Mission Sudan - Running To Help (ADULT)
This video will inform you of the events leading up to the 1997 tragedies in Sudan. Learn how you can help by sponsoring "lifepaks" for Sudanese families.

Call And Response (HS, ADULT)
A group of college students from Michigan volunteer to serve in a summer program in Oaxaca, Mexico. This video follows them as they meet and serve all kinds of people who affect their lives in unexpected ways. Back in the United States, other veteran participants of the program known as "Call and Response" talk about how similar experiences in Mexico and Guatemuala have changed them.

Zimbabwe: Fight For Life (HS, ADULT)
HIV/AIDS is having a devastating impact on the people of Zimbabwe, especially women and children. The people you will meet in this video are battling this disease with great courage and determination. They live in hope for their children and the future. The support group and community care projects help not only those who are infected with the virus, but the entire community affected by HIV/AIDS. The video contains inspiring interviews with young children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and the dedicated Catholic Relief Services staff who work alongside the people as they battle this illness.

Journey of Hope (HS, ADULT)
This video highlights the lives and work of three Africans - an aid worker from Ghana, a counselor in Uganda, and a village leader in The Gambia - all of whom have dedicated their lives to improving their communities, countries, and the African continent. Supported by Catholic Relief Services and led by these three outstanding workers, you will visit three very different communities coping with the common challenges faced as a result of HIV/AIDS, poverty, and the lack of education.

Out Of Darkness (HS, ADULT)
This video tells the dramatic story of perseverance, devotion, and steadfast faith amidst decades of communist oppression in Central and Eastern Europe and the former USSR. As the East European Church emerges from darkness, American Catholics are challenged to help these people of faith rediscover the fullness of God's love. It is hoped that this program will encourage students in religion and social studies classes to become involved in this great work of restoration and reevangelization. The National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) has established a program to collect funds, channel resources, and encourage the involvement of United States Catholics. Many of these ways are outlined in this compelling video.

I Was Hungry...: A Caring Response (JH, HS, ADULT)
Filmed in San Francisco, California, this video documentary highlights the work of the St. Anthony Foundation. Conceived in 1950 by Franciscan Friar Alfred Boedekker as a dining room to feed the hungry, St. Anthony's has grown to include more than a dozen varied programs established to meet the growing needs of the poor in San Francisco. With Franciscan simplicity, St. Anthony's has attracted hundreds of thousands of volunteers and donors to help move ahead this work of compassion. In striking portraits, the video captures the efforts of St. Anthony's to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual hungers of those who live in poverty. It sounds the call to change the priorities and structures of a society that tolerates such poverty. Most of all, it gives testament to the spirit and dignity of every human being.

Blessed Be/Whatsoever You Do (EL, JH, HS, ADULT)
BLESSED BE--A group of exceptional children with learning disabilities discover the wonder of life in ladybugs and birds and dandelion seeds--and finally in each other. WHATSOEVER YOU DO--This documentary dramatizes the plight and history of all primitive people who suffer from disease and famine.

Mouse's Tale (Hunger, Food Production) (JH, HS, ADULT)
This is an animated cartoon exploring the issues surrounding international food production and its relationship to hunger and famine. This provocative video will serve as a spirited discussion starter for youth and adult groups alike.

On the Air: Passport to the World: Nicaragua (HS)
"On the Air" is on the road again. There are two segments: Nicaragua and Michigan. The T.V. crew tags along with a youth group as they work together to build a church in Nicaragua. Then, they go back to Michigan as the teens help the "next generation" in their own neighborhood.

Who Are My Sisters and Brothers? ... Welcoming Immigrants and Refugees (HS, ADULT)
Today, more than a million immigrants and refugees continue to come to our shores each year. They come to reunite with family, to find suitable work, or to escape persecution and civil unrest. They arrive with the same dreams and fears as those who came before. This is the story of three Catholic parishes that have discovered in the newcomer the face of Christ: Notre Dame d'Haiti Parish in Miami, Florida; St. Willebrord Parish in Green Bay, Wisconsin; and St. Mary's Parish in Greensboro, North Carolina. This video gives an up-close and personal look at some of the human faces behind the immigration debate in our nation; and examines why people are on the move around the world, who these people are, and how our Church is reaching out to them. This video is a companion piece to two publications: Who Are My Sisters and Brothers? A Catholic Educational Guide for Understanding and Welcoming Immigrants and Refugees; and, Who Are My Sisters and Brothers? Reflections on Understanding and Welcoming Immigrants and Refugees.

