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Peer Pressure

Great Chastity Experiment (HS)
An affectionate adolescent couple struggles with the pressure to engage in sexual relations together. The pressure so complicates the relationship that both have difficulty knowing what each really wants. They decide to try chastity for a week. At first they are uncomfortable, then discover new things about each other. They learn how to communicate on new and more exciting levels and that emotional intimacy has challenges of its own.

Kevin's Temptation (Emementary Grades 2-6)
In this drama with live actors, young Kevin is coaxed by one of his friends to do some things that are wrong. He is tempted three times while visiting a toy store to give in to temptation and peer pressure. The video helps young people realize that though everyone is occasionally tempted, we are given the strength and help from God to resist. This story of temptation, power, and perseverance may be compared to Jesus' temptations in the desert. It is excellent for use with themes of Commandments, Reconciliation, moral values, and peer pressure.

Boys Town Videos For Parents: Common-Sense Parenting (ADULT)
This video is part of a national outreach to help more children by reaching parents, teachers, and others who work with kids. It offers practical, how-to advice to parents with children struggling through the often difficult preadolescent and teenage years. It reassures parents that they are still a fundamental influence in their growing child's life. Dramatized vignettes show parents how to increase their child's self-esteem and reduce the power of peer pressure. Hosted by actress Alley Mills of "The Wonder Years," this video also reminds parents that some of the "common sense" techniques they used when their children were younger can be adapted for the older child.

McGee & Me: 'Twas The Fight Before Christmas (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH)
It's Christmastime and Nicholas is doing everything he can to take part in Christmas activities; from playing a wise man in the school Christmas play to helping decorate the family tree, to finding the most excellent and perfect gift for his mom. Nicholas finds the real meaning of Christmas when, trying to befriend a troubled schoolmate, he is threatened by an older bully. Nicholas and his cartoon friend, McGee, learn about God's love for people who are hard to love and the importance of reaching out to others.

Sex & Love: What's a Teenager to Do? (HS)
Here is a video for teens that gives some clear answers! In this dynamic, high-energy presentation, Mary Beth Bonacci talks to teens about the "do's" of chastity. Using Scripture and humorous, down-to-earth examples from teenage life, she shows that chastity is more than just abstinence--chastity is active. It's about loving--the right way. She challenges teens all over the world every year, offering practical suggestions to help young people not only to understand chastity, but to enthusiastically embrace it.

On the Air: Can I Be a Christian Without Being Weird (HS)
Sometimes it is good to be different. Christian behavior will be different from that of "the crowd," but not obnoxious. This video stresses Gospel values which are counter-cultural: love for enemies, for example. There is little emphasis on the Church, but a lot of emphasis on how to live in the world and relate to peers. It mentions Scripture throughout.

On the Air: The Blame Game (HS)
This video shows examples of youth hurt, angry, and blaming others for their problems. It stresses learning to take personal responsibility for one's actions. Other situations are a teenager's reaction to her parents' divorce; and pressures to drink, to have sex with one's boyfriend, and to deal in drugs. The story of David and Bathsheba and the story of the Prodigal Son are highlighted.

Relationships: Knowing the Good from the Bad (HS, ADULT)
This video challenges students to consider the quality of their relationships and helps them to be aware of their ability and right to make healthy choices. It has several role play situations in which ordinary teenagers are asked to dramatize common interactions in adolescence: concern for troubled friends, pressure to engage in criminal activity, report cards, dating and sex. The Teacher's Guide includes a lecture outline, worksheets, and self-assessment surveys to be used either before or after the viewings.

Street Hockey Hassle (JH, HS)
Several teenage boys refuse to let another boy, Wallace, join their game because they don't like the way he looks. Later, when they damage someone's property, they blame Wallace for it. This video addresses the topics of prejudice and lying. It is a good discussion starter.

Swim Team's Splash (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH)
Julie's the new girl on the swim team, and Meg is determined to let her know who's the star of the swim team by bullying her. Unfortunately, bullies are a fact of life. How they influence our actions and reactions depends on our values, beliefs, inner strength, and the example of significant others in our lives. Scripture gives us clear guidelines for dealing with bullies and with the temptation to become a bully. This video provides a good stimulus for discussion on peer pressure, working as a team, name calling, welcoming new students, the nature of self-confidence, problem solving, and being true to yourself.

Teens and Sex II (JH, HS, ADULT)
In this true-to-life video, teens talk openly--and honestly--about the importance of relationships as well as their own sexuality. You will meet real people who talk about real issues. It is designed to help teens build healthy, honest relationships and make sound choices. It discusses sexuality as part of the Catholic faith, accenting abstinence, choice, and principles of commitment. For teens who have already become sexually active, it offers help in regaining healthy attitudes about sexuality that are in accord with their faith. It is ideal as a discussion starter for teens and adults.

