Catholic Faith Formation and Education

Catechumenate In Brief (ADULT)
The catechumenate is a process whereby people prepare for initiation into the Catholic Church. It is a journey in which the whole Church community participates. We follow and listen to the catechumens and candidates as they walk on the journey to Baptism or full membership in the Catholic Church. We see the important role played by the bishop, clergy, catechists, sponsors, godparents, and assembly in this journey toward initiation. R.C.I.A.

Christodrama: An Instrument For Conversion (HS, ADULT)
Familiar Bible stories will come alive and take on new meaning when people use the Christodrama process to experience the Bible with their mind, body, emotions, and spirit in a way that impacts both their knowledge of the Scriptures and their desire to live the faith more fully. The videos and Leader's Manual explain how this process of prayer, reflection, action, and discussion can create a deeper, fuller experience of the Scriptures. These teaching tools explain the Christodrama process and suggest ways to use it in a wide range of settings. Besides giving step-by-step instructions and demonstrations, the videos present testimonies of people who have used the process with amazing results. The Leader's Manual contains additional information and the scripts for more than 20 Christodramas. Adults, teens, RCIA and Bible study groups, parish staff members, and small faith communities can all enrich their appreciation of the living Word of God through this process. TAPE ONE: The Uses of Christodrama (11 min.) suggests practical ways to adapt program to different settings and provides testimonies from a variety of users. TAPE TWO: How to do Christodrama (48 min.) is an overview which explains each step in the Christodrama procedure.

Christian Initiation: A Call To Conversion (ADULT)
In this video, Father Richard Fragomeni explains the dynamics of change and conversion. Life is about change. How do we know which changes bring true life? The life task of every Christian is to get to know Jesus better, the standard by which all change is measured. Father Fragomeni applies the dynamics of change and conversion both to catechumens and to all believers on the journey of faith. Being alive in Christ comes from a conversion of heart, mind, morality, outlook and relationships.

In Word and Deed: Show #003 (HS, ADULT)
This show, which aired on 12/2/01, features the following topics and guests. Cobleskill resident, Jack Daniels, discusses why he became Roman Catholic and how his pacifism leads his life. We meet Imam Quassam Mohammed Yusefee, who serves Schenectady's Afghan-American community. Yusefee gives us a look into the Afghan Islamic Center and talks about his faith. David Kaczynski, Director of New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty, talks about his path in life and his active role with NYADP. Sister Helen Prejean, author of the bestseller "Dead Man Walking", joins us in this segment; and Bishop Howard Hubbard discusses, with host Bob Cudmore, David's role with NYADP.

Lenten Journey - What is Temptation, Really? (ADULT)
This is program one of a four-part series. Father Michael Himes draws insights from the Lenten Sunday liturgical readings from the Gospel of John (Year A). He draws upon all the scriptural readings for the first two weeks of Lent. Challenged by the question "What is temptation really?", Himes invites us to reflect on the power of "call" and Baptism.

Lenten Journey - God Sees Into the Heart (ADULT)
This is program three of a four-part series. Father Michael Himes draws insights from the Lenten Sunday liturgical readings from the Gospel of John (Year A). In this video, he examines the readings of the Fourth Sunday of Lent with the theme of "light and darkness". We learn how "God sees into the heart" with the unlikely choice of David for king, and how the man born blind only sees Christ when he testifies. The video gives a vivid description of the Easter Vigil in the early Church, when people literally stumbled through the darkness to receive the light of Christ.

Lenten Journey - Danger & Desire (ADULT)
This is program two of a four-part series. Father Michael Himes draws insights from the Lenten Sunday liturgical readings from the Gospel of John (Year A). He examines in depth the readings of the Third Sunday of Lent. Himes takes us on a reflection of baptismal imagery, showing how Christian commitment requires dying to self in order to rise with Christ.

Lenten Journey - Endless Possibilities (ADULT)
This is program four of a four-part series. Father Michael Himes draws insights from the Lenten Sunday liturgical readings from the Gospel of John (Year A). He examines in depth the readings of the Fifth Sunday of Lent. Himes brings us to the insight that life for Lazarus and for us holds endless possibilities. Death will not have the last word; the Living God will.

Becoming An RCIA Catechist (ADULT)
This video introduces a RCIA/catechumenate team to the skills necessary for becoming a RCIA catechist. It presents goals of a RCIA catechist by discussing the difference between fact, revelation, belief, and religious education; describes how to prepare for and design effective pre-catechumenate and catechumenate sessions and how to formulate questions which are at the heart of the RCIA faith-sharing process; and includes interviews with catechists who share their joys and frustrations while helping others along the catechumenate journey.

Becoming A RCIA Sponsor (ADULT)
This video explores the role of a RCIA sponsor. It includes: techniques employed by a sponsor to encourage discussion on faith and its relationship to life experience; James Dunning on the meaning of RCIA with insights into sponsor-candidate relationship; and four sponsors telling their story of what being a sponsor has meant to them.

Called By Name (JH, HS, ADULT)
The nature cycle - life, suffering, death and new life - contrasted to the faith cycle - search, crisis community, to conversion to faith, to new life - pulsates throughout the video and challenges us to reflect on our own Baptism and what it means to live our baptismal commitment.

