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Faithful Revolution: Video 4 - A World Transformed (ADULT)
This series gives us a better understanding of Vatican II. This video looks at: the laity, marriage, birth control, and polarization in the Church; and the 60s, nuclear weapons, war, civil disobedience, Vietnam, and the Civil Rights Movement. It highlights controversial issues.

John Paul II: The Millennial Pope (HS, ADULT)
This film is a journey through the twentieth century to the sources of Pope John Paul II's character and his beliefs, and a journey into our passionate reaction to him. This PBS video aired on 9/28/99.

Half A Million Strong - The Pope's Youth Revolution (JH, HS, ADULT)
Join legions of the world's youth as they journey to Santiago, Spain to celebrate their universal Catholic Faith in a massive outdoor rally. Under the leadership of Pope John Paul II, see youths band together to change the world through faith, hope, and love. The unique images, music and words captured here in full color and sound will inspire young and old alike. Video features: Pope's youth rally and Mass; Church history; morality and faith; testimonies by youth from all over the world; customs, songs, and prayers from many cultures. A Discussion handbook includes full discourse of Pope John Paul II at Santiago, Spain on love, faith, and vocation plus discussion questions for the video segments.

Pope John Paul II: Pilgrim at the Crossroads (HS, ADULT)
This is a commemorative video of the visit to the United States by His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, from October 4-8, 1995, including scenes from: Arrival Ceremony, Newark International Airport; Prayer at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Newark; United Nations: Fiftieth Anniversary Address; Mass at Giants' Stadium, New Jersey; Mass at Aqueduct Racetrack; Evening Prayer at St. Joseph's Seminary; Mass on Great Lawn, Central Park; Recitation of the Rosary at St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York; Mass in Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore; Evening Prayer at Mary Our Queen Cathedral, Baltimore; and Departure Ceremony.

World Youth Day: Five Extraordinary Days (JH, HS, ADULT)
This video covers the World Youth Day events that took place in Denver, Colorado August 11-15, 1993 as Pope John Paul II meets and prays with an international gathering of young adults and youth.

World Youth Day: A Pilgrimage To The Peaks (JH, HS)
This is a video documenting Pope John Paul II's visit to Colorado in 1993 for World Youth Day.

Rome In The Footsteps Of Peter And Paul (Emementary Grades 6, JH, HS, ADULT)
Tour Rome from the first century AD to the present…all within an hour! Viewers will capture the spirit of Peter and Paul, see how early Christian martyrs witnessed to their faith; meet Constantine, the first Roman Christian Emperor; visit the Middle Ages; witness the Papacy's move to France and back to Rome; glimpse Christian Rome during the Renaissance and Baroque Periods; witness the discovery of the catacombs; and wander through St. Peter's Basilica of today. Long-cherished shrines and landmarks such as the Roman Coliseum, The Church of Quo Vadis, Mamertine Prison, the Catacombs, and St. Peter's Basilica are shown. This video consists of three 18-minute segments.

Reflections On Vatican II (ADULT)
This video shows pieces from the actual Vatican Council, with commentary and reflections from those who were there and from Catholics looking back at history. Good for adult groups, for history, unterstanding and discussion.

Good Reason to Hope: A Media Presentation on the Papal Document (ADULT)
Pope John Paul II requested that each of us prepare for the 2000th anniversary of Jesus' birth. The years leading up to the Millennium should be a time of reconciliation, renewal and healing. To make people aware of the Papal document, the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate have produced this video to help us focus on the Papal themes: Christ and faith in 1997, Spirit and hope in 1998, and the Father and love and justice in 1999.

John Paul II: A Light for the Nations (HS, ADULT)
With his elevation to the papacy in 1978, John Paul II reshaped its image and the Church through his worldwide travels, statesmanship, and personal charisma. Produced on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his priesthood, this video is an intimate portrait of the life and ministry of John Paul II as seen through the eyes of childhood friends and Church leaders. It is narrated by Martin Sheen and originally aired on many ABC-TV affiliates.

Faithful Revolution: Video 1 - Genius of the Heart (ADULT)
Vatican II is one of the great cultural and religious events of the 20th century. Surprisingly, many Catholics have no understanding of Vatican II. This video seeks to inform us about Vatican II's influence on the Church, through five 1-hour videos. The series can be used for adult education, catechist training, college courses in Vatican II, parish renewal, Catholic identity, and targeted continuing education for specific areas of parish ministry and leadership. It is also good for programs on "The Church and the Coming Millenium." Part One covers Pope John XXIII's reasons for convening Vatican II, changes in the Mass, and the death and legacy of John XXIII. Some of the distinctive teachings of Vatican II are touched upon (e.g., The Church is a mystery, not an institution; the Church is the whole people of God, not just the hierarchy, clergy, and religious; and the Catholic Church is not the only means of salvation). Good discussion questions are provided.