Violence and the Family: Kids Talking to Kids About Violence (JH, HS)
This video is a must for any kid affected by violence at school or in the neighborhood. It will teach kids non-violent ways to handle conflict. Kids will discover how to create positive peer pressure as they influence each other to do the right thing. Through role plays, interviews and dramatizations, kids will gain concrete skills to effectively face conflict in the hallway, on the playing field, in the parking lot, at parties, in the classroom, to and from school, and in their own neighborhoods. Hosted by Darrin Fleming, with special guests Chris Zorich of the Chicago Bears and Linda Lantieri, Director of the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program National Center.

More Teen Scenes (JH, HS)
This video features four real-life dramatic vignettes in which typical teens find themselves in moral dilemmas which call for a serious decision and, just as the decision is about to be made, the vignette ends leaving the decision (and the ending) up to your audience! The talented young actors find themselves in serious situations faced by every modern teenager sooner or later. The topics of the vignettes are: chastity, bullies, alcohol, and racism. The real-life situations in which decisions must be made amidst peer pressure allow teen audiences to identify with the characters leading to honest, meaningful discussions. A study guide helps lead the discussions. See also "Teen Scenes".

Teen Scenes (JH, HS)
This video features four real-life dramatic vignettes in which typical teens find themselves in moral dilemmas which call for a serious decision and, just as the decision is about to be made, the vignette ends leaving the decision (and the ending) up to your audience! Topics include plagiarism, shoplifting, peer pressure, and gossip/cliques. Comes with study guide to facilitate discussion. Each scene is 4-7 minutes in length and invites teens to reflect on situations that call for ethical decision-making. See also "More Teen Scenes".

Fast Forward Series - Persuasive Power (HS)
This video helps teens realize that they are going through some of the most challenging years of their life. Discusses how they are making choices about who they are, what they believe, and what they'll do with their life! Shows how teens are under a lot of pressure: peer pressure, parent pressure, sexual pressure, media pressure, and even self-inflicted pressure. "Expert" Bill Meyers helps teens realize they can't always avoid the pressure, but they can learn how to handle it...and how to protect their future by making the right choices now.

Fast Forward Series - The Independence Thing (HS)
On this episode of Fast Forward, teens will discover how to deal with their parents and how to survive the battle for independence. "Expert" Bill Meyers along with lively teen hosts help explore what it feels like to teens when parents seem too controlling or when they don't understand what teens are going through. Gives a well-balanced, humorous, realistic view from both the parents' and the teens' point of view.

Boys Town Videos For Parents: I'm Not Everybody! Helping ... Peer Pressure (ADULT)
This video offers practical, how-to advice to parents with children struggling through the often difficult preadolescent and teenage years. It offers practical ways parents can help children prepare for and deal with pressure from their friends. Parents who implement these suggestions will find their teen less likely to "go along with the crowd" to gain approval.

McGee & Me: The Blunder Years (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH)
Welcome to the world of Nicholas--a completely normal kid who finds himself in some not-so-normal situations with his outrageous cartoon creation, McGee. Nick is like every kid--stumbling through the Blunder Years making choices and hopefully discovering what's really important in the process.

McGee & Me: Beauty in the Least (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH)
A pint-sized pen pal travels six thousand miles, jumps two cultures, and turns Nick's world upside down. Throw in McGee's spy-tracking globule, a sister with the measles, fifty surprise dinner guests, and a Romanian cabbage casserole, and you've got the craziest mixed-up holiday ever! Nick goes ballistic when he has to give up fifty-yard-line seats at a pro football game to spend time with his unexpected visitor. It's a heart-changing experience for the whole Martin family as they discover the importance of caring for others and "loving your neighbor as yourself."

Gospel According To St. Bernard - Judge Not (Emementary Grades K-4)
How would you feel if everyone at school called you a DWEEB? Well, that's what everyone called the two new kids, and Daniel and Jennifer are convinced that everyone will call THEM dweebs too, when it's found out that their mother has arranged a get-together at the beach with them! What could be worse than spending a week-end with dweebs? Nothing! Except finding out that the two new kids are not what everyone thinks. Bernie helps Daniel and Jennifer learn that you can't judge other people, and he also has some good advice about drugs, too! MAIN BIBLE TRUTH: We should not judge other people. This is a live action adventure recommended for all grade school ages. Good for Vacation Bible School.

On The Air: Life Isn't Fair! (HS)
That's right…life isn't fair! Sometimes it's just the little things that go wrong that can overwhelm a teen! In this episode of "On The Air," teenagers will discover that they are in control of their reactions to a world that isn't fair. They will learn how a change of attitude and perspective can improve their outlook on a world that is guaranteed to be unfair.

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