Catechumenate For Children - Video I (ADULT)
This in-depth series, featuring Rev. Don Neumann, not only conveys information about but also captures the spirit of initiating children into the Church community. Parents and catechists will fully grasp the important goal the catechumenate strives to achieve: initiating dedicated Christians of all ages. TAPE I: Five 15-minute segments--Segment 1: Overview of RCIA; Segment 2: Overview of the Catechumenate for Children; Segment 3: Ministries in the Catechumenate for Children; Segment 4: The Pre-Catechumenate for Children; and Segment 5: The Catechumenate Period.

Catholic Update Video: Adult Baptism: Exploring Its Meaning (HS, ADULT)
This video looks at the imagery surrounding the Sacrament of Baptism, part of the Church's rite of initiation for both adults and infants. While it is intended primarily for adults preparing for Baptism, portions of this program are helpful to parents preparing for the Baptism of their children. STORY SEGMENT presents several slices of life, set against the rich imagery of water and the celebration of the Easter Vigil, to help viewers answer the question: What does it mean to be baptized? WITNESS SEGMENT gives real-life Catholic adults an opportunity to testify to what the celebration of their own Baptism meant to them. TEACHING SEGMENT, with Fr. Tom Richstatter, O.F.M., examines the various images used in connection with Baptism, and goes on to offer insights into the question of what it means to be baptized. The program concludes with a MUSIC VIDEO REFLECTION, "I Say Yes, Lord," which echoes the Christian's ongoing response to Baptism.

Catholic Update Video: Understanding the Sacraments (HS, ADULT)
This video provides insight and inspiration for the celebration of the sacraments which mark the faith-lives of Catholics. The Story Segment introduces viewers to a unique couple whose real-life experience brought home to them the meaning of their shared commitment to Christ, not only in the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage on their wedding day, but in the daily living out of that sacrament. Their story reveals how any of the sacraments we celebrate make Christ present in our world. The Witness Segment gives real-life Catholics an opportunity to testify to what the celebrating the sacraments in their lives means. The Teaching Segment explains that sacraments are not so much objects as events, not simply something we receive, but something we are. As Church, we are baptized into the Body of Christ, called to make Christ visible to our world. The program concludes with a Music Video Reflection entitled "Be Light for Our Eyes." Through the imagery of liturgical dance we are inspired to call upon God to become "sacrament" to one another in our everyday lives as Christians.

Vatican II 3rd Millenium Series - After the Council (ADULT)
This VATICAN II series explains the change in outlook that the Council fostered in the Church and explores how the documents of Vatican II continue to renew the Church today. It is excellent for adult education, RCIA, small groups, catechist training, returning Catholics and post-RENEW groups. This video, AFTER THE COUNCIL, looks at the difficulties in achieving the renewal called for by Vatican II. It also examines the Church of the future which is already emerging with a more truly world-wide dimension than ever before.

Sacraments: Celebrations of God's Life (HS, ADULT)
This video presents the seven rites of the Catholic Sacraments. It is expecially helpful for those who have not had the experience of the sacramental celebrations.

Why We Go To Mass (HS, ADULT)
In three 30-minute segments, Rev. J-Glenn Murray, S.J., energetically addresses such issues as table fellowship and ritual. He then walks viewers through the order of the Mass, explaining how each part calls for our "full, conscious, active participation" in God's work here on earth.

Catholic Update Video : Becoming Catholic: An Adult's Faith Journey (HS, ADULT)
This video allows individuals to reflect on their personal faith experience against the backdrop of the Church's Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). The story segment is a modern-day parable about Cliff, who becomes lost and learns that even detours on a journey can lead to new discoveries. The witness segment presents real-life Catholics who share how their personal journeys led them to discoveries of faith, and to membership in the Catholic Church. The teaching segment explains how one "becomes a Catholic," and outlines the stages of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. The program concludes with a music video reflection, "It's a Long Walk."

Sunday Mass Video Series - The Roman Catholic Mass Today (ADULT)
While introducing the Eucharist that we share in common, this overview spotlights four regionally and ethnically diverse parishes to present a breadth of ritual expression. The narrative is clear and avoids jargon. It focuses on major movements of the Mass without getting bogged down on liturgical details. You'll be proud to show this to education groups, the liturgy committee, liturgical ministers, the youth group and inquiry classes. It is designed to appeal to the widest audience possible. CLOSED CAPTIONED.

Communion Of Saints: A Litany Of Saints Old And New (Emementary Grades 5-6, JH, HS, ADULT)
One of the great insights of the Christian tradition is the Communion of Saints. In this video which is both educational and prayerful, the viewer is introduced to numerous saints and holy people. It will provide hope to any who doubt that God acts in our world and will gladden the heart of all who believe that we are part of the great circle of Saints. This video is recommended for RCIA, small Christian communities, Feast of All Saints, and for social justice themes.

Internalizing The Faith (HS, ADULT)
In this video, William J. O'Malley, SJ, author and teacher at Fordham Preparatory School in Bronx, NY for 28 years, challenges us to rethink our own understanding of faith and what we are or are not passing on to our Catholic youth today. This video is divided into three segments: 1. What is Faith? It discusses the concrete evidence that needs to be passed on to our young people so that they will believe in God. 2. What is Bottom-Line Christianity? Being a Christian means more than merely being nice. What are the basic truths a person must accept in order to be a Christian? 3. Theology/Belief/Religion. Living faith can be handed on to young people by giving them opportunities to know about God, to accept what they know about God, and to act on what they accept about God. This video will be helpful for those in Catechetical and Youth Ministry, Sacramental Ministries (RCIA, families preparing children for reception of sacraments), and Adult Ministries (faith sharing groups, retreats, etc.).

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