Faithful Revolution: Video 2 - Inspired Awakening (ADULT)
This series gives us a better understanding of Vatican II. This video discusses the role of women in the Church, ecumenism, the Lefebvre Movement, religious vocations, and Pope Paul VI. What is the role of women in today's Church? What, if any, is the future of religious vocations? How do you feel toward non-Catholics? …toward non-Christians? What are the bottom-line beliefs which unite Catholics?

Faithful Revolution: Video 3 - Human Dignity (ADULT)
This series gives us a better understanding of Vatican II. This video looks at: social justice, the poor, and Latin America; religious liberty, the Church in Poland, and fall of Communism; the Church in Africa, enculturation, and lively liturgy; and inter-religious dialogue, Jewish/Christian relations, and the Holocaust. It can be the basis for very good discussions.

Faithful Revolution: Video 5 - Dynamics of Hope (ADULT)
This series gives us a better understanding of Vatican II. This video looks at: implementation of Vatican II, tension within the Church, Pope John Paul II, and liberation theology.

Great Souls: Pope John Paul II (ADULT)
How a young Polish Catholic boy went from an aspiring actor and an athlete to become the first non-Italian pope in 400 years is a dramatic story. How John Paul used his high office to undermine and help destroy Communism in Eastern Europe while at the same time transforming the Papacy onto a world stage was revolutionary and inspiring, if not controversial at times. Filmed on location in Poland, Rome, London, and the U.S., leading churchmen, friends and colleagues, historians, journalists, and his personal biographer examine the character and forces that enabled John Paul II to be acclaimed universally as one of the most importatnt personalities in the 20th century.

My Favorite Prayers and Spiritual Reflections (Adult, older adolescent)
Includes Apostle's Creed, Anicma Christi, prayers by St. Augustine, St. John Neumann, St. Alphonsus Ligouri, Reflection by His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

Gateway To Faith: Papal Visit to St. Louis 1/99 (JH, HS, ADULT)
Pope John Paul II arrived in St. Louis on January 26, 1999. Tens of thousands of people lined the parade routes and cheered. The air was electric with excitement and spiritual renewal. During his 32-hour pastoral visit, the Holy Father touched the hearts of people of all faiths. He addressed the youth gathered to celebrate their baptismal call to encounter Christ. He celebrated Mass with an assembly of 90,000 faithful at an indoor venue, while thousands more braved the winter weather and prayed outside. At an ecumenical prayer service on the second day of his visit, the Pope reached out to people around the globe, inviting them to take up the challenge and enter the new millennium with Christ as their Shepherd.

Heart, A Compass, A Cross: Answering the Call of Jesus Christ (ADULT)
Pope John Paul II has said often: "Open wide your heart to Jesus Christ." If something is missing in your life…if there is an emptiness you cannot explain…know that only Jesus Christ can fill the void. Think about finding Him in the Catholic Church, the Church Jesus Himself founded 2000 years ago. Open your heart…listen for His call…and go to Him. However far away you may feel, you are never too distant from the God who made you. The call is there…inside you. The way is there…in Christ's Church and in His cross, which shine like beacons of hope into the emptiness and confusion of this upside-down age. The time to return to the Father's house…now more than ever…is today.

Let Justice Flourish: A Reflection on Catholic Social Teaching (HS, ADULT)
In this beautiful reflection, the teachings of popes and bishops on justice are connected with their Biblical roots in the words of the Hebrew prophets and in the preaching of Jesus. Papal encyclicals and other documents, from Rerum Novarum (1891) by Pope Leo XIII to Economic Justice for All (1986) by the bishops of the United States, are presented as an organic body of thought that both responds to the injustices of the times and transcends historical contexts.

Popes, The: The Legacy of Peter (ADULT)
A history of the Chair of Peter with profiles of significant popes. The video examines the present-day papacy, a history of the papacy, the power and politics of the popes, and art and architecture of the Vatican. Rare footage, new research and exclusive interviews make this a compelling resource.

His Name Is John (Pope John XXIII) (ADULT)
A dramatic enactment of the life of Pope John XXIII, one of the great popes of this century, who called forth renewal in the Church and brought forth new life for all of Christendom. The program was written by Anthony Padovano and features Tom Wees as John XXIII. In this one-actor play, the vision comes alive as it is told with passion, humor, and reflective insights. John XXIII proclaimed a new vision for the world and for the Church in his short pontificate 25 years ago.

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