Children of the Earth (Series)-South America Close-Up: Peru; Brazil (Emementary Grades 5-6, JH, HS)
This video will show U.S. children the ways young people live in other parts of the world. A 13-year-old girl from Peru introduces her life. A 15-year-old boy from Brazil shares his life.

From The Ends Of The Earth (ADULT)
This video has two parts: the call to mission and living the mission. "It is not enough to discover Christ--we must bring Christ to others…" - Pope John Paul II. This video invites us to become increasingly aware of our Baptismal call to continue the mission of Jesus. We are also challenged to a deeper understanding of Eucharist as the model for living mission, of being "bread for others." Each part includes: one two-hour session, step-by-step instruction for the leader, video format activity/worksheet, prayer resources, and background information.

Sharing Faith Across The Hemisphere (ADULT)
What happens when North meets South? Through this video program, the story of the relationship of the Church in the United States and in Latin America--a mutual sharing of faith--comes alive. Listen as men and women, priests, religious, and lay persons tell their amazing story; visit the mission sites with them; witness the dynamic faith that is present in the Church.

We Have A Table For 4 Ready: The Story Of St. Francis Inn (HS, ADULT)
Only a few miles from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall - symbols of the American Dream - stretches the Kensington district of Philadelphia. In the shadow of these historic symbols of opportunity and prosperity live men, women and children invisible to tourists and most of their neighbors; people battling unemployment, chronic illness, homelessness, addictions, and unrelenting poverty.

On The Air: Extreme Faith (HS)
Extreme! That's what it's all about…putting yourself on the line to do something incredible. Is is possible to be an extreme Christian? Just ask two high school buddies who have been changing the course of history on the remote plains of Tanzania, East Africa. This episode of "On The Air" will show ordinary young people accomplishing great things for God in extraordinary circumstances.

PIME Is People Serving God's People All Over The World (HS, ADULT)
PIME missionaries are an expression of the missionary nature of the Church and a family of apostles committed to the ongoing discovery, witness and proclamation of the Kingdom of God through evangelization, particularly of non-Christians in other parts of the world.

Invisible Church: America's Catholic Missions (Adult, older adolescents)
There is an invisible Catholic Church in America where parishes are poor and remote, but Catholics are rich in spirit and firm in their desire to maintain their faith. This program depicts the needs and challenges in America's missions by telling the stories of 3 different Catholic communities: a Navajo reservation in Arizona, an Hispanic Catholic community in Arkansas, and an isolated community in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Voices For Development (HS, ADULT)
This video introduces viewers to the international development process and its strong foundation in Catholic social teaching. It demonstrates the strong links between faith and social justice, and highlights how our faith tradition calls on us to work in partnership with the people in developing countries as they strive to achieve a life of full human dignity.

Work of God's Hands (Mother Teresa) (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH, HS)
Filmed on location in India, this video invites us to be present with Mother Teresa as she works among the children, sick and dying. "We are called to seek the face of God in everyone, everything, everywhere, all the time. And God's hand in every happening, especially in the distressing disguise of the poor."--Mother Teresa Where do we see God's face? Where do we hear God's voice? Experience the challenge to young people in discovering the way they can live and work with hands of care, kindness, peace, prayer and love. Study Guide includes activities, prayer celebrations, and prayers.

Children of the Earth (Series)-Caribbean Close-Up: Haiti&Domin. Repub. (Emementary Grades 5-6, JH, HS)
Haiti: Living with her desperately poor family in a two-room house, 14-year-old Marie Julie relates her daily life, school, Haitian proverbs and the sport of cockfighting, popular in her coastal fishing village. The Dominican Republic: Along with his family life in a Santo Domingo housing project, 13-year-old Jonathan shares his zest for school, sports, baseball hero Sammy Sosa and historic colonial sites, including Christopher Columbus' burial place.

Children of the Earth (Series)-Centr. Amer. Close-Up: Guatemal. & ElSal. (Emementary Grades 5-6, JH, HS)
Guatemala: Natividad, a 14-year-old Maya girl, faces important decisions about her future, influenced by changing conditions in her remote mountain village. El Salvador: Marvin, age 15, reveals why his parents fled their native country in the 1980s, only to return years later to rebuild their lives at a jungle cooperative settlement